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The Best Metal Dice Set

Last updated on June 23, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Metal Dice Sets

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Suburban Sphinx Well Balanced Easy Read Metal Dice Set, 7-Piece

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Suburban Sphinx

Well Balanced Easy Read Metal Dice Set, 7-Piece

Available in six fun colors, this metal dice set is a must-have tool for every game enthusiast. The set includes seven pieces that are often used for playing the popular game Dungeons and Dragons. All of the numbers on each piece are raised and colored, so you'll find them easy to read.

Overall Take

Affordable Price TagThis budget-friendly metal dice set has one of the lowest price tags on the market.

 Runner Up

Haxtec Antique Iron & Copper Metal Dice Set, 14-Piece


Antique Iron & Copper Metal Dice Set, 14-Piece

You'll get not one but two metal dice sets when you go with this option. The set includes seven die in an antique iron finish and seven die in a copper metal finish. The dice are all kept safe from dust and spills, thanks to the included PU leather storage bag.

Overall Take

Twice as NiceIf you are a collector of dice, you'll want to add this blacksmith-style metal dice set to your inventory.

 We Also Like

Haxtec Tabletop Gaming Polyhedral Metal Dice Set, 7-Piece


Tabletop Gaming Polyhedral Metal Dice Set, 7-Piece

This metal dice set is high-quality and bigger and heavier than most other sets on the market. It's designed to be played with the game Dungeons and Dragons and includes a total of seven pieces, a soft cloth bag and a nice gift tin that keeps the dice set neat and organized. Players can purchase the set in a variety of colors, including purple, blu...

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsSurprise the DND fan in your life with this attractive metal dice set.

 Strong Contender

DNDND Zinc Alloy Metal Dice Set, 7-Piece


Zinc Alloy Metal Dice Set, 7-Piece

Just a few colors this metal dice set comes in include gold, blue, dark red, green and rainbow. The set is designed for use with Dungeons and Dragons, Savage World and Pathfinder. Teachers can also incorporate the dice into their students' math lessons.

Overall Take

Nice WeightA stylish metal box and inner foam liner hold this metal dice set neatly in place, so you can transport it to a friend's house on game night.

Buying Guide

If you’re searching for a quality set of dice, you’ll want to forgo the traditional plastic sets and opt for a metal dice set instead. Not only are metal sets more durable, but they also weigh approximately five times more. Thanks to the extra weight, they feel better in your hands and don’t roll as far when you throw them.

Another reason to look into metal dice sets is the fact that they are eco-friendly, unlike many of their plastic counterparts. You’ll find most sets are constructed using a zinc alloy, which is both sturdy and reliable. In fact, you’ll find the dice are quite timeless, which means you’ll be able to pass them on to your children’s children.

When shopping for metal dice sets, you’ll want to keep the game you need the dice for in mind. For example, Yahtzee, Life and Monopoly all use traditional six-sided dice. You’ll need polyhedron dice to play more sophisticated games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer and Shadow Run. These sets come with D20, D12, D10, D10, D8, D6 and D4 dice.

Once you determine the type of dice you need, you can begin looking at style and colors. There are sets that have a classic blacksmith design, as well as sets that look like antiques. You could go with a black set with royal blue numbers, a sea green set with silver numbers or a gold set with black numbers. In fact, some companies sell as many as 42 different color combinations. You’ll even find sets that are made to glow in the dark.

If you game often with friends and take turns hosting, make sure your metal dice set comes in a carry bag for easy transport. Some sets include a velvet bag, while others feature a PU leather bag.

What to Look For

  • To care for metal dice sets, you’ll need to keep them in a cloth bag or storage tin with an inner foam lining. Make sure you set the dice on a high shelf that young children can’t reach, as each die is small enough to pose a choking hazard.
  • Metal dice sets should be stored separately from acrylic and resin dice sets.
  • Since fingers are greasy, you’ll want to clean the metal dice set from time to time. You can wipe each die down with a lint-free cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, use a little soapy dish water and a soft sponge. Rinse the dice off and immediately dry them, as metal can rust if left wet.
  • Never roll metal dice on a glass tabletop, as they are heavy enough to break the glass.
  • Consider purchasing a playmat or a dice tray to roll the dice during a game, as this will further protect your gaming surface.
  • Metal dice sets sold in attractive tins make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts for the gamers in your life.
  • Teachers may also wish to purchase a set of metal dice for use in the classroom. They can be an entertaining way to get students to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

More to Explore

Humans have used a form of dice as early of 3100 BC. Ancient hieroglyphics have depictions of two-sided dice constructed using knucklebones that were taken from goats, sheep, deer and horses.

By the 5th century BC, four-sided dice sets made their appearance. Today, we have dice sets in cubes, pyramids and many other shapes. They are used to play simple games like Yahtzee, as well as more complex games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Here are a few dice sets that made it into the Guinness World Records book:

  • The largest collection of dice belongs to Kevin Cook. As of Sept. 3, 2004, he had amassed an astounding 11,097 dice.
  • The largest pair of dice measured 4 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet. It was designed and displayed by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov. 11, 2011.
  • The tallest column of dice measured 36 pieces high. The feat was accomplished by Ye Jiaxi in Xiamen, China, on April 26, 2020.
  • The longest line of dice record belongs to gaming company Wyrmwood and dice maker Dispel. A total of 18,581 dice were used to create this line on July 2, 2021 in Myerstown, Pennsylvania.

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