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The Best Gel Pillows

Last updated on April 29, 2024
Best Gel Pillows

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Beckham Hotel Hypoallergenic Cooling Pillow, 2-Pack

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Beckham Luxury

Beckham Hotel Hypoallergenic Cooling Pillow, 2-Pack

If luxury is what you seek, you'll want to go with this set of hotel pillows that is made out of a soft memory foam gel. The pillows are hypoallergenic, which is important if anyone in your family suffers from dust or mildew allergies. As an added bonus, this set of pillows won't fade or stain, so you can count on using them for a long time.

Overall Take

No-Shift ConstructionThis set of cooling pillows is made using a no-shift construction that makes it perfect for every sleeping position.

 Top Pick

Meoflaw Microfiber Breathable Mesh Gel Pillows, 2-Pack


Microfiber Breathable Mesh Gel Pillows, 2-Pack

The premium filling used to make these hotel pillows is designed to bounce back quickly after each use. Sleepers will appreciate the softness of the pillows, as well as their no-shift construction. The pillows are also machine washable for easy care.

Overall Take

Five-Second ReboundThese gel pillows are designed to rebound within 5 seconds of the sleeper getting up in the morning.

 Firm Build

Plixio Washable Ultra-Plush Cooling Pillows, 2-Pack


Washable Ultra-Plush Cooling Pillows, 2-Pack

These bamboo cooling pillows are filled with gel-infused shredded memory foam to keep you cool through the night. The plush cover is hypoallergenic and is also designed to wick moisture from your skin. Extra head and neck support can provide relief to those who experience certain sleep issues.

Overall Take

Hypoallergenic CoverThe hypoallergenic cover makes this shredded memory foam pillow a great option for those with allergies.

 Strong Contender

Qutool Customizable 2-Sided Gel Pillows, 2-Pack


Customizable 2-Sided Gel Pillows, 2-Pack

These gel pillows contain shredded memory foam, which can be removed or added to as desired. Each is dual sided to provide softness and breathability, as well as a cooling effect. They are also hypoallergenic, which is ideal if you have sensitive skin.

Overall Take

Customizable DesignYou won't have to worry about this gel pillow going flat, even if you tend to toss and turn throughout the night.

Buying Guide

Having a good night’s sleep depends a lot upon your pillow. If it’s lumpy and hot, you’re likely going to be tossing and turning all night, flipping your pillow over hoping to find a smooth, cool side. An excellent option is a gel pillow, which helps provide a comfortable and cool night’s sleep. This is a kind of pillow that has layers of gel or gel-infused memory foam within the pillow. The role of the gel is to keep sleepers cool during hot nights.

There are two main kinds of gel pillows: One kind has layers of cooling gel near the exterior of the pillow. In some cases, these gel layers are actually removable so you can just use them on hot nights. Another kind of gel pillow uses gel-infused memory foam or polyfoam instead of actual gel. This is not removable unlike the layers of gel.

Gel pillows are designed for those who sleep warm. Regular pillows can absorb and retain heat while you sleep, so they can actually cause you to get even hotter at night. Gel pillows also work well for side sleepers because they align the spine, neck, shoulders and back while in that position. They also help alleviate pressure points better than regular pillows. Many pregnant women find gel pillows helpful for lowering their night temperature. Some even use gel pillows to prop up their knees or legs, in addition to their head. Gel pillows are also an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies. Pillows filled with down can cause itchy eyes and sneezing in some people. However, gel pillows are made with hypoallergenic materials.

What to Look For

  • Consider what kind of gel pillow is best for you. Gel-infused memory foam pillows are cushiony and offer pressure-point relief. Pillows that have a layer of gel may offer more flexibility, especially if the gel is removable. You also have the option to get a gel pillow that has a reversible design. These pillows have one gel side and one non-gel side, so you can go based on your temperature and preference each night.
  • Some gel pillows are made as one piece, while others have shredded foam inside. The pillows that are one-piece offer a consistent firmness along the whole surface of the pillow. Shredded foam pillows can be adjusted. You can actually remove or add to the pillow to make it firmer or softer as you please.
  • What kind of firmness do you need in your gel pillow? Some gel pillows actually have dual firmness levels so each side is different. This offers more flexibility. If you have pains in your shoulders, neck and head, the firmness of the pillow is critical. Getting the wrong firmness level can further affect your discomfort.
  • Regular pillows have a contoured shape, while many gel pillows are flat and even all over. Consider what is most comfortable for you.
  • Check to see whether the gel pillow comes with a cover. This should be made out of a breathable material like cotton and rayon. Polyester can also help to keep you cool at night.
  • Keep in mind that each time you shift on a gel pillow, it needs a few seconds to re-establish your position and provide comfort. This can take some getting used to, especially if you have only used down-filled pillows before.

More to Explore

While a gel pillow can help you stay cool overnight, you can also add to it with a few other tips. Use a cooler fabric for your sheets and pillowcase, such as cotton or rayon. You can also opt for wool, which is a breathable fabric that will keep you snug on a cold winter’s night without causing you to sweat. Some people prefer to lightly dampen a bedsheet and place it over them at night to keep them cool. This also works well if you put the fan on. The combination of the air and the damp sheet can help to lower your body temperature.

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