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The Best Pull-Up Assistance Band

Last updated on March 2, 2022

We looked at the top 11 Pull-Up Assistance Bands and dug through the reviews from 28 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Pull-Up Assistance Bands.

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Our Picks For The Top Pull-Up Assistance Bands

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Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

WSAKOUE Latex Pull-Up Assistance Band, 4-Pack

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Latex Pull-Up Assistance Band, 4-Pack

Made from 100% natural latex, this set of four pull-up assistance bands has four strength levels, are soft and odorless and retain their elasticity for years. They easily fit into gym bags and duffels.

Overall Take

Elevate Your Workout LevelConsistent use of these pull-up assistance bands will help build up your muscles and overall body strength.

" The bands are all-natural latex, so they are odorless and will stay flexible for their whole lifespan without stretching out and changing resistance."
"These bands don't have handles and not compatiable with certain traditional exercises."
 Runner Up

SUNPOW Resistance Training Pull-Up Assistance Band, 5-Piece


Resistance Training Pull-Up Assistance Band, 5-Piece

SUNPOW’s set of five resistance bands is priced just right and ranges from 15 to 135 pounds of resistance. They are made from 100% natural latex, but they do not contain any soluble proteins (99.9% free) that cause latex allergies.

Overall Take

Practical, Highly Efficient TrainingThese bands are perfect for learning how to do pull-ups and are also great for Pilates, powerlifting, and yoga.

" The SUNPOW is a great exercise band for beginners, intermediate, and advanced strength training. They are lightweight and portable. They are durable and made to last a long time."
"It’s too easy to lose grip and the bands slip out."
 We Also Like

Iron Infidel Natural % Odor Free Pull-Up Assistance Band, 5-Piece

Iron Infidel

Natural % Odor Free Pull-Up Assistance Band, 5-Piece

Iron Infidel’s heavy-duty, professional-grade pull-up assistance bands are designed for serious athletes. They come in different strengths and are made from natural rubber. A portion of the profits even gets donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Overall Take

For Some Great CausesDo some good for yourself and others with these super tough, durable resistance bands.


INNSTAR Adjustable Pull-Up Assist Band System


Adjustable Pull-Up Assist Band System

If you’re just starting out, this assist band is a great option since a safety hook and plugs make it easy to install and adjust. You can choose between different colors and designs, including solid blue or black and camouflage blue or red. The safety hook and heavy-duty straps help keep you safe while you’re using them.

Overall Take

Perfect for BeginnersFor those starting out, there’s this unique resistance band that you can easily install and adjust.

" Easy to install and remove"

Buying Guide

While most gyms will always have dumbbells, pull-up assistance bands, also known as resistance bands, have unique advantages, such as providing constant tension on the muscles during the entire movement of exercises.

This tension creates more muscle growth without the risk of high impact and reduces injuries. Using them helps people tone up their entire bodies, including their cores, and increases body flexibility. They are also widely used for weight loss, speed training, physical therapy and injury rehabilitation and can also increase balance and equilibrium for different age groups.

These bands are great for warming up muscles but can replace dumbbells completely. The latter is heavy and cumbersome and takes up a lot of space. They are also hard to transport.

Assistance bands are lightweight, require little storage space and can go where you go. You’ll want to buy at least three to start since they have different tension levels that you can try. They are always color-coded, and you can see which ones indicate the different tension levels.

You’ll see that these bands are made from rubber or latex, and some of the best bands use 100% natural latex or natural rubber latex. The top-of-the-line ones are stretchy, waterproof, odor-free and resistant to hazards like chemicals. Some come with attachments like hooks and handles, and others are sold separately.

You can perform countless exercises for most of your muscles with resistance bands, and they can also help if you are struggling with pull-ups. To try this, loop the band around your pull-up bar and fasten it securely. Then, place your knee or foot into the band and use this help to pull yourself up.

Start with a thicker band, and as you get stronger, you can switch to thinner ones; the stronger you get, the less you will need until you don’t even need it at all.

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Our experts reviewed the top 11 Pull-Up Assistance Bands and also dug through the reviews from 28 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Pull-Up Assistance Bands.

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What to Look For

  • Fitness bands may be used alone or combined to increase your workout challenge.
  • Physical therapists know how effective assistance bands are for their patients, and you can recover from your injuries at home in the same way. There are plenty of videos that show these kinds of exercises.
  • Use the lighter tension resistance bands for warmups and the heavier ones to build muscle strength.
  • If you’re new to resistance bands, follow the exercises as shown, or you could injure yourself.

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A seven-year-old boy named Alex was born with a damaged spinal cord and faced significant challenges throughout his life. Born in Essex in the UK, Alex had to use a wheelchair throughout his childhood. These challenges were compounded during the Covid-19 pandemic because he could not go to his gym facility during the lockdown.

Alex missed his usual routine and needed to find ways to maintain his muscle strength while isolating. He turned to resistance bands and trained from home through Zoom meetings and instructional videos. His is but one example of the success story possible through the use of resistance bands.

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