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The Best Diamond Painting

Last updated on October 10, 2023

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NEILDEN Willow Tree Scenery Diamond Painting Kit

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Willow Tree Scenery Diamond Painting Kit

Available in four nature and city themes, this kit has a large canvas with a vivid and complex image. The rolled canvas measures 14 inches by 18 inches, and you get all the essential tools. You'll need to add your own frame.

Overall Take

Suited for HangingConsider this option if you'd like a vivid painting you can frame and hang up in your home.

 Runner Up

Hestarcul Abstract Mountain Scenery Diamond 5D Painting Kit


Abstract Mountain Scenery Diamond 5D Painting Kit

This kit features 16 abstract canvas options with nature themes such as mountains, trees and water. Some images are more complex than others. You also get several accessories including pens that can apply multiple diamonds.

Overall Take

Diverse Image SelectionIf you like nature themes but don't want something too complex, this kit gives you plenty of options.

 We Also Like

Hibah Special Shape Rhinestone Mandala Diamond 5D Painting Kit


Special Shape Rhinestone Mandala Diamond 5D Painting Kit

Featuring five color options all with an owl theme, this kit has a unique canvas that uses various diamond sizes and shapes. It measures 12 inches by 12 inches and includes the basic tools for getting started.

Overall Take

Good for BeginnersThe smaller canvas size and partial-drill style make this a suitable choice for newer diamond painters.

 Strong Contender

Snowplanet Skull Flower Square 5D Diamond Painting Kit


Skull Flower Square 5D Diamond Painting Kit

This full-drill kit lets you choose between Eiffel Tower, skull and flower images that require an eye for detail due to the similar colors used. The canvas measures around 12 inches by 16 inches. You get the essential accessories included.

Overall Take

For Advanced CreatorsIf you're comfortable working with similar colors and complex designs, you might find this option a fun challenge.

Buying Guide

If you’d like to try a new craft, diamond painting is a relaxing activity that you can easily learn and make very creative designs. It involves using a special pen to apply small resin diamonds, also called drills, to areas on a canvas. Each spot on the canvas has a symbol for a specific color along with an adhesive already applied. In addition, you usually use a small amount of wax on the pen to grip the diamond so you can apply it properly to the space.

While diamond paintings come in many forms, the most common include kits with a large rolled canvas that you usually tape down to a workspace. Other kits have smaller canvases that lay flat and may include frames to easily hang your creation. You can also find unique diamond painting kits that allow you to create photo books, greeting cards, suncatchers, stickers, wristbands, coasters, pencil cases, decorative boxes and more.

Whatever your interest is, you’ll likely find a diamond painting canvas with an image you like. Some popular themes include nature scenes, holiday symbols, animals, famous artwork, buildings, insects, fantasy scenes and famous characters. If you want something very special, you can seek options that let you upload a photo and receive a custom diamond painting in the size you choose.

You’ll need to consider the difficulty level of the painting so you don’t choose something that frustrates you and makes you give up. If you’re a beginner or you want something for a child, consider going with a small canvas that uses larger diamonds or doesn’t have many similar colors. After you get experienced, you could try stepping up to a larger canvas with a complex image, small diamonds and a large color selection. However, keep in mind that large or complex paintings will require more patience and time.

You’ll also need to choose between full- and partial-drill canvases. With a full-drill canvas, the whole area needs to have beads applied. In contrast, a partial-drill canvas has a printed background with only certain areas for beads. You might prefer partial-drill canvases at first since they require less effort and make one object stand out. However, you might like the look, challenge and sparkle of a full-drill canvas better.

What to Look For

  • Make sure your diamond painting kit has everything you need so you can enjoy it right away. Along with the beads and canvas, it should include a pen, some wax and a sorting tray. Some kits also give you some small zippered bags to store opened packs of diamonds.
  • When you first get your diamond painting, you’ll notice a plastic film over it that protects the adhesive. Unless you have a very small canvas, you don’t want to fully remove this film and throw it away as soon as you’re ready to begin working. Instead, lift the up parts of the film to work on the painting in specific areas.
  • To keep things simple, consider working on your diamond painting one color at a time. While you can choose any color, you might want to go with the one that’s closest to one of the sides. It’s also a good idea to not pour the whole bag of that color into the sorting tray at once since you’ll often have more diamonds than you actually need.
  • If an area on your diamond painting canvas has lost its stickiness, you can use a little of the wax as a replacement adhesive for the dots.
  • Having a good light source makes placing diamonds on complex canvases easier. Otherwise, it can be hard to tell apart similar colors.
  • You can also use small tweezers to place the diamonds. Some kits even include a pair.
  • People often work on diamond paintings alone, but you could also get a large canvas and enjoy the activity with family or friends. This can make the activity even more enjoyable as well as speed up the process.
  • Many diamond painting kits come only with round diamonds because you can easily grab them with the pen and place them precisely. But if you’d like something more interesting or challenging, look for kits that mix diamond shapes and sizes. For example, a flower image might use large round or square diamonds for the flower’s center and a mix of small round and oval diamonds for the petals.

More to Explore

Check out some fun facts about diamond painting:

  • Compared to activities such as knitting and regular painting, diamond painting is quite new. It dates back to just 2010 when a Chinese company patented the activity and compared it to both cross-stitching and sand painting.
  • Since the diamonds often look so small, it may be hard to tell that they come in both 3D and 5D forms. 3D diamonds look smoother and simpler since they have less dimension than 5D diamonds that exhibit more detail. You’ll often find the latter common with adult diamond painting kits.
  • Did you know that diamond painting can help you improve your concentration? That’s because you’ll need to constantly keep track of the color you’re working with and identify the right spots on the canvas.

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