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The Best Door Hardware & Locks

Last updated on April 3, 2024
Best Door Hardware & Locks

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Defender Security 10827 Reinforcement Door Hardware & Lock

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Defender Security

10827 Reinforcement Door Hardware & Lock

This strong and reliable lock of satin nickel is designed to take over 800 pounds of force. It is reinforceed to prevent the door being kicked in. The lock is easy to install and comes with hardened screws.

Overall Take

Strong and ReliableThis spring-loaded lock can withstand over 800 pounds of force.

 Runner Up

Copper Creek BK2040SS Alloy Steel Keyed Entry Door Knob Hardware & Lock

Copper Creek

BK2040SS Alloy Steel Keyed Entry Door Knob Hardware & Lock

Get a classic look with this rich satin stainless finished doorknob, which has nickel-plated bolts and an adjustable latch. The heavy-duty ball-style item is simple to install and offers keyed entry.

Overall Take

Classic LookThis conventional doorknob has a rich satin stainless finish.

 We Also Like

Kwikset 96870-100 Solo Cylinder Door Knob Hardware & Locks


96870-100 Solo Cylinder Door Knob Hardware & Locks

This deadbolt and handle set comes in a designer Venetian bronze style. It features advanced resistance to common break-in methods. The lock can be re-keyed in three simple steps.

Overall Take

Designer StyleThis door lock comes in a beautiful Venetian bronze color.

 Strong Contender

Amazon Basics Brass & Steel Door Hardware & Deadbolt Locks

Amazon Basics

Brass & Steel Door Hardware & Deadbolt Locks

This simple and elegant doorknob set is made with brass and steel. It features an adjustable latch and includes both a deadbolt and doorknob. The set also comes with four keys. Get it in different colors.

Overall Take

Simple and ElegantThis doorknob has a brass body with internal steel.

Buying Guide

If you want to keep your loved ones and valuables safe at home, it’s vital to ensure you have a strong and reliable door lock and associated hardware. Not only that, but the lock needs to be convenient and easy to use, so locking and unlocking your door doesn’t feel like a burden.

You’ll find several types of door hardware and locks available. Conventional locks, which are what you think of when you picture a locking system for your door, still remain ubiquitous. They don’t have any fancy features, but although they are pretty basic they’re designed to keep your door secure. Some conventional door locks are drillproof models while others are basically a deadbolt. Many conventional door locks are re-keyable as well.

Often, electronic door looks feature a keypad that requires a numeric code to open the lock. While these offer the advantage of keyless entry, electronic door locks don’t have the fancy features of a smart lock.

Smart door locks offer much more than just a barrier to entry on your front door. They often have multiple features including remote control, voice control, access logs and geo-fencing. Smart locks typically require Wi-Fi access to operate, although some also use Bluetooth.

While smart locks appear to be sophisticated, they are still susceptible to forced entry and even digital hacks. Plus, they are more costly than conventional and electronic locks. However, you can use retrofitted smart locks if you want to keep your deadbolt intact while utilizing smart lock features.

What to Look For

  • Many consumers value the DIY re-keying feature some smart locks offer. This allows you to get new physical keys for your lock without hiring a locksmith. Re-keyable locks come with specific instructions, tools and a master key which you can use to reset the key required for the lock. This is especially handy if you want to use one key for all your exterior doors.
  • If you have multiple people enter your home at different times, such as cleaners or maintenance workers, you can create virtual keys with smart locks. The keys can be used indefinitely or for a specific period of time. Also, you can track which key was used to enter the home.
  • What good is a strong lock if you have a weak door? If you’re changing your door hardware and locks for security reasons, be sure to pay special attention to your door — especially if it has a hollow core. If the door is weak, it may give way before the lock does, allowing someone to enter your home using simple brute strength.
  • Door hardware and locks provide security, but they also make a design statement. Typically, they are available in black, silver or gold colors, so consider which would look best with your home. Some people match their exterior hardware to that on the inside. Others are just concerned with matching all exterior hardware and locks. Black door hardware has a minimalist and modern look, while silver looks clean and edgy. Gold provides a more traditional aesthetic.

More to Explore

People have always given the concept of security a lot of importance, so creating locks to keep our belongings safe came early in the course of human development. The first locks were actually just made from knotted rope and cloth. They were essentially used to detect if someone had tried to access their things.

Mechanical locks were invented in ancient Egypt over six thousand years ago. A locksmith created a pin tumbler-style lock from wood with a horizontal bolt that fit into a door post. Small openings on the bolt were filled with pins. The key was shaped like a modern toothbrush and had pegs that corresponded to the holes and pins on the lock. Interestingly, experts believe that Greeks and Romans developed mechanical locking devices around the same time, independently from one another.

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