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The Best Drum Set For Kids

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Drum Sets For Kids

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VTech KidiBeats Educational Drum Set For Kids

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KidiBeats Educational Drum Set For Kids

Made for children up to kindergarten age, this electronic option lets your kid make music and learn at the same time. It has several modes for learning different skills, and there are lights for following the beats.

Overall Take

Fun Teaching ToolIf you'd like a drum set that teaches your child basics such as numbers and letters, consider this option.

 Runner Up

Eastar Beginner Adjustable Throne Junior Drum Set For Kids


Beginner Adjustable Throne Junior Drum Set For Kids

Available in six colors, this set comes with everything needed for your child to seriously learn the drums. It's compact enough for smaller spaces and includes two drumstick sizes for convenience. The seat also adjusts.

Overall Take

Good All-in-One OptionConsider this if you want an all-in-one set that your child can use to build their drumming skills for several years.

 We Also Like

PREXTEX Electric Volume Control Drum Set For Kids


Electric Volume Control Drum Set For Kids

Including a plastic drum set with a stool, this option helps young children learn about rhythm as well as have fun. It has lights, sound effects and other entertaining elements. Your kid can also sing into the attached microphone.

Overall Take

Ideal for Young PlayersThis electronic option has many sensory elements that make it a good choice for entertaining and teaching young children.

 Strong Contender

Mendini By Cecilio Beginner Junior Drum Set For Kids

Mendini By Cecilio

Beginner Junior Drum Set For Kids

This set comes in five colors and functions as a smaller version of a traditional drum set. It has three types of drums as well as a cymbal, stool and drumsticks. It's made to last and sound realistic.

Overall Take

Realistic and SturdyYou'll find this option a good choice when you want a realistic set that is sturdy and has all the necessities.

Buying Guide

Whether your child is a toddler or well into their school years, getting a drum set is a great way to introduce them to making music. Drum sets are very easy for kids to use since they simply use drumsticks or their hands to tap the drums and enjoy the fun sounds. At the same time, older children can use instructional materials to learn to play along with their favorite songs and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Drum sets for kids come in many forms that range from toy-like sets to full kits that resemble miniaturized professional drums. Your child’s age and the intended purpose of the drums will help you decide which is the best option. It also helps to consider whether a particular set will remain useful as your child grows up.

When shopping for a very young child, you’ll find that many drum sets focus on experimenting with different sounds and even learning important topics such as beats, numbers and letters. Available in compact and large forms, these are often electronic toys that might have sound effects, lights and microphones. Other drum sets for young children are simple and not electronic. For example, they may include a single drum or a few plastic drums and a cymbal connected together.

Drum sets designed for school-aged children look more like small versions of adult drum sets. Ideal for actually building your kid’s drumming skills, these junior kits feature at least three drums, a cymbal, a throne, a pedal and wooden drumsticks. Such drum sets can last your child for many years as long as you choose one that offers durability and has enough drums for your child to play a variety of music.

If you opt for a junior drum kit, carefully decide between acoustic and electronic drums. While acoustic drums offer the most realistic sound and feel, they are usually loud and can take up a lot of space. Electronic kits, on the other hand, may not feel as realistic. However, they can have advantages such as multiple sound libraries, a smaller size, recording capabilities and compatibility with headphones.

What to Look For

  • Don’t forget to take space and portability into account when you choose a kids’ drum set. Options for younger kids tend to be portable, while junior drum kits can take up a lot of floor space and be hard to store when your child isn’t playing. Opting for either a three-drum kit or an electronic kit is a good idea when you need portability.
  • Unless you buy a very basic kit, you’ll likely need to put the set together. Junior drum kits can require a lot of steps to securely attach the drums, pedal and cymbal together, so follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. After assembling the set, make any necessary adjustments, such as lowering or raising the stool to suit your child’s height.
  • If you get an acoustic drum set for your child, it’s a good idea for them to wear ear protection. You can opt for regular child-sized earplugs or buy protective earmuffs designed for drummers.
  • Older children might benefit from adult drum kits that they won’t outgrow. However, you’ll need to make sure your child is tall enough to comfortably use this alternative. You should also be prepared to have a larger budget and use more floor space.
  • If you buy an electronic drum set that uses batteries, you may find rechargeable ones convenient.
  • Some musical sets include a drum along with other types of instruments. You might consider one of these if your kid would be fine with just a basic drum and would like the variety that comes from items like plastic flutes, maracas, tambourines and other beginner-friendly instruments.
  • If the set you buy requires drumsticks, consider having an extra pair on hand in case your child loses or breaks them. Unless your child is older, you’ll likely want to buy a child-sized pair.
  • While drumming lessons from an instructor are great, don’t discount free or cheap options for your child to learn from home. You can find instructional books online and at music stores, search for online music lesson videos or try different mobile apps for drummers.

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