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The Best Broom & Dustpan Set

Last updated on May 31, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Broom & Dustpan Sets

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TreeLen Snap Storage Broom & Dustpan Set

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Snap Storage Broom & Dustpan Set

Storage is easy with this broom and dustpan set that snap together. There is a built-in scraper to clean the bristles. The dustpan can lock in an open position so it’s easy to empty it out into the garbage.

Overall Take

Easy StorageThe broom and dustpan snap together to save space.

 Runner Up

Kelamayi Stand-Up Long-Handled Broom & Dustpan Set


Stand-Up Long-Handled Broom & Dustpan Set

You won't need to bend over and put strain on your back when you opt for this broom and dustpan set. It features a long handle that can be adjusted from 44.5 to 55.9 inches. Additional attractive features that make this set stand out include bristles that are four layers thick, a rubber lip, a built-in hole for hanging and a stainless steel pole th...

Overall Take

Sturdy Stainless Steel HandleThe oversized dustpan on this set is able to hold as many as three 1.25 liter soda bottles.

 Strong Contender

YANXUS Compact Space Saving Broom & Dustpan Set


Compact Space Saving Broom & Dustpan Set

If storage space is an issue in your home or apartment, then this broom and dustpan set is the way to go. Not only is it compact, but it also has a large hole for hanging on a wall. Both the broom and the dustpan are constructed using durable stainless steel handles, while the dustpan has the added feature of teeth to quickly scrape away hair and d...

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this broom and dustpan set comes in a choice of yellow, red or orange.

 We Also Like

O-Cedar V-Shaped Easy Clean Broom & Dustpan Set


V-Shaped Easy Clean Broom & Dustpan Set

Since this broom and dustpan set is constructed from recycled materials, you can feel good about your purchase. The set is designed for use on all hard surfaces and is especially helpful for pet owners. This is because the dustpan has built-in cleaning teeth to effortlessly remove animal hair from the broom's bristles.

Overall Take

Best for Dog and Cat OwnersThe v-shaped bristles on this broom and dustpan set make it easy to remove dirt and debris from corners.

Buying Guide

A broom and dustpan are essential tools for household chores. However, not all brooms and dustpans are alike.

Before you choose a set, decide whether you need a lobby or a push broom. A lobby broom has long bristles with shallow heads. You use the broom by pushing the dirt towards you. These are best for indoor cleaning tasks. A push broom, on the other hand, is more heavy duty. As the name suggests, you use this broom in a pushing motion, brushing the dirt away from you. The bristles are medium-length and come in a wide block. These kinds of brooms can be used either indoors or outdoors.

When it comes to the bristles of the broom, you’ll likely find them made from plant-based fibers or synthetic fibers. Plant-based fibers are usually from yucca, rattan or ixtle. They can also include twigs and cornhusks. Synthetic bristles are made from a type of plastic blend.

In addition to the material of the bristle, be sure to check whether they are flagged or unflagged. Flagged bristles are split at the ends, which creates more surface area to pick up fine dust and dirt. These a good choice for hardwood floors and other smooth surfaces. Because unflagged are not split at the ends, they are better for rough or moist surfaces. For example, you can use unflagged bristles outdoors, in your garage or in the kitchen and bathroom.

What to Look For

  • You can find brooms with angled bristles that are cut on a diagonal. These are great for getting into corners and under furniture.
  • If you have trouble bending over, then opt for a dustpan that has a long handle. This way, you can maneuver the dustpan without having to kneel down or bend over. Some dustpans have detachable handles, which offers you more flexibility.
  • If you often deal with really fine dust and dirt, then go with a dustpan that has a rubberized lip. This makes it easy to sweep the dirt into the dustpan and keep it there while you continue sweeping.
  • When it comes to storage, many people stand the broom up against a wall with all its weight on the bristles. However, this is a mistake. Doing this can cause the bristles to bend and break. Instead, hang the broom up on a storage loop or hook. This will make your broom last much longer.
  • Another mistake people make is never washing their brooms. Be sure to wash your broom bristles with warm water and soap every once in a while. You can wash it in a bucket or even in a bathtub. Be sure to let it air dry completely before using again.

More to Explore

Have you ever swept up some dust into the dustpan and then just watched it fly off again? This happens because of static electricity. While it’s frustrating, there are not many solutions for this other than continuing to use the broom and dustpan. Over time, the more you use it, the more the static will begin to decrease. You can also try wiping down the dustpan with an anti-static dryer sheet.

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