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The Best Drain Snake

Last updated on August 6, 2023

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Breezz Auger Drill Adapter Drain Snake

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Auger Drill Adapter Drain Snake

This professional drain snake is best for heavy-duty jobs. It has a 25-foot steel cable which is flexible and easy to use. The drain snake can be used in sinks, bathtubs, shower drains, sewers and floor drains.

Overall Take

Professional QualityThis drain snake is best for heavy-duty jobs.

 Runner Up

Forlivese Recyclable PP Plastic Drain Snakes, 3-Pack


Recyclable PP Plastic Drain Snakes, 3-Pack

These soft and flexible drain snakes can easily bend to get to clogs. They have a barbed wand which hooks any debris in the pipe. The drain snakes are easy to operate and don’t require disassembling the drain stopper.

Overall Take

Soft and FlexibleThese drain snakes can easily bend.

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ONEHERE Metal & Plastic Drain Snakes, 7-Pack


Metal & Plastic Drain Snakes, 7-Pack

These drain snakes have a wide application and can be used in toilets, tubs, sinks, sewers, washbasins and more. They are easy to use and rotate within the pipe. The drain snakes are durable and won’t snap or break.

Overall Take

Wide ApplicationThese drain snakes can be used in toilets, tubs, sinks and more.

 Strong Contender

MUSMU Flexible Multi-Tooth Drain Snakes, 5-Pack


Flexible Multi-Tooth Drain Snakes, 5-Pack

These drain snakes contain multiple teeth, which are great at snagging onto debris and bringing it back up. They are small and can fit into strainers or pipes easily. The drain snakes work well in household drains.

Overall Take

Multiple TeethThese drain snakes are efficient at snagging debris.

Buying Guide

From clumps of hair solidified with soap residue to old food bits, there are a lot of things that can clog up a sink. Cleaning out the clogs is essential if you want the water to drain the way it should. How can you do this without calling in a professional? A drain snake is a great tool for getting out stubborn clogs and ensuring your sink or toilet works how it’s designed to.

What is a drain snake? Strangely enough, it’s a lot like it sounds. A drain snake is a long, sturdy and flexible wire that is designed to “snake” through a clog in a pipe. It removes blockages of food, hair and other nasty stuff caught in pipes and returns the drainage to normal levels. There are many different types of drain snakes, so knowing which one to get for your clog is key.

One of the most important elements to consider is whether you want to go manual or electric. A manual drain snake is people powered, where there is a crank that is turned by hand in order to move the cable into the pipe and pull it back out. In many home uses, the manual drain snake works well for simple blockages that can occur in household drains, such as those in a sink, tub or toilet. For major clogs, an electric drain snake does a better job as the cable is moved with electric power. This creates more strength to bust through even the most stubborn clogs. It’s also ideal for those who deal with clogs on a more frequent basis. However, keep in mind electric drain snakes tend to be more costly than manual ones.

What to Look For

  • Drain snakes come in different standard lengths. Typically, a 25-foot cable is sufficient for most household pipes in sinks and tubs. These cables are typically a quarter of an inch thick. For those that live in multi-story homes, it may be a good idea to get a longer drain snake as there is more pipe to go through. A 50-foot cable is a good idea in this case.
  • In terms of cable thickness, a quarter inch is a good size for most clogs and common drains found in most homes. However, for major blockages, such as those that can happen with washing machines, for example, you may need a thicker cable. In this case, opt for a half-inch cable which provides heft and strength. Thicker cables are also longer and usually go to about 75 feet.
  • At the top of the drain snake cable is the “head”. This is the part that actually pushes out the clog, so it’s an important design feature. Cutting heads have sharp blades and points which are great for snipping up large clogs into small pieces so they can move down the pipe. Often, these types of heads are on heavy-duty drain snakes. Coiled or toothed heads are found on most common drain snakes. They are designed to catch on to the clog and pull it out of the drain. These types of heads are also great for retrieving items that may have been lost down the drain, such as small pieces of jewelry or toys.

More to Explore

When it comes to the material the drain snake is made from, there are a few things to pay attention to. All drain snakes are water-resistant, which is because they are pushed through wet environments where there may be chemical drain cleaners present. Typically, it’s best to get a drain snake made from sturdy ABS plastic or high-carbon steel. While plastic is the more affordable choice, these drain snakes are typically shorter and have less strength than their metal counterparts. However, they are good for most household clogs. Heavy-duty snakes are made from high-carbon steel, and they are heavier and stronger than plastic. They are also longer in length than plastic ones.

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