10 Work-From-Home Jobs With Salaries Of $100,000 Or More


We all dream of being able to work from home someday. Make a cup of coffee, pad upstairs to the home office in your pajamas, pad back down the stairs when it’s time for lunch—ahhh, that would be nice.

But this dream always seems to get bogged down with thoughts about money. You’ve been in your field for quite a long time now and you imagine you’d have to take a paycut to work from home. Sure, some work-from-home jobs pay $10 an hour (like this one from Amazon), but others are higher paying, especially in specialized fields.

As more and more employers recognize the value of letting employees work from home, they’re creating remote jobs in dozens of high-paying career fields.

Remote jobs website FlexJobs sifted through 32,000 job openings on its website to find 10 positions that pay at least $100,000 a year (some even pay more!). Here’s their list of positions or types of jobs that have the potential to pay six figures.

1. eCommerce Director

Potential salary: $175,000 to $200,000

From the job description: One ecommerce director job description on FlexJobs said this: “Requires a technical four-year degree and at least 15 years experience creating enterprise-level applications. Coordinates multifunctional team activity for eCommerce project deliverables” FlexJobs says.

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2. Senior Medical Director

Potential salary: $140,000 to $155,000

From the job description: One company based on the East Coast said they’re looking for a medical director to “perform strategic development tasks.” They prefer someone with experience in oncology.

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3. Sales Director

Potential salary: $120,000 to $150,000

From the job description: One Boston-based company is looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree and three years of related work experience. “Key responsibilities will include managing sales pipelines, supporting special projects, and other relevant duties.”

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4. Equipment Fleet Director/Technical Services Manager

Potential salary: $90,774 to $134,764

From the job description: One Pennsylvania-based company said this person “will work on providing hands-on technical application support, supporting technical and product handling presentations, and providing safety inspection and training to customer teams. Strong planning skills needed.”

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5. Back-End Web Developer

Potential salary: $100,000 to $120,000

From the job description: This company says its new developer will “create designs, monitor functionality, monitor industry trends, and develop applications.” They’re looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and three years of experience.

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6. Senior Business Analyst

Potential salary: $90,000 to $120,000

From the job description: According to one job listing, the right candidate will “support the analysis, design, implementation, operation, and support of internal business applications.”

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7. Team Lead, Statistical Programming

Potential salary: $100,000 to $115,000

From the job description: The statistical programing team lead for one pharmaceutical company will “lead several projects, assist with the management of budgets, time lines and resources, ensure deliverables are delivered and oversee the programming aspects of clinical trials.”

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8. Structure and Bridge Engineer Senior

Potential salary: $77,571 to $108,000

From the job description: This type of engineer oversees “engineering aspects of highway bridges and structures. Must have a valid PE license, related knowledge, and strong communication skills,” according to one job listing.

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9. Account Executive

Potential salary: $100,000

From the job description: An account executive will “manage client relations and accounts to increase sales,” according to one job listing.

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10. Payroll Manager

Potential salary: $70,000 to $100,000

From the job description: According to one job posting, “the ideal candidate will have ADP/Paychex or similar and SQL experience as well as managerial experience at a large payroll processing company.

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