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The Best Wheelbarrow

Last updated on July 21, 2023

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Garden Star Yard Rover Air-Filled Tires Wheelbarrow

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Garden Star

Yard Rover Air-Filled Tires Wheelbarrow

Made from rustproof materials, this wheelbarrow has a 300-pound load capacity, making it great for residential use. The two air-filled wheels and loop handle give you extra maneuverability while you’re using it, and the green color ensures it blends well with the scenery if you need to store it outdoors. It weighs only 25 pounds, giving it a ligh...

Overall Take

Easy to UseLarge, air-filled wheels give you more control as you’re using this wheelbarrow.

 Runner Up

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-In-1 Multifunction Wheelbarrow


WG050 Aerocart 8-In-1 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

The design of this wheelbarrow evenly distributes weight to make it easy to move even heavier loads. The rugged tires can withstand heavy use without needing to be inflated, giving you a fuss-free experience. The stainless-steel color of the tray gives it a unique, streamlined look that will be a great addition to your landscaping tools.

Overall Take

Super ConvenientMore than a standard wheelbarrow, this tool can serve as a yard cart, bag holder, dolly, cylinder carrier, rock or plant mover and a trailer tote.

 We Also Like

Garden Star 70019 Polyurethane Tray Wheelbarrow

Garden Star

70019 Polyurethane Tray Wheelbarrow

With only two air-filled tires and a loop handle, you can easily maneuver this wheelbarrow. It comes with six bolts, making it easy to assemble, although you will need to have tools on hand. The durable poly tray can handle up to 300 pounds.

Overall Take

Easy to AssembleWith only six bolts, you can put this wheelbarrow together quickly.

 Also Great

G & F Products 10041 Metal Tray & Handles Kid’s Wheelbarrow

G & F Products

10041 Metal Tray & Handles Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Designed for children ages 3 and up, this wheelbarrow is made from real metal to make it useful. The tray features rounded edges to keep little fingers safe. Despite being designed for kids, the tray, frame and wheel are durable enough to be able to hold smaller loads.

Overall Take

Great for FamiliesInclude your younger family members in the fun of yard work with this kid-sized wheelbarrow.

Buying Guide

Lawn care is an important part of warmer-weather life for many homeowners. Some homeowners choose to take care of landscaping beyond simply mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges each week, which creates the need for a toolshed full of equipment to handle it all. The pandemic only increased the demand for DIY tools and equipment, making it a $32.4 billion market in 2020.

For toting items from one area of your yard to another, few things work as well as an old-fashioned wheelbarrow. But the classic landscaping tool has had a few upgrades over the years, and those upgrades make wheelbarrows more stable and easier to maneuver than ever.

Perhaps the biggest change to wheelbarrows has been in the wheels. Traditional wheelbarrows had one wheel and two handles, giving it a tripod sort of design. But as simple as the one-wheel build can be, this can make stability tough to achieve. Once it’s full, a one-wheeled wheelbarrow can tend to tilt to the left or right, putting it at risk of tipping over.

Today’s wheelbarrows not only have two wheels, but they’re typically not quite as maneuverable. You may find it takes a little more effort to take sharp turns, and controlling direction on steep heels can be tougher. But you won’t need as much manual effort to balance the load as you will with a wheelbarrow that has only one tire.

Another big change has been the tire options. You can choose from tires that are all rubber, known as a non-pneumatic tire, or one that has air inside that you can inflate with a pump, known as a pneumatic tire. A pneumatic tire is more lightweight, keeping the wheelbarrow easier to control, but it’s like a bicycle tire in that a puncture, mid-job, could have you losing air.

There is a tire option between those two extremes. Semi-pneumatic tires are all rubber with air pockets built in. This offers the shock absorption you get from pneumatic tires without the worries of having to regularly inflate it.

What to Look For

  • Take a look at the size of the wheels of any wheelbarrow you’re considering. You’ll want them to be large enough to optimize your control while you’re using the wheelbarrow while also being lightweight.
  • Weight capacity is an important feature of any wheelbarrow. If you regularly transport large quantities of mulch or rocks from one area of your property to another, you’ll want to go for the biggest capacity you can manage.
  • The handles are an important feature, as well. Classic wheelbarrows had two handles, which gave you only one option as you were pushing them. Newer wheelbarrows will have a loop handle that lets you shift your grip around as your need to balance it shifts.
  • It might seem like a small factor, but the color of the tray of your wheelbarrow does play a role in how it looks. That appearance will be important if you’re storing it outside. A green tray will blend in with the greenery in your yard more easily.
  • Rust can shorten the lifespan of your wheelbarrow. Even if you’re storing it in a shed or garage, you could find the lack of insulation exposes your lawn care tools and equipment to moisture in the air. You may want to look for one that’s coated in a way that will reduce the risk of rust or corrosion.
  • Look at the weight of the wheelbarrow itself. You’ll want one that’s sturdy enough to handle a large load without adding substantially to the weight of that load.
  • Some wheelbarrows come with a build that lets them be repurposed for other uses, such as an expanded dolly. Look at the versatility of this option to see if it will work better for your needs.
  • You’ll need to put your wheelbarrow together before you can use it. Look at the assembly process and make sure you have all the necessary hardware and tools on hand when you’re ready to set it up.

More to Explore

If you’ve ever wondered about the name “wheelbarrow,” you may be interested to hear that the word comes from adding a wheel to an item that already existed, known as a barrow. A barrow was an item similar to a stretcher, with the name deriving from the Old English word “bearwe.”

Zhuge Liang is credited with innovating the barrow by adding a wheel to it. At the time, it was used for moving supplies to soldiers in the third century in China. Since one wheelbarrow could move a larger quantity of supplies to those on the front lines, it gave the Shu Han an edge during battles. In addition to supplies, the wheelbarrow was also an easier way to transport wounded soldiers.

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