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The Best Chop Saw

Last updated on October 20, 2020

We looked at the top 5 Chop Saws and dug through the reviews from 19 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Chop Saws.

Best Chop Saw

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Chop saws are designed to cut through any material in a straight up and down motion. With their durable construction and blades, they can slice metal, wood, ceramics and plastics without hesitation. Ideal for serial tasks, many chop saws feature quick-lock and quick-release vises and clamps to keep the job moving along speedily.

In addition to blade size, which can vary by several inches and impacts cutting power, two other key considerations with chop saws are width and chopping depth. The chop saw’s mechanism can also impact its performance. When the saw blade enters the material, it slows down, the load on the saw increases and the rotations decrease. Unless this is controlled and monitored, the cutting quality can then decrease.

To ensure stable cutting quality, many chop saws have electronic systems for monitoring the constant number of rotations per second. For heavily used chop saws, being able to replace carbon brushes yourself can cut down on trips to the service center and let you continue working with the saw longer.

While a chop saw, unlike a miter saw, only moves straight up and down, chop saws do give the option of cuts angled horizontally across the material. Most allow for cuts at angles up to 45 degrees.

Our Picks For The Top Chop Saws

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Our Take
 Best Overall

DEWALT D28715 Quick-Change 14-Inch Chop Saw

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D28715 Quick-Change 14-Inch Chop Saw

This chop saw features a 15-amp, 4,000 RPM motor with overload protection. The quick, tool-free wheel change design makes changing blades easy, and at 39 pounds, this saw is compact and portable.

Overall Take

Quick Change and PowerfulThis no-fuss option is a reliable option for when you need strong, quick cuts without having to worry about weight, size or extra tools on hand.

" Featuring a powerful 15-Amp motor, this D28715 from DeWalt delivers 5.5 HP of torque to get the job done as quickly as possible. It comes with a Quick-Lock vise, designed for faster and more precise clamping of your material."
 Runner Up

Makita 12-Inch Carbide Blade Chop Saw, 15 Amp


12-Inch Carbide Blade Chop Saw, 15 Amp

Carbide-tipped blades optimize this saw for slicing tough metals without burrs, and the rest of the saw is as durable as the blade. The large cast-aluminum base provides stability, and the guide plate adjusts to up to 45 degrees for quick and precise angled cuts.

Overall Take

Metal-Cutting and AccurateWhen you need a powerful, long-lasting tool for cutting metal quickly, correctly and efficiently, this saw stands out.

" For garage workshops, this saw is a durable, precision-cutting workhouse when working with smaller-diameter metal."
"One drawback I see is the price of this cold cut chop saw. Not only that, the blades are also expensive so be sure to read the maintenance tips on the manual to make this tool last long."
 We Also Like

PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15-Amp 14-Inch Chop Saw


PCE700 15-Amp 14-Inch Chop Saw

The easy-off clamp on this chop saw allows for speedy and easy material removal, meaning you can make more cuts per minute and keep the job rolling. With a steel base for stability, this saw also features a spindle-lock system for hassle-free blade changes.

Overall Take

Quick-Release and FastIf you want a reliable, steady saw that lets you move material along quickly, this tool is a solid option.

" A high quality and well-made chop saw, offered at a good price. It comes with a 15-Amp motor, which generates its 3800 rpm cutting power. The blade's arm is mounted on a solid steel base for better stability while working,..."
 Strong Contender

DEWALT D28730 14-Inch Chop Saw


D28730 14-Inch Chop Saw

The ergonomically designed handle on this chop saw increases comfort and helps reduce fatigue on long jobs. The quick-lock vise means you can rapidly clamp different sizes of material for cutting, and the 45-degree pivot on the fence lets you cut those materials at any angle with ease.

Overall Take

Ergonomic D-Handle When you know the job could be long, hard and unpredictable, this saw will see you through it.

" Additional overload protection circuitry. Good ergonomics for long hours of use."
"Since this metal chop saw utilizes abrasive blades, expect a spark and heat."
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Our experts reviewed the top 5 Chop Saws and also dug through the reviews from 19 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Chop Saws.

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What to Look For

  • Consider blade quality when shopping for chop saws. Most chop saws are sold with a blade, but this might not be the one you should use for all of your projects, as it’s just meant to get you started.
  • It’s best to look for durable blades that can be used on a wide variety of materials when shopping chop saw accessories. Specialty blades are also available if you have a particular project in mind.
  • Keep in mind the likelihood of burrs and other cutting flaws when purchasing a chop saw. Pendulum metal chop saws can provide a cleaner, burr-free cut if you will be doing most of your cutting on certain types of materials.
  • If you’re looking for heavy-duty, and also heavy, chop saw power, look for a belt-drive chop saw. This protects the mechanism from overloading.
  • When cutting metal, a spark guard or spark deflector can be an essential feature on a chop saw. If this is part of the purpose you’re buying a chop saw for, look for this option.
  • You should also wear a dust mask, safety goggles and a sturdy pair of work gloves while working with power tools. Ideally, you should also done long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and steel-toed shoes for your protection.

Chop Saw Rankings

1. DEWALT D28715 Quick-Change 14-Inch Chop Saw

Overall Score: 9.6
Reviews Included: 7

2. Makita 12-Inch Carbide Blade Chop Saw, 15 Amp

Overall Score: 8.9
Reviews Included: 9

3. PORTER-CABLE PCE700 15-Amp 14-Inch Chop Saw

Overall Score: 8.7
Reviews Included: 8

4. DEWALT D28730 14-Inch Chop Saw

Overall Score: 8.6
Reviews Included: 8

More to Explore

Portable chop saws have greatly impacted the construction industry. Chop saws have replaced acetylene torches in many applications, including the popular chop saw purpose of cutting rebar.

Instead of having to situate and install heavy machinery in a construction site, construction workers can use chop saws to cut through asphalt, concrete and pipe with ease. Chop saws for domestic use are generally smaller and lighter, but they are still versatile and powerful like their construction-oriented cousins.