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The Best Magnets & Magnetism Kits

Last updated on November 8, 2021
Best Magnets & Magnetism Kits

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Our Picks For The Top Magnets & Magnetism Kits

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Creative Kids DIY Mini Magnetic Tile Kit

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Creative Kids

DIY Mini Magnetic Tile Kit

This hands-on kit has everything kids need to make their own tile magnets. This includes six colors of washable paint, 10 ceramic tile squares, rubber magnets and a paintbrush. It's best for kids aged 6 and up.

Overall Take

Cool and FunThis a great craft for artistically minded kids — they will love giving away painted tiles as gifts to friends and family.

 Runner Up

Thames & Kosmos Stem Learning Magnetism Kit

Thames & Kosmos

Stem Learning Magnetism Kit

Kids will love this magnetic science experiment kit that allows them to complete more than 30 experiments and games with magnets of all sizes. It also comes with a full manual that describes every step.

Overall Take

Explore PhysicsThis set offers a great opportunity for children to learn about magnetic fields while having a whole lot of fun.

 We Also Like

EUDAX Basic Hands-On Magnets & Magnetism Kit


Basic Hands-On Magnets & Magnetism Kit

This is an extensive basic electrical circuit and magnetism kit that provides hands-on opportunities for more advanced students to build simple models. It contains dozens of components, including wires, motors, tools, magnets and more.

Overall Take

Makes the Right ConnectionsTeens can explore basic principles with this sophisticated kit, which is designed to enhance learning and build confidence.

 Strong Contender

Thames & Kosmos Intermediate Level Magnets & Magnetism Kit

Thames & Kosmos

Intermediate Level Magnets & Magnetism Kit

Thames & Kosmos’ magnetism and electricity kit is designed for ages 8 and up. It allows kids to explore electricity and magnetism with snap-together blocks that build more than 60 experiments. It also comes with a 64-page manual.

Overall Take

Safe, Simple and InstructiveThe brightly colored pieces and ease of use make this magnet experiment kit a real winner with young kids.

Buying Guide

The best kinds of toys combine play and education through hands-on learning. Electricity and magnetism experiment kits are a shining example of this.

In case you don’t remember this from school, electricity and magnetism are related. Both are manifestations of electromagnetic force, a physical interaction that occurs between charged particles and can attract or repel them. Electromagnetism occurs in almost every part of our daily lives; so much so that the only other concept that holds this kind of importance in terms of understanding basic physics is gravity. Kids who understand electromagnetic forces at a young age are better poised to succeed in school.

Electromagnetism experiment kits are particularly good for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning, a major trend in education. STEM fields of study are considered to be important for students to learn academic concepts, real-world applications and critical thinking skills. The interdisciplinary approach of STEM is meant to connect learners with communities while focusing on students’ social, emotional, and physical needs.

It really is the wave of the future, and starting out with these experiments can provide kids with strong STEM foundations. For something on the lighter side, you can buy kits that let children create their own magnets for your refrigerator.

Electromagnetism kits are made for different age groups and range from beginner to intermediate to expert. Choose one designed for your child’s age and supervise if needed. Younger kids can perform simple experiments that help them discover what kinds of materials are magnetic and how compasses work. Older children can experiment with circuits, currents and magnetic fields and make things like working loudspeakers.

Look for magnetism kits that include easy-to-follow instruction manuals, and offer to help your kids if they ask. Otherwise, let them figure things out for themselves because that is part of the learning process.

What to Look For

  • These kits make great gifts for all students. Not everyone is STEM-oriented, and this kind of hands-on learning can help many kids make better sense of important concepts.
  • Some of these kits have small parts, so do not buy them for children under age three.
  • Look for kits that include games, which makes learning even more fun.
  • If you’re not sure if your child is into electromagnetism, just buy a smaller, more economical kit. You can always get a bigger one next time, if it turns out that they are interested in this type of science.

More to Explore

Some people call Benjamin Franklin the “father of electricity,” although Michael Faraday, Nicola Tesla and William Gilbert may also be mentioned as contenders for that title. When it comes to pioneering electromagnetism, however, James Clerk Maxwell (1831 to 1879) is often called “the father of electromagnetism” for his work in and influence on the field.

Albert Einstein claimed in 1931 that Maxwell’s work led to conceptual change that was “the most profound and the most fruitful that physics has experienced since the time of [Isaac] Newton.” This led the way for the special theory of relativity, quantum theory and the law of heat radiation.

It is unlikely that Maxwell had a store-bought experiment kit at home, but is a given that he created experiments of his own.

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