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The Best Trail Mix

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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Kar’s Gluten-Free Original Sweet ‘N Salty Trail Mix, 72 Count

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Gluten-Free Original Sweet ‘N Salty Trail Mix, 72 Count

This trail mix comes in 72 small packages. It contains a mix of nuts, raisins, candies and sunflower seeds. The trail mix is gluten free and certified kosher.

Overall Take

Small PackagesThis trail mix comes in 72 individual servings.

 Runner Up

ORCHARD VALLEY HARVEST Non-GMO Cranberry And Nut Trail Mix, 8 Count


Non-GMO Cranberry And Nut Trail Mix, 8 Count

This trail mix is a combination of sweet and salty flavors and has cranberries and salted almonds and cashews. It doesn’t have any artificial ingredients.

Overall Take

Sweet and SaltyThis trail mix contains cranberries and salted almonds.

 We Also Like

365 by Whole Foods Market Midnight Double Feature Trail Mix

365 by Whole Foods

Market Midnight Double Feature Trail Mix

This trail mix has a flavor combination of dark chocolate and peanut butter. It also contains almonds and cashews. The trail mix has a great mix of sweet and salty flavors.

Overall Take

Great CombinationThis trail mix combines dark chocolate with peanut butter.

 Also Great

Kirkland Signature Mixed Nuts, Raisins, & M & M Trail Mix

Kirkland Signature

Mixed Nuts, Raisins, & M & M Trail Mix

This trail mix comes in a large four-pound bag. It contains peanuts, cashews, almonds, chocolate candies and raisins. The trail mix has a serving size of three tablespoons.

Overall Take

Large PackageThis trail mix comes in a four-pound bag.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a little snack that has a bit of everything in it – nuts, granola, coconut, chocolate, dried fruit, potato chips, cereal and more – look no further than trail mix. Trail mix is a hodgepodge of food that is best eaten while on the go. Often quite high in calories, this snack offers a lot of energy in just a few small bites.

There are so many types of trail mix available, it can be difficult to know which one to go with. First consider what flavor profile you like best. For example, do you like mostly sweet or mostly salty snacks? How do you feel about the chewy texture of dried fruit? Do you like crunchy textures like granola and roasted seeds? This will help you narrow down the type of trail mix you prefer.

If you’re going for the healthy factor, then avoid trail mix that contain nuts coated in salt or sugar. Plain roasted nuts offer the crunch many people crave without the added calories. Trail mixes that contain lots of dried fruit are good choices because they have a lot of fiber. Plus, they help to curb that sweet craving without artificial sugar.

For those that are watching their sodium intake, it’s best to take a look at the nutritional information when selecting your trail mix. Because many trail mixes contain nuts coated in salt, they can be high in sodium and take you to your maximum allotment in just a few handfuls. Choose a brand that is low in sodium or add in unsalted items to the mix to dilute the salt.

What to Look For

  • Pay attention to the branding of the trail mix, as that often has hints of whether the mix contains healthy or unhealthy ingredients. For example, if the trail mix brand focuses on unicorns and rainbows, it’s likely it contains a lot of candy and chocolate. For those looking for a healthier option, look for trail mixes that aren’t full of sweets.
  • Because it is so delicious, it’s easy to eat trail mix without considering the serving size. For most brands of trail mix, the serving size is a quarter cup, which is about a small handful. When eating the trail mix, be sure to scoop out how much you want to eat instead of eating straight from the bag.
  • If you like to be able to eat trail mix on the go, consider getting it packaged in individual serving sizes. This way, it’s easy to grab a pouch on your way out the door or pack one in your lunch. Individual serving sizes also help you to stick to the recommended serving size.
  • Because most trail mixes contain nuts, it’s important to be very careful of where you eat it due to allergies. Many people who have nut allergies are anaphylactic, so even being near nuts can be dangerous to them. Don’t take trail mix anywhere where nuts are banned, such as in some schools. Also avoid eating it in closed-off spaces where you may be near people who are allergic to nuts, such as in an elevator or small room.

More to Explore

Trail mix got its name because it is a great snack for eating on the hiking trail. It provides a lot of energy in just a few bites and can keep you feeling satiated for hours. However, there are lots of other situations when having trail mix on hand is a good idea. If you’re going camping, trail mix is a great snack because it’s easy to store and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. You can also eat it before or after a sporting activity to get some protein and fat. Trail mix is also a great snack for guests to munch on at casual get-togethers.

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