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The Best Hair Bonnet

Last updated on April 4, 2022

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YANIBEST Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet

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Reversible Satin Hair Bonnet

Constructed from 100% satin, this hair bonnet truly shines. It's completely reversible, so you'll enjoy changing from the cap from one color to another in seconds. The bonnet can be cleaned in the washing machine, so long as you use cold water and the gentle cycle.

Overall Take

Double-SidedThis hair bonnet is constructed using a special technology that keeps colors from fading.

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Cospack Adjustable Drawstring Hair Bonnet


Adjustable Drawstring Hair Bonnet

Since this hair bonnet is reversible, you'll get two looks for the price of one. The caps are made using a smooth satin and thicker than other bonnets on the market. They even come with an adjustable drawstring, so you can fit them to your head to keep them in place.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionThis hair bonnet has the most affordable price tag of the bunch.

 Strong Contender

FocusCare Lightweight Jersey Hair Bonnet


Lightweight Jersey Hair Bonnet

You won't want to just wear this hair bonnet at bedtime, as it's super stylish. It's designed to cover your entire head and keep your hair from becoming tangled, but it can also be matched to your favorite outfit and worn as a head dressing. In fact, the cap resembles the look of a beanie.

Overall Take

Multiple Colors and PatternsYou'll find this hair bonnet comes in 28 different colors and patterns, including coffee, orange red and dark blue.

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Edoneery Double-Layer Design Hair Bonnet


Double-Layer Design Hair Bonnet

Reduce friction and preserve the oils in your hair by dawning this hair bonnet when you go to bed. It's made using a silk material and has two layers for added thickness. Shoppers can order the bonnet in one of 21 different colors, including champagne, dark pink and royal blue.

Overall Take

Custom FitThe elastic rim around this hair bonnet ensures a custom fit no matter what your head size.

Buying Guide

Regular linen and cotton pillowcases can dry out your hair as you sleep and cause breakage. While silk pillowcases can be better, they do not hold hairstyles in place. That’s where hair bonnets are miraculous, as they help retain moisture and can prevent split ends, too.

You can find hair bonnets made with silk, but they probably have some polyester included. Lower-grade satins do not feel as nice as higher-quality ones and may not protect the hair as well.

Another important feature in a good bonnet is a sturdy headband that holds it in place but does not feel uncomfortable. Some bonnets close with ties or buttons, but these can loosen over time or become undone while the wearer is sleeping. In general, wider bands hold their shape longer and stay more secure. Also avoid bonnets with ruffled edges, as there really is no need for such embellishment aside from aesthetics, and ruffles can feel scratchy against the skin.

Hair bonnets are great for adults but they can also be handy for kids. Not only do bonnets retain moisture and prevent frizz, but they also extend the life of a hairstyle you worked so hard to put together.

Look for bonnets that are fun to wear. There are many with cute patterns that kids might like, and some are even reversible. You can buy a matching one for your kiddos and help them put it on, which can be a good way to encourage little ones to wear their own. Starting children out with these as toddlers is a great way to develop the habit of wearing a bonnet every night.

What to Look For

  • Sleep bonnets can only hold so much hair, so if you have a style like waist-length box braids, you may have a hard time finding one that is large enough. Search for extra-large bonnets with expandable drawstrings to accommodate your style if that’s the case.
  • If your hair is especially dry, shop for bonnets with double linings, as these hold in more moisture.
  • A high-quality bonnet may be so comfortable you forget you are wearing it. Shop around until you find something like this.

More to Explore

Bonnets were originally worn by high-society women as a symbol of either grandeur or subordination. Over time, the bonnet evolved into an honorable badge of modesty and tradition. After the 1800s, bonnets were not really worn in urban, public settings but were left mostly by rural folks and the Amish.

Nighttime bonnets remain common among all types of people to this day and some are even attractive enough to be worn during the day.

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