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The Best Kids’ Board Games

Last updated on June 14, 2023
Best Kids' Board Games

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Mattel Kerplunk Marbles & Sticks Kids’ Board Game

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Kerplunk Marbles & Sticks Kids' Board Game

This classic kids' board game is back with a new look. Players have to take turns removing sticks while trying to keep the marbles from falling. This game is perfect for two to four players.

Overall Take

A Classic FavoriteThis old-fashioned game has a fun new look.

 Fun for the Whole Family

Pressman Charades For Kids, Family Board Game


Charades For Kids, Family Board Game

Grab a bag of popcorn and this kids' board game for a night of family fun. The game is designed using picture cards, so that non-readers can play along with their older siblings and parents. Players take turns picking cards and acting out what they see until another player shouts out the correct guess.

Overall Take

Made for the Entire FamilyThis kids' board game allows for three levels of play to keep things simple for younger players, yet challenging for older players.

 Best for Early Readers

Thinkfun Zingo Bingo With A Zing Kids’ Board Game


Zingo Bingo With A Zing Kids' Board Game

This parent- and teacher-approved game is like Bingo with educational components. The objective of the game is to be the first to fill your card with tiles, which sport different words and illustrations. The game is best for little ones ages 4 and up.

Overall Take

Vocabulary-Building FunThis fast-paced kids' board game helps pre-readers and early readers develop language and matching skills.

 Easy to Play

Days Of Wonder Ticket to Ride First Journey Train Board Game

Days Of Wonder

Ticket to Ride First Journey Train Board Game

The entire family will love this kids' board game, especially if you find cross-country travel exciting! To win this game, players must collect a series of six tickets to connect certain cities on their map. Once this is done, they can claim the golden ticket as their prize.

Overall Take

Exciting Railway AdventureThanks to the new map and simplified rules, younger children will be able to join the family in playing this kids' board game.

Buying Guide

In addition to supplying hours of entertainment, playing board games can also strengthen relationships, relieve stress and boost brain function — particularly in kids. Even the simplest board games can help young children learn how to identify colors and count spaces and practice essential etiquette like waiting your turn, following rules and good sportsmanship. Games with incorporated educational elements are also a fun way for school-age kids to work on skills they may be struggling with, like spelling, math or reading.

Meanwhile, playing strategy-centric board games can help older kids and teens develop the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex regions of the brain, which are responsible for skills like planning, organizing, problem-solving and decision-making. For adults, board games offer the opportunity to unplug from the digital world while connecting with family members and friends in a fun way.

What to Look For

  • Board games can help kids learn how to make friends. For little ones who struggle to make conversation with others, consider purchasing one that requires verbal communication, like a guessing game.
  • Since playing a board game encourages young children to practice patience and wait their turn, they can help kids increase their frustration tolerance when things don’t go their own way in the real world.
  • Make family game night a regular, weekly occurrence to ensure your crew always has some screen-free bonding time on the calendar. It’s also helpful to stock your board game library with a selection of both classic and modern options to keep things interesting.

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