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The Best Sectional Couch Covers

Last updated on April 19, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Sectional Couch Covers

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Easy-Going L Shape Reversible Sectional Couch Covers

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L Shape Reversible Sectional Couch Covers

Made from water-resistant quilted microfiber, this couch cover protects your furniture while keeping it comfortable. Foam pipes let you anchor your cover in place. The fabric is colorfast and machine-washable. Get this in many colors and sizes.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis reversible microfiber cover is a great option for protecting L-shaped sofas.

 Runner Up

JIABOLANG Quilted L Shape Reversible Sectional Couch Covers


Quilted L Shape Reversible Sectional Couch Covers

A reversible construction makes this L-shaped couch cover work whether the longer side of your sofa is on the left or right. The material is machine-washable and water-resistant. It comes in your choice of colors and sizes. Foam pipes are included.

Overall Take

Extra ComfortableThe cool, quilted fabric and foam pipes conform to the shape of your couch.

 Best for Pets

Easy-Going Indoor L-Shape Sectional Slipcover


Indoor L-Shape Sectional Slipcover

Make your sofa last by using this protective slipcover. It keeps stains, spills and wear and tear off your sofa. The slipcover is made from a high-quality thick microfiber material.

Overall Take

Protects Your FurnitureThis sofa slipcover keeps your furniture free from stains and wear and tear.

 We Also Like

BT.WA Stretch Reversible L Shape Sectional Couch Covers


Stretch Reversible L Shape Sectional Couch Covers

You’ll get two separate pieces in this set: one for the sofa and another for the chaise. The material is silky 95% polyester with spandex built in for stretch, and it’s machine-washable for easy cleanup. Two pillowcases are included. Each piece fits 71-90 inches in length.

Overall Take

Stretchy and SecureThis couch cover stretches to fit your sofa, ensuring it stays snugly in place.

Buying Guide

How old is your couch? If it’s more than a few years old, you might be noticing a little aging, especially in the cushions — they’re likely to see wear and tear long before the frame and fabric of your furniture do.

Modern couch stuffing is typically made from polyurethane foam, which provides plenty of cushioning initially. However, over time, polyurethane foam starts to degrade, losing its shape and becoming less comfortable.

Two factors contribute to polyurethane foam breaking down: hydrolysis and photo-oxidation. The latter is a form of aging that happens from a combination of light and oxygen. For your sofa cushions, though, hydrolysis could be the biggest culprit. Exposure to humidity and moisture causes polyurethane foam to break down, and couch cushions are often exposed to both.

This breaking down process is what led one industry survey to conclude that the foam inside couch cushions will drive sofa replacement much more quickly than the frame or fabric. By keeping your cushions dry and protected, though, you may be able to extend your couch’s life.

This is where a couch cover comes in. An extra layer of fabric, easily removed and cleaned, can be fitted to your furniture to make sure your seating stays comfortable and protected from elements that affect it over time.

But the lifespan of your furniture isn’t the only benefit of a couch cover. You’ll also keep the fabric looking like new. If it’s a sofa you use every day, you already know the importance of that. An occasional spill, food crumbs, rip or pet hair caught in the fabric is tough to avoid if you’re spending hours each day on your couch, especially if you have pets or children.

When searching for a couch cover, it’s important to carefully measure your sofa first. Even a sofa cover that promises to be universal will likely have a limited size range. This is especially true if you have a sectional with an odd shape. You’ll need to make sure your cover not only works for the entire couch but also fits snugly so it won’t slide around when you sit.

What to Look For

  • You’ll want your couch cover to be as comfortable as the fabric it’s covering. Look for layered fabrics that build in cushioning for a little extra support. If you’re warm-natured, look for a cooling type of material, but if you’re always chilly you might prefer a fabric with a warmer texture.
  • Waterproof material can be a big help in preventing damage from spills. This is especially important if you have young children. Consider getting a cover in fabric you can simply wipe clean with a wet towel whenever necessary.
  • Many couch covers are machine-washable. You’ll likely want to wash on cold and avoid using detergents with bleach.
  • If you’re concerned about wear on your couch cover, look for one that’s labeled “colorfast.” This means it’s dyed in a way to ensure the colors don’t fade over time.
  • You may prefer a couch cover with an easy setup process. However, know that some of these won’t be a perfect fit and may slide around or look rumpled. A cover that fits better but has a more complicated installation process might be worth it in the long run.
  • Sectionals can be particularly difficult to fit with a couch cover, since some have chaise longues either on the right or left side, creating an L-shape. Make sure your couch cover is designed to fit.
  • Make sure you carefully measure your couch before ordering. Some covers are designed to fit a range of couch sizes, but this range will still be fairly narrow.

More to Explore

Upholstered furniture is a given in today’s society; the fabric adds a lot to the look of a room. Historically, fabric on chairs and other items began when people started nailing animal hides or leather to rigid frames, possibly as far back as ancient Egypt. By medieval and Renaissance times, cushions and pillows were being added for comfort.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, many of the elegant furnishings in homes were for display only, so slipcovers became vital for protecting them almost all the time, except on rare special occasions. Slipcovers were initially made from wool, but linens and cottons soon became popular.

These covers have always been used to protect furniture from dirt and dust, but they have been used for other reasons as well. Before air-conditioning came along, for example, many homeowners used white covers on furniture to cool down rooms. And their aesthetic appeal became the point in the 18th century. In Victorian times, slipcovers were very fashionable and expressive.

In 1910, some companies started mass-producing slipcovers. These days, they are functional and attractive enough to remain on furniture even when people are actively using them. You can get them in so many colors, patterns and materials, there is something for everyone.

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