Get These 13 Pet Freebies Just By Asking

We all love our pets. But sometimes the financial upkeep can be a little steep- it all adds up. Save some money and try new products (risk free) with these pet freebies — all you need to do is ask for a free sample.

1. Delightables

Join the Delightables “Street Team“, they’ll send you samples in exchange for you writing honest reviews online.


2. Brewscuits

No, these aren’t beer flavored dog treats. Click here to get a free sample of dog biscuits made from the same whole grain used to brew beer.



3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food

Choose from dog or cat samples, click here for a free sample!

4. Purina One Tender Selects Cat Food

You can get a sample right here.


5. PetCurean NOW FRESH or GO! Cat or Dog Food

Go here for a 6 lb. bag of PetCurean NOW FRESH or GO! cat or dog food.


6. Keyflow Horse Feed

Feeding horses can be very expensive. Click for a sample of Keyflow feed.


7. Flush Doggy Bags

“Saving our planet, one poop at a time” may be an all time great sell line. Eco-friendly, too. Click here to get ’em.


8. FetchFuel for Dogs

FetchFuel is a joint and coat supplement for dogs. Every week they give away a free bottle.


9. Competitor’s Edge Equine Supplement

The Krazy Coupon Lady says these supplements “encourage hoof growth and support joint health.” If you’re a horse owner (or know someone who is) that sounds like a good thing, right? Go here.


10. PetWay Dog and Cat Food

PetWay states on their website, “We opened in 2007 to help our animal family members eat as healthy as the human family members.” Seems like a fair plan! Why should humans get all the good stuff? If you click here, your dog or cat will feel more like a member of the family at dinnertime.


11. Tack Wrap for Horses

If you race or participate in competitive horseback riding, here’s where to get a free sample of Tack Wrap.


12. Powder 4 Paws California Carrots Dog Food Supplement

Here’s where to get a free sample of Powder 4 Paws California Carrots dog food supplement. Their site adds, “our carrots provide much needed fiber in your canine’s diet, they also help with diarrhea and pancreatitis.”


13. Synacore Supplements for Dogs and Cats

Click here for a free sample of Synacore’s supplements for dogs and cats. They mention their products help promote digestive support and better overall health.


As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got more suggestions for you here!

Photo by David Locke1

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