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The Best Kid Pools

Last updated on June 30, 2023
Best Kid Pool

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Kiddie pools are nothing new but in recent years, they’ve advanced in remarkable ways, becoming larger and much easier to store. With an inflatable pool, you can keep little ones busy throughout the summer without the expense and upkeep of an above or in-ground pool.

A traditional kiddie pool is round and relatively small, measuring from 3 to 5 feet in diameter. Some people use them as a dog pool, but they’re perfect for infants and toddlers, provided they are closely supervised. Earlier kiddie pools were made from hard plastic that didn’t break down or deflate when you weren’t using them, posing a storage problem.

That previously popular kiddie pool design has been replaced today by inflatable counterparts. These are made from a softer plastic that can also be more comfortable for little ones. You’ll just inflate these pools, fill them with water and enjoy. But the best part may be that when your child is finished using the pool, you can dump out the water, fold it up and store it wherever.

But inflatable pools aren’t limited to younger children anymore. You can get much larger inflatable pools that will hold multiple children or even an entire family. Yes, adults can join in on the fun! You might want a pump to inflate this type of pool, and, of course, it will take more water to fill. To store these bigger ones, you’ll typically pull a drain plug and wait for the water to empty, then deflate. Make sure you let any inflatable pool completely dry before folding it up to store.

Our Picks For The Top Kid Pools

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AIRSO UV-Resistant Summer Kid Pool

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UV-Resistant Summer Kid Pool

The material in this kids' pool has a thickness of 0.40mm to provide a level of durability you can't find with other pools. It measures 118 inches long, 72 inches wide and 22 inches deep to give you extra space for your entire family. It has three individual air chambers to help withhold more weight than typical kiddie pools.

Overall Take

Extra Weight CapacityThis pool features three individual air chambers, giving you support for more weight than other children's pools.

 Top Pick

Toozey Easy Drain Non-Slip Kids’ Pool


Easy Drain Non-Slip Kids' Pool

Conveniently drain the water from the pool using the built-in drainage hole. The pool is foldable, so it’s easy to store. The material is a non-toxic PVC that is durable and sturdy.

Overall Take

Easy to DrainThe built-in drainage hole in this kids' pool makes it easy to empty out the water.

 Runner Up

SELLOTZ BPA-Free Quick Set-Up Kid Pool


BPA-Free Quick Set-Up Kid Pool

The entire family fits in this oversized kid pool. It's constructed using a thick PVC material that makes it much more durable than other models on the market. The pool is also easy to inflate, taking just three minutes for all of the air chambers to fill up.

Overall Take

Easy Set-UpDuring the cold winter months, this kid pool can be repurposed as an indoor ball pit.

 Strong Contender

Intex Backyard Inflatable Kid Pool


Backyard Inflatable Kid Pool

This 45-by-10-inch round inflatable pool has a water depth of only 6.5 inches, making it perfect for toddlers and pets. You'll also get a repair patch to keep on hand in case it ever suffers damage. It can easily be inflated in a few minutes, similar to the ease of inflating a pool float.

Overall Take

Great for Kids or DogsThis small kid pool is ideal if you're looking for an outdoor pool for your small child or dog.

What to Look For

  • One thing to consider is that most kiddie pools use water from the hose, which will be unfiltered tap water. This means the water could have bacteria in it. You can buy a garden hose end filter that will provide cleaner water.
  • If you’re concerned about BPA, look for a pool that’s made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Many modern pools are made from PVC, which is a sturdier plastic that can resist tears, even if the pool ends up with sticks or sharp rocks beneath it.
  • Larger pools can have a tougher time holding air once their capacity is stretched to the limit. To battle that, these pools often have multiple air chambers to distribute the stress.
  • If you’re buying a large inflatable pool, keep in mind that an electric pump will likely be necessary. Often, these aren’t included with your pool purchase, so you’ll need to look around for one that’s compatible.
  • Although kiddie pools are, of course, made for kids, not all pools are suitable for all age groups. Pay attention to age ranges. Even the smallest pools often start at ages 2 and up. Infants may be better off with the smallest kiddie pool, with an adult sitting alongside to supervise.

More to Explore

If you have a hard plastic kiddie pool in your backyard, it’s essential to drain the water and clean it between uses. Leaving water in your little pool will bring all the dangers that come from an untreated pond. With a chlorinated pool, you’ll treat it and measure the pH balance on a consistent basis, but getting that pH balance in a kiddie pool can be next to impossible.

But even when it’s newly filled, a kiddie pool can have hidden dangers. Get a filter for your garden hose to prevent the bacteria that can lurk in tap water. Also, make sure you check the swim diapers being worn regularly and encourage bathroom breaks at least every hour or so.