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The Best Chocolate Candy

Last updated on October 13, 2021
Best Chocolate Candy

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Hershey’s Assorted Reese’s & KitKat Milk Chocolate Candies, 85-Piece

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Assorted Reese's & KitKat Milk Chocolate Candies, 85-Piece

Perfect for everyday snacking, giving out at parties or trick-or-treating, this assortment includes snack-size KitKat and Reese’s candy bars. You’ll get 85 pieces in this 46.38-ounce bag, each individually wrapped to keep the bars inside fresh. The bars ship with a cold pack for warmer climates to help prevent melting.

Overall Take

Two Favorites in OneYou'll get a mix of KitKat and Reese's candy in this Hershey's assortment.

 Runner Up

Hershey’s 24-Count KitKat Mocha Crème & Chocolate DUOS Wafer Candy


24-Count KitKat Mocha Crème & Chocolate DUOS Wafer Candy

You’ll get a box of 24 1.5-ounce KitKat bars in this set. With KitKat Duos, you get the traditional wafer covered in mocha, chocolate and bits of coffee for a richer taste. Each bar is individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

Overall Take

For Coffee-LoversThis take on the traditional KitKat chocolate bars combines dark chocolate with mocha cream and coffee bits.

 We Also Like

Ferrero CRUNCH 36-Count Full-Size Milk Chocolate Candy Bars


CRUNCH 36-Count Full-Size Milk Chocolate Candy Bars

Indulge your chocolate craving with this box of 36 individually wrapped full-size Nestle Crunch bars. Each bar has divided sections so you can break of small pieces if you just want a small snack. Nestle Crunch bars are a kosher dessert option with no artificial colors or flavors.

Overall Take

Crispy ClassicMilk chocolate lovers will enjoy this box of 36 full-size Nestle Crunch bars.

 Strong Contender

Mars MilkyWay 36-Count Single-Size Milk Chocolate Candy Bars


MilkyWay 36-Count Single-Size Milk Chocolate Candy Bars

You’ll get 36 1.84-ounce Milky Way bars in this box. Each bar is packed with milk chocolate, caramel and nougat, which is a combination of honey and roasted nuts. These bars are full size, so they’re great for keeping at your desk or having around the house for a snack between meals.

Overall Take

Creamy OptionWhen you’re looking for a burst of energy to combat that afternoon slump, these full-size Milky Way bars are packed with plenty of sugar and nuts.

Buying Guide

Chocolate comes in a variety of forms, from the truffles everyone enjoys on Valentine’s Day to the cakes and confections found in bakeries and candy shops. You can even find chocolate fountains at parties and buffets.

But for that quick pick-me-up, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate candy bar. If you have a vending machine nearby when you’re in the mood for a snack, you can easily get one. But you’ll spend more money buying them this way, plus, you aren’t guaranteed to have the chocolate you prefer close at hand when you’re craving it.

That’s where buying candy bars ahead of time can come in handy. You can purchase them in bulk and just take one with you when you leave the house, or you can keep them in a drawer at work or in your locker at school. That way you ensure you’re covered whether you want a treat in the morning, at lunch or in the afternoon.

One of the best things about not relying on vending machines or convenience markets for your snacks is that you can choose from different sizes. Candy bars that are sold in bulk typically come in three sizes. You’ll see candy bars labeled as fun or snack size, which is a smaller version of the candy bar you’d get by buying individually. Generally speaking, two to four candy bars make up one full-size.

You can still buy full-size candy bars in bulk, too, but the fun-size bars can be convenient. You’ll have a bite-size snack whenever you want it, giving you just the taste of chocolate you’re craving. If you ever want more, you can just reach for one or two more fun-size bars and satisfy your craving. But some simply prefer the experience of eating a full candy bar.

What to Look For

  • When it comes to candy bars, there’s a little of something to satisfy every taste. Some candy bars cover wafers with chocolate, while others provide blocks of solid chocolate. You’ll also find candy bars with nuts baked in or that encase caramel and nougat in chocolate.
  • If you’re buying chocolate online, keep in mind that it’s a perishable product. Make sure the seller takes measures to prevent melting, including potentially packing it in dry ice or with cold packs. When at all possible, make sure you’re home to intercept the delivery if the weather is particularly hot when you order.
  • For giveaways or parties, a fun-size candy bar is probably a more economical option. You can have plenty to go around without spending a fortune on full-size bars.
  • If you’re buying chocolate in bulk, having individually wrapped options can be a big help. Those wrappers will help seal in the freshness.
  • Having an assortment of candy can shake things up a little. You can find boxes or bags that mix in different kinds of one version of candy bar, like Hershey’s solid chocolate bars with nuts and without. You can also find boxes or bags with a variety of candy bar types.
  • If you’re on a restricted diet, some candy bars promise to be kosher, while others eliminate artificial chemicals and flavorings.
  • Those with nut allergies will want to closely check the fine print. Even some chocolate candy without nuts is prepared in a factory where nuts are present.
  • There are varying types of chocolate, but generally speaking, you’ll choose between milk and dark chocolate. They have very different tastes, so you probably know your preference already. Dark chocolate has far more cocoa since milk chocolate mixes in milk. But you may find that some lower-quality chocolate is mixed with butter fat and even artificial flavors to achieve a higher-quality taste.

More to Explore

If you want to trace the long history of the candy bar, you have to go all the way back to 1866. J.S. Fry & Sons, now owned by Cadbury, created the Chocolate Cream bar, known as Fry’s Chocolate Cream. Joseph Fry invented that candy bar, but he’d been pressing chocolate into bar molds since 1847.

Next was Gala Peter, a bar version of the milk chocolate Henri Nestle had begun developing in 1857. It took a while to perfect his recipe for milk chocolate and press it into bars, but the Nestle Company was officially formed in 1879. But Nestle debuted its first milk chocolate bar in the early 1900s. The Nestle Crunch added crisped rice in with the milk chocolate and made its debut in 1928.

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