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The Best Rice Cakes

Last updated on March 1, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Rice Cakes

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Lundberg Thin Stackers Organic Brown Rice Cakes

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Thin Stackers Organic Brown Rice Cakes

The main appeal on these cakes is the thin profile. This makes them ideal for pairing with cheese or light spreads so that the flavor shines through. They're a great option for gluten-sensitive snackers in the morning or anytime.

Overall Take

Thin, Tasty SnacksPile on the fruit or cheese and make a rice cake sandwich.

 Runner Up

LIEBERS Kosher Certified Dairy Chocolate Rice Cakes, 3-Pack


Kosher Certified Dairy Chocolate Rice Cakes, 3-Pack

These are a great way for chocolate lovers to get their fix without the guilt. Each cake has a light coating of chocolate in their choice of styles. Both health-conscious adults and their kids will go back for seconds.

Overall Take

Sweet Tooth SatisfactionSavor the chocolate on these kosher cakes.

 We Also Like

Only Kosher Candy Non-GMO Salt Free Rice Cakes, 3-Pack

Only Kosher Candy

Non-GMO Salt Free Rice Cakes, 3-Pack

These cakes check all the boxes for healthy eaters. They're gluten-free, salt-free and made from natural ingredients that won't put a dent in your diet. Because of the clean rice taste, they're a great "blank canvas" for whatever goodies you want to spread on top.

Overall Take

Kosher and NaturalMake these your go-to healthy snack crackers.

 Also Great

Suzie’s Gluten-Free Organic Thin Rice Cakes, 12-Pack


Gluten-Free Organic Thin Rice Cakes, 12-Pack

With a smaller profile, you'll get more of these cakes in every box. That means you can use them for finger food or tiny sandwiches that just happen to be healthy. The texture is light but they hold together well enough for dipping.

Overall Take

Perfect For LunchboxesExplore the snacking possibilities with these sturdy cakes.

Buying Guide

If you’re trying to watch your weight or just stay heart healthy, the first things to disappear from your diet are also the things you crave. We’re talking about all those bags of chips, crackers and other not-so-light bites that supposedly “hold you over” between meals but are actually filling you up with sugar and carbs.

When rice cakes started appearing on mainstream grocery store shelves in the 1980’s, they were seen as a welcome way to fill that void. In their basic form, these cakes are in fact made of rice and not much else, which is the main part of their appeal. The rice is simply moistened, then subjected to a special type of pressure cooking that encourages them to puff up. The natural starch in the rice causes the grains to stick together, so there’s usually little to no oil involved.

Of course, not all rice cakes are created equal, and that’s where you have room to do some smart shopping. If you’re looking for taste, many rice cakes have added flavoring in the form of cinnamon sugar, chocolate or cheese. The most common additive is probably salt, and a little goes a long way to alleviate the admittedly bland taste of plain rice.

Keep in mind, though, that all these things are simply a more convenient way to add flavor. While rice cakes don’t contain MSG or any of the harmful ingredients of junk food snacks, they’re not especially nutritious in and of themselves. Artificial flavorings will undercut that benefit, so if you’ve got the time, try adding your own flavor. Rice cakes pair great with apple slices, peanut butter, strawberries or other natural snacks. They can also be used for dipping with your favorite hummus or spread, but make sure you’re buying cakes with the right texture. Cheaper rice cakes tend to crumble easily under pressure.

If you’re looking for the most healthy rice cakes, pay attention to the type of rice. White rice might taste a little more moist, but it’s probably going to add some carbs without giving you much in return. Brown rice is probably your healthiest option, since you’ll be getting a little bit of protein with every bite along with some trace minerals and vitamins. Quality counts for a lot here, since refined snacks of any kind can strip many of those benefits away. Multigrain rice cakes are also a good option, since those whole grains can help keep heart disease and diabetes symptoms at bay.

Finally, pay attention to the way they’re shaped and packaged. If you’re looking for snacks that can fit in a kid’s lunchbox, go for smaller, cracker-shaped cakes. If you want to get creative and pile on the toppings, go for a thicker type. It’s all about the texture when it comes to a good rice cake, so shop around until you find the right sweet spot between nutrition and taste.

What to Look For

What can you have with a rice cake? An easier question to ask is what can’t you have. Unflavored rice cakes make a great backdrop for any kind of flavor you want to pile on, adding a nice crunch to chewy fruits or smooth spreads.

If you want a savory snack, try adding turkey, ham, tuna or avocado. If you’ve got a sweet tooth to satisfy, you can pair them with peanut butter (or almond butter if you’ve got diet restrictions). Yogurt and berries are another good combo that won’t add too many points onto your daily diet checklist.

More to Explore

Rice cakes are not generally a food that screams excitement, but that wasn’t always the case. They were first popularized in the United States when Alexander Pierce Anderson discovered how to make them in 1901 using a unique method. He would seal the rice within a gas pipe, add pressure and then knock the cap off one end with a sledgehammer — releasing a tasty projectile of puffed rice. Quaker began marketing the stuff as “food shot from guns,” turning his flamboyant experiment into a novelty snack. And while the novelty has long worn off, rice cakes are still a successful part of Quaker’s arsenal of foods.

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