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The Best Little Girl Jewelry

Last updated on August 10, 2022
Best Little Girl Jewelry

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Our Picks For The Top Little Girls Jewelry

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Turandoss Little Girl Hypoallergenic Heart Necklace Jewelry

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Little Girl Hypoallergenic Heart Necklace Jewelry

Available in letters A through Z, this little girl jewelry is a fun gift that can also be personalized to match the first letter of the child's name. The necklace itself is constructed using a beautiful 14k rose gold chain. The heart with displays your featured letter and is also rose gold in color.

Overall Take

Ability to PersonalizeThis strong little girl jewelry piece is hypoallergenic and an excellent option for children with sensitive skin.

 Runner Up

JoJo Siwa Magical Unicorn Necklace Little Girl Jewelry

JoJo Siwa

Magical Unicorn Necklace Little Girl Jewelry

If your daughter or granddaughter has a love of all things unicorn, then this little girl jewelry is a must. The necklace is quite colorful and features a mythological unicorn with an adorable ribbon in her hair. To add to the appeal of the necklace, a shiny pink charm also dangles from the chain.

Overall Take

Best for Gift GivingSince this little girl jewelry comes in an attractive box, it's ideal for gift giving.

 We Also Like

Lorfancy Gift Bracelets Little Girl Jewelry


Gift Bracelets Little Girl Jewelry

On each of the 12 little girl jewelry pieces in this set, you'll find an adorable animal. Kids will love the owl, unicorn, flamingo, butterfly and elephant charms, which add color and style to any outfit. The back of each bracelet features a slip-knot for easy tightening and a custom fit.

Overall Take

Most AffordableThe budget-friendly price tag on this little girl jewelry set makes it perfect for party favors and classroom gifts.

 Strong Contender

G.C Magical Necklace Little Girl Jewelry Set


Magical Necklace Little Girl Jewelry Set

If your daughter has a love of unicorns and mermaids, then this little girl jewelry set is the perfect gift. Each set includes three bracelets and three necklaces, which feature a colorful charm. Since the pieces are elastic, they are easy for tiny fingers to get on and off on their own.

Overall Take

Mythical CreaturesOnly premium beads and resin are used to construct this little girl jewelry set, so you can feel confident that your purchase is strong and durable.

Buying Guide

Jewelry isn’t just for adults. Kids love to dress up with necklaces, earrings and rings. Whether it’s a family heirloom or costume pieces meant for playtime, jewelry is a great way to teach kids about fashion and responsibility.

When shopping for little girls’ jewelry, consider whether you want something that is for dress-up or something that can be worn on special occasions. In either case, practicality is key. Keep in mind that kids can be rough with their things, and it’s likely that the jewelry may break or get damaged. Look for simple pieces that don’t have a lot of small parts that will easily come off. Something fragile will not work well for small children. Instead, opt for sturdy and durable designs.

Age appropriateness is also important, especially when it comes to safety. For young children, avoid necklaces as they can be a strangulation hazard, and opt for bracelets instead. Similarly, check to see if any part of the jewelry could become a choking hazard if it broke off. Also consider that some children can have allergies to certain types of metals. If they are going to be wearing the jewelry frequently, choose gold, sterling silver or high-grade plastic pieces.

What to Look For

  • Even at a young age, kids will have their own interests and sense of style. Involve them in the jewelry-buying process or ask them about their tastes. Some kids like classic beaded bracelets and necklaces, while others prefer pendants or charms shaped like their favorite animal. Others may want earrings with dangly beads while some prefer studs or hoops.
  • Take stock of your kids’ current jewelry and clothes to see whether the piece you’re considering buying works with what they already have. Will they be able to mix and match it with their existing jewelry or will it not coordinate with anything?
  • For young children in particular, check the closures on the jewelry and find out whether they can navigate it themselves. Tiny closures can be hard to do up when you’re still working on your fine motor skills. However, helping kids feel independent is key to building their confidence. Seek out little girls’ jewelry that they can put on themselves.

More to Explore

Regardless of whether it’s play jewelry or real jewelry, it’s important to keep it organized so that it doesn’t get lost, damaged or tangled. Look for a cute jewelry box with small compartments in it.

This is a great tool for teaching kids about taking care of their belongings and organizing them so that they are easy to find. Show them how to store necklaces by wrapping each in tissue paper so they don’t get tangled. You can also teach them how to keep earrings together in their own compartments so each pair stays together.

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