INNSTAR Adjustable Pull-Up Assist Band System

Last updated date: August 3, 2022

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INNSTAR Adjustable Pull-Up Assist Band System

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We looked at the top Pull-Up Assist Bands and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Pull-Up Assist Band you should buy.

Update as August 3, 2022:
Checkout The Best Pull-Up Assist Bands for a detailed review of all the top pull-up assist bands.

Overall Take

If you’re just starting out, this assist band is a great option since a safety hook and plugs make it easy to install and adjust. You can choose between different colors and designs, including solid blue or black and camouflage blue or red. The safety hook and heavy-duty straps help keep you safe while you’re using them.

In our analysis of 27 expert reviews, the INNSTAR Adjustable Pull-Up Assist Band System placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

PATENTED DESIGN: Easier to adjust the length, easier to fix it on the bar. BOTH COLORS ARE OF THE SAME RESISTANCE LEVEL, feel free to select your favorite one. Ideal For Fitness Pros & Beginners:If you have a hard time getting chin-ups done or can’t manage to maintain the same energy while doing pull-up’s, it will assist you to make it easier.And if you’re advanced,this kit will help you to add additional reps after your muscles fatigue. Easy to remove, install and adjust:Three plugged resistance cables and safety hook make its installation can be finished within 30 seconds.Heavy-duty straps with buckle to adjust the length and non-slip foot stirrup gives support for the trainer while doing pull-up or chin-up. Protection with the extra sleeves based on resistance tubes, you never need to worry about getting injured or get whipped if unlikely the resistance tube snaps during using.The sleeves has the effect of reducing the oxidation of the latex tube

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Easy to install and remove
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An Overview On Pull-Up Assist Bands

Pull-ups are a great way to build your upper-arm and shoulder strength, which can help in everyday life, as well as in activities like rock climbing and rowing. With pull-ups, your body provides the resistance, so you’re using your arms and shoulders to lift your entire weight.

Other types of lifting let you start at a lower weight and gradually increase. But when your body serves as the weight, you don’t have that luxury. Pull-up assist bands are made to help with that. Think of pull-up assist bands like bungee cords. They have elasticity built in to let you stretch to a certain point, then gradually you’re pulled back to your original position.

If you’ve just added pull-ups to your workout routine, you may want to start with a band that provides the highest amount of resistance. This is weighted in a pound range, typically, and you’ll probably be looking at one that goes up to 100 pounds or more. Once you’ve gotten comfortable with pull-ups at that weight, you can work your way downward until you’re tossing aside the assist bands and using your full body weight as resistance.

You don’t have to look for the weight to be printed on the packaging to know the resistance, though. The wider the band, the more resistance you’ll get. So you’ll want to go thinner as your strength improves. If you buy multiple bands, this will also help you track where you are at any given time. Some sets use different colors to help you more easily determine which is which, but there is no universal color that applies to all bands of a certain resistance.

Lastly, there’s portability. The great thing about pull-up assist bands is that they don’t take up much room. That makes them easy to slide into a pocket in your gym bag or luggage. You also will find them one of the easiest items to store. That means you don’t even need a dedicated home gym to work out. Simply store your assist band and pull-up bar in a closet or on a shelf.

The Pull-Up Assist Band Buying Guide

  • If you can’t reach the bar when you first start your pull-up routine, a platform can help. Gyms may have these nearby that you can use.
  • Safety is top priority when it comes to pull-up assist bands. One that breaks during use could cause injury. Look for top-quality materials when shopping around.
  • Before you attach a resistance band to a pull-up bar, make sure it’s completely dry. You won’t want it to slip around once your weight is added to it.
  • Setting up resistance bands can be a little complicated at first. If you’re taking them to the gym, you may want to practice at home before trying them in public. You can find resistance bands with a safety hook that makes installation easy while you’re getting the hang of things.
  • The best thing about a pull-up assist band is how portable it is. You can take it on the go with you, tucking it into your luggage or an overnight bag. This portability also makes it easy to store between uses. If you’re buying it to take with you, look for a carry bag that will protect it in transit.
  • Assist bands are made from rubber materials like latex. If you’re allergic to latex, make sure you’re aware of the materials used to make your assist bands before you buy.
  • Some assist bands can emit an odor. Keep this in mind and build in time to let your new bands wear out before you need to use them.
  • Although buying a set of bands in varying resistances can make things easy, if you purchase them individually, you can choose only the weights you need. As you progress in your workouts, you can buy a separate assist band to match your new needs.