Lindt Chocolate has part-time, remote jobs open in 20 states

Aside from the whole ‘turning into a blueberry’ thing, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” made working at a candy company look like seriously the best job ever. I mean, honestly, if you say your dream job doesn’t involve chocolate, I don’t believe you.

And yes, it’s pretty unlikely any of us will land the role of Oompa Loompa anytime soon, but don’t dismiss your candy-coated dreams just yet; the Lindt Chocolate company is looking for more than a dozen employees for remote work and you could be one of them!

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Remote jobs mean you won’t be working at the chocolate factory, but it totally still counts as working for a candy company. (We promise!)


In fact, you’ll be doing the next best thing to making chocolate—selling it to others! The jobs vary from part time to full time, but all are for sales representatives.

It is important to note right away that these jobs are only in select places*, so even though it is remote work, you’ll still need to live in specific areas in the following states:

Full-time Sales Representative – Santa Monica
Part-time Sales Representative – Albany, NY
Part-time Sales Representative – Aurora, CO
Part-time Sales Representative – Boston
Part-time Sales Representative – Carrolton/Farmers, TX
Part-time Sales Representative – College Station, TX
Part-time Sales Representative – Dedham, MA
Part-time Sales Representative – Elko, NV
Part-time Sales Representative – Leesburg/Frederick
Part-time Sales Representative – Nashville, TN
Part-time Sales Representative – Northwest Baltimore
Part-time Sales Representative – Redwood City /Palo Alto
Part-time Sales Representative – Santa Maria, CA
Part-time Sales Representative – SE Washington State
Part-time Sales Representative – South Maine
Part-time Sales Representative – South Vermont – Brattleboro
Part-time Sales Representative – Twin Cities North
Part-time Sales Representative – Westchester, NY
Part-time Sales Representative – Yuma, AZ
Sales Representative – Full-time – Memphis

*This list was last updated on 11/20/17.

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The Lindt Chocolate family of brands includes Lindt, Ghirardelli and Russell Stover and combined, they are the third largest chocolate company.

To qualify as a sales representative for them, you have to have sales and/or merchandising experience, live in the area listed in the job description and be able to climb, reach, bend and lift 50 pounds, as part of your job will be organizing and rotating stock and display cases.

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You’ll spend some time out in the field, but it looks like you definitely won’t be spending your days cooped up in a stuffy office. Plus, part-time remote work can be hard to come by, and this job’s flexibility makes it great for parents or those who can’t work full time.

As a full-time employee, you’ll receive health benefits, a 401k plan, paid holidays and paid vacation. Part-time sales representatives will also be eligible for the 401(k) plan and will get supplemental medical insurance and personal time off. Both positions get discounts on chocolate (!!!).


And just so you know, the jobs are probably pretty secure; even the recession in 2009 didn’t hurt chocolate sales. Delicious and dependable? What a ‘sweet’ gig!

And, no, even though you may want to sample all the products, being a professional taster is not part of the job responsibility.


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