You can take a dozen American Sign Language classes for free

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Communication is key, especially during a crisis.

That’s one reason a language learning company plans to offer free American Sign Language classes.

So many times, in a moment of urgency, there’s an audible alarm which is unrecognizable for the deaf and hard of hearing.

A company called Promova will offer free ASL classes for hearing people to learn a few signs for the deaf when a crisis happens.

“Promova” is the Ukrainian word for speech, an apt name for a Ukrainian-based company looking to bridge language barriers internationally.

”Promova aims to make the world a more inclusive space,” said Alisa Sihinishyna, head of e-learning at the company.

As ASL Day approaches, those like Sihinishyna are advocating for those who are deaf by sharing what it’s been like for them during the war in Ukraine.

”There’s this community of deaf people in Ukraine that is really suffering because they cannot hear air raids,” she said. “They have no time to go to the shelters, or the explosion happens and someone is under the rubble. They have no connection with the person looking for them because the main cue for finding someone under rubble is giving them a sound. We think it’s really devastating to see the gap between hearing community and the deaf community and sometimes this gap can cost live.”

In a moment of urgency or crisis like a fire or a shooting, there’s not always time to type out a message for someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

In fact, with over 11 million people in the U.S. who are deaf, only about 500,000 use ASL to communicate.

So, starting on ASL Day this Monday, April 15, Promova will offer a dozen free, mini ASL lessons online.

Lessons start with teaching ASL greetings, ordering food and eventually covers communication in emergency situations.

ASL Day is celebrated on the day the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford, Connecticut first opened. That’s widely known as the first lasting deaf school.

Hearing people are encouraged to celebrate by learning some basic signs to help bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf communities.

By Jordan Brontke, ABC15.

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