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The Best Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper

Last updated on August 3, 2022
Best Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper

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Our Picks For The Top Kindergarten Lined Writing Papers

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Creative_Kids_Inc School Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper, 200-Pages

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School Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper, 200-Pages

Unlike other kindergarten lined writing paper workbooks on the market that feature just 100 pages, this model doubles that at 200 pages. The pages are all blank, making the workbook quite versatile. Children can practice writing on their own, or parents can place prompts at the top of each page.

Overall Take

Bulk SetThis kindergarten lined writing paper workbook measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches and uses a high-quality white paper.

 Runner Up

The Notebookery Kindergarten Lined Non-Perforated Writing Paper, 100-Pages

The Notebookery

Kindergarten Lined Non-Perforated Writing Paper, 100-Pages

This kindergarten lined writing paper workbook starts out with two reference sheets, so young learners can visualize the alphabet in print and in cursive. The book features a total of 100 pages, which include 30 sentence starters to inspire students to write. Also featured in the book are four pages for tracing letters.

Overall Take

Reference Sheets IncludedInstead of being oriented vertically, this kindergarten lined writing paper is designed to be used horizontally.

 We Also Like

Channie’s Double-Sided Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper, 82-Pages


Double-Sided Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper, 82-Pages

Kindergarteners can get plenty of help learning their letters with this 80-page visual handwriting kit. They can trace, print, copy and write with the easy-to-follow guides and visual cues. This is an excellent resource for children new to school.

Overall Take

Super Simple ABCsThis kindergarten lined writing paper with visual aids will help children practice writing all the letters of the alphabet.

 Also Great

True Color First Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper, 120-Pages

True Color

First Kindergarten Lined Writing Paper, 120-Pages

This notebook for handwriting practice has 120 high-quality white pages with blank lines and dotted grids. This allows users to learn the art of creating consistently-sized letters. Its basic style allows for journaling and composition-making, too.

Overall Take

A Great Homework HelperThis basic kindergarten lined writing paper helps children practice to create muscle memory, allowing for faster learning.

Buying Guide

Many kindergarteners do not know how to write when they get to their first day of school. Teachers often begin the school year by introducing the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they are associated with. Little ones are then taught how to form letter shapes, and they can eventually combine these to make words. Then, they begin practicing how to write upper and lowercase letters; this is done on lined writing paper.

Handwriting paper for this age group contains character spacer lines that help guide children in fashioning the height of their letters. The paper can be used for numbers, as well. These sheets are generally organized as sets of solid horizontal lines, with finely dotted horizontal lines between the solid ones. The paper is usually smooth in texture with highly visible, contrasting print. This makes it easier for children to use.

Some pads of handwriting paper also have added features to make learning easier and more fun. For example, kindergarteners may benefit from paper sets that come with double-sided tracing sheets. Tracing sheets allow them to easily practice their form and can get kids off to a great start. These paper kits may also have color-coded blocks and pictures to hold their attention.

What to Look For

  • Teachers use handwriting paper in classrooms. As such, it is good to have on hand for homework. You can pick up a few extra packs before school starts.
  • Children who need extra help with learning their letters and numbers can benefit from handwriting paper kits that have tracing paper and visuals (like a picture of an apple for a page that focuses on the letter A).
  • If you think that your child is having difficulty writing, turn to their teacher for help.

More to Explore

Many kindergarten teachers use the phonetic (invented) method to teach writing, which focuses more on communication than perfect spelling. Once kids get these basics down, teachers help them transition into conventional spelling for reading and writing. As an example, a child might initially write the word “orange” as “ornj,” and learn the proper spelling later on. The viability of the use of phonetics is an ongoing debate for educators and parents.

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