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The Best Craft Foam Sheet

Last updated on October 4, 2023

Crafting Must-Haves: Check out these top picks for crafters now on sale at Amazon.

Best Craft Foam Sheet

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Our Picks For The Top Craft Foam Sheets

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 Top Pick

Tosuced Halloween Craft Foam Sheets, 80-Count

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Halloween Craft Foam Sheets, 80-Count

Whether you're an elementary teacher or a crafty mom, you'll want to have this set of craft foam sheets. The sheets are thicker than others on the market and come in 16 different colors. Since the foam is easy to cut and glue together, you can use the sheets for a wide variety of projects.

Overall Take

50 Googly Eyes IncludedEach of the 80 sheets in this craft foam sheet set measure 8.25 inches by 5.8 inches.

 Runner Up

MEARCOOH Eco-Friendly Craft Foam Sheets, 104-Count


Eco-Friendly Craft Foam Sheets, 104-Count

With this craft foam sheet set, you'll receive a whopping 104 pieces that are divided up into 13 bright colors. The sheets are formed from a premium EVA material, which makes them sturdy enough for any Valentine's, Christmas or school project.

Overall Take

Stock UpIncluded with these craft foam sheets is a set of googly eyes, a ruler and a craft pen.

 We Also Like

Better Office Products Non-Adhesive Craft Foam Sheets, 100-Count

Better Office Products

Non-Adhesive Craft Foam Sheets, 100-Count

Teachers and large families will appreciate this craft foam sheet set, which includes a total of 100 pieces. Each of the sheets are 2-millimeters thick, which is ideal for cutting, creating shapes and gluing. Colors included in the set are red, yellow, green, purple, black, blue, pink, orange, brown and gray.

Overall Take

Value PackThese EVA craft foam sheets are free of an adhesive backing, so you use your own glue or double-sided tape if desired.

 Strong Contender

Horizon Group USA Assorted Colors Craft Foam Sheets, 12-Count

Horizon Group USA

Assorted Colors Craft Foam Sheet, 12-Count

With these craft foam sheets, your children can create everything from a rainbow to a turtle to a flower craft. The sheets work well with paint, glitter and wiggly eyes, and adhere well to both glue and double-sided tape. Kids can layer their cutouts, or attach them to shoeboxes, bottles or old coffee cans.

Overall Take

Most VersatileEach of these craft foam sheets measure 12 by 18 inches.

Buying Guide

Foam sheets are popular for adding texture to a crafted item. They are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer foam, or EVA, a durable plastic foam that is an alternative to materials such as rubber and vinyl often used because of its ability to remain strong at low temperatures and its resistance to UV rays and cracking.

Foam sheets are typically inexpensive when purchased in bulk. They’re great for use in costumes and theatrical sets because they are somewhat water-resistant and durable at various temperatures. Good craft foam sheets can be spray-painted without showing cracks in the paint. They also hold to stickiness well.

When buying craft foam sheets, consider the type of materials you will use for the rest of the project. Determine whether a simple sheet will work best or perhaps a fancier piece such as one with glitter will work better for your project.

Crafters use foam sheets with rubber stamps because they can hold impressions; the raised part of the stamp sinks into the foam well. They are also popular for creating embellishments and giving dimension to a craft.

Foam sheets have endless uses because they can be easily cut and pierced, such as in sewing crafts. They can often be bought with adhesive or magnetic backing, and some can even be wiped clean to give you a fresh start on your craft.

What to Look For

  • Stampers will want to avoid purchasing craft foam sheets with shiny coatings as the stamp could easily wipe off.
  • Practice stamping something on paper before stamping on a craft foam sheet to avoid wasting the sheet.
  • Stamps you use on craft foam sheets can be colored with a variety of methods such as ink, markers, pens, chalks and more.
  • Save your scraps. Once a craft foam sheet has been cut, you may need the smaller, unused pieces for projects in the future.
  • You can use hot glue on craft foam sheets, though the shape of the sheet could change depending on how hot it gets. If hot glue doesn’t seem to work for your project, try something stronger such as Gorilla Glue.
  • Be aware that the sheets may have a strong chemical smell that could be bothersome to those with sensitivities. It is sometimes akin to smelling a marker or paint.
  • Hairdryers are not effective at molding and shaping craft foam sheets because they don’t get hot enough, but craft heat guns will get the job done.
  • Aim for purchasing craft foam sheets made with EVA that is Formamide-free. Formamide is used by some manufacturers to make the foam sheets softer, but it is considered by some to be a carcinogen.

More to Explore

Foam craft sheets are a creation from foam core or foam board, which was made for the graphic arts industry in the 1950s. The term “foam core” originates from the “Fome-Cor” trade name by Monsanto Company. Foam sheets are often used by photographers to help manipulate lighting because they can act as a reflector.

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