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The Best Metal Knobs For Cabinets

Last updated on April 27, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Metal Knobs For Cabinets

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Amazon Basics Straight Top Ring Metal Knobs For Cabinets, 10 Pack

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Amazon Basics

Straight Top Ring Metal Knobs For Cabinets, 10 Pack

The brushed bronze look and basic round shape of these knobs make them perfect for any kind of decor. They come with screws of two different lengths so you can fit them into most cabinet types. After that, you can expect them to stay put consistently.

Overall Take

Simple to InstallThe classic look suits a variety of cabinets.

 Runner Up

Amerock Edona Matte Metal Knobs For Cabinets


Edona Matte Metal Knobs For Cabinets

These zinc knobs have a matte finish that makes them both appealing and easy to grip. Install them on modern cabinets to create an elegant look. The quality manufacturing ensures a good fit in most cabinet doors.

Overall Take

Subtle Modern StyleThese no-nonsense knobs are distinctive yet versatile.

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trust4care Matte Victorian Floral Metal Knobs For Cabinets, 4 Pack


Matte Victorian Floral Metal Knobs For Cabinets, 4 Pack

The textured design helps in more than one way. Not only do these knobs look distinctive, they are easy to grip and pull. Their timeless Victorian look is equally suited to rustic kitchens or elegant marble bathrooms.

Overall Take

Classic Look, FeelThese weighty cabinet knobs add a touch of class anywhere they're installed.

 Strong Contender

Laurey Danica Brushed Satin Nickel Metal Knobs For Cabinets

Laurey Danica

Brushed Satin Nickel Metal Knobs For Cabinets

A solid base anchors a hollow rounded knob. The result is reliable handle for most any cabinet door, able to stand up to years of wear and tear. The dual screws make them a breeze to install.

Overall Take

Real Metal KnobsThe steel material makes these very durable.

Buying Guide

Any realtor will tell you: That first look at the kitchen is one of the “make or break” moments when it comes to selling a home. Shabby cabinets will stand out no matter how nice the hardware is, and that means that cabinet knobs matter more than you might think. Sure, they have a very simple job to do. But whether you’re renovating or picking the look for a new home, the right cabinet knobs can be the most important style choice you make.

Metal cabinet knobs might cost a little extra, but in general they’re worth it. Consider the wear and tear, if nothing else. These are fixtures that get pushed and pulled on a daily basis, and they’re bound to pick up some cooking residue if they’re in the kitchen. Steel knobs won’t scratch easily, and a simple wipe is all you need in case of spills. All but the most expensive steel knobs will be made of zinc or some kind of stainless steel alloy, but most households won’t need anything sturdier than that.

We generally refer to any handle used to open a cabinet as a knob, but there are really two main types: Knobs and pulls.

Knobs are usually either circular or square, but can be any solid, non-linear shape that protrudes from the cabinet surface. Classic cabinet knobs might be ornate with elaborate carvings, while more modern ones might be a simple smooth surface. These are the most popular kind of knobs, especially for bathroom cabinets. If they’re matched correctly with the decor, the right knobs don’t have to be expensive to look nice. The main appeal, though, is that they’re easy to install. For most knobs, all you need to do is twist in a single screw, and you may not even need a washer or other securing mechanism.

Pulls can also vary widely in shape, but here we’re talking about handles that you can grasp with your entire hand. That includes everything from simple rectangular bars to sculpted hooks. Pulls tend to have a more modern look that fits in well with clean white kitchens, and they’re easier to use for those that might have fine motor issues. That said, they will take a little more work to install, especially if your pulls are a D-shape with two contact points on the cabinet surface. One the bright side, more screws means they’re less likely to loosen over time.

Whichever one you choose, make sure it fits the room and the decor. Your cabinet knobs may be small, but you’re going to use them every day — and little things like these make a big impact on the first impression for your guests.

What to Look For

When you’re buying your cabinet knobs, be advised that one size fits most — but not all. Some larger knobs might jut out past the edge of the cabinet, making them unsightly at minimum and unusable at worst. The bigger concern usually is the size of the screw on the back of the knob. Most cabinets have pre-drilled holes that you can simply twist the knob into, but some cabinets are thicker than others. The standard thickness for knob screws is 8/32 gauge, but you may need ones that are either 1 or 1.57 inches depending on the type of cabinet.

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