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The Best Furniture Leg Protectors For Hardwood Floors

Last updated on April 27, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Furniture Leg Protectors For Hardwood Floors

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Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

X-Protector Anti-Scratch Felt Furniture Leg Protectors, 133-Piece

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Anti-Scratch Felt Furniture Leg Protectors, 133-Piece

This premium felt furniture leg pad kit includes brown and beige pieces in various sizes and shapes. Each one comes with a strong adhesive backing that will stick to furniture so you can protect surfaces like floors, tabletops and more.

Overall Take

Your Floor's Best FriendsYou'll always have the right-sized furniture protector pad on hand with this premium kit.

 Runner Up

X-Protector Adhesive Backing Furniture Leg Protectors, 235-Piece


Adhesive Backing Furniture Leg Protectors, 235-Piece

Here's a value pack that includes hundreds of easy-to-apply, neutral-colored, different-sized felt floor protectors. They'll guard your valuable floors against scratches and other damage and are suitable for all kinds of home furniture.

Overall Take

Buy Them in BulkThis kit offers enough felt pads in different sizes to get through many years of wear and tear.

 We Also Like

Anwenk Silicone Cap Furniture Leg Protectors, 16-Piece


Silicone Cap Furniture Leg Protectors, 16-Piece

Anwenk's well-designed floor protectors are made from thick silicone with felt-padded bottoms. They have a range of diameters from 3 3/4 inches to 6 5/16 inches. These protectors won't deteriorate over time and won't fall off.

Overall Take

These Last a LifetimeRest assured that your floors will always be safe with these cap-style furniture leg protectors.

 Strong Contender

Aneaseit Felt Bottom Silicone Furniture Leg Protectors, 16-Piece


Felt Bottom Silicone Furniture Leg Protectors, 16-Piece

This set of 16 clear, lightweight silicone furniture leg protectors with felt bottoms fit standard sizes. They are straightforward to install and come at just the right price! If you prefer a color, you can choose from black, brown, grey and other tones.

Overall Take

Clearly a WinnerPut these protectors on and forget about them; you'll never worry about floor scratches again.

Buying Guide

Flooring can be a significant investment, and once it gets scratched, you are faced with an unsightly mark that you’re not sure you can repair. Furniture legs can also cause dents, discoloration and other permanent marks. So, investing in furniture leg protectors can help save your floors — and protect your furniture while you’re at it.

These often come in the form of pads, which get attached to the bottoms of furniture legs and can be made out of felt, rubber, silicone, plastic or foam. Although most people use them for hardwood floors, they can also protect vinyl and laminate.

Felt furniture leg protectors come in different sizes, and you can buy them in kits that have a large number of different sizes and shapes. You can also cut them to shape with a pair of sharp scissors. They’re simple to use: just peel off the adhesive backings and stick them on furniture leg bottoms. They can last a long time — but not forever. You can peel them off and easily put on fresh ones when they wear out.

Furniture protectors made from silicone and rubber are like socks that slip onto the bottoms of the legs. They usually have protective bottoms made from felt or other materials. You can find them in various colors to match your pieces; clear ones are also available.

Leg protectors can be slippery. This usually isn’t a problem — in fact,  it can add functionality because it makes it easier for you to move them around, which you’ll often do when you’re performing the act of sitting at a table or standing. For more traction, choose floor protectors with anti-slip bottoms.

What to Look For

  • Leg furniture protectors are also great for patio furniture and can protect your outdoor flooring from damage.
  • No tools are needed to install furniture leg protectors.
  • Furniture leg protectors also prevent noise, like the squeaking you hear when moving furniture.
  • Silicone and rubber floor protectors take a little longer to install, but they can be more durable.
  • Read the product descriptions carefully for sizing: some protectors may be too small for substantial furniture legs.
  • Area rugs can also damage floors, so using rug pads beneath them is always wise.

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