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The Best Shoe Cleaner Wipes

Last updated on November 30, 2022
Best Shoe Cleaner Wipes

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Our Picks For The Top Shoe Cleaner Wipes

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MEZUT Portable Shoe Quick Cleaner Wipes, 30-Pack

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Portable Shoe Quick Cleaner Wipes, 30-Pack

With this shoe cleaner wipes portable package, you'll receive a total of 30 wipes. They are effective against dirt, while also restoring shine. What sets these wipes apart from others on the market is the added penetrant, which gets deep down into the fibers of your shoe for a more thorough cleaning.

Overall Take

Most VersatileIn addition to your favorite footwear, these shoe cleaner wipes can be used on leather jackets, purses and car interiors.

 Runner Up

GOAT Portable Universal Shoe Cleaner Wipes, 24-Pack


Portable Universal Shoe Cleaner Wipes, 24-Pack

With one smooth side for delicate materials and one 3D-printed textured side to get at tough dirt, these shoe cleaner wipes are versatile and adaptable. These individually packaged wipes are travel-sized and work on most shoe types for your convenience.

Overall Take

Dual Texture CleaningWhen you want clean shoes anytime, anywhere without harsh chemicals, these are an excellent choice.

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mygezi All Natural Shoe Cleaner Wipes, 60-Pack


All Natural Shoe Cleaner Wipes, 60-Pack

These shoe cleaner wipes effectively remove dirt and grime from a wide variety of shoes, including those with a mesh exterior. The formula used on the wipes is 100% natural and safe for both skin and fabric. In fact, it's so safe you can also use the wipes on a jacket, purse or backpack.

Overall Take

Best for TravelIf you take a lot of business or family trips, you'll love that these shoe cleaner wipes come in a resealable container that is portable.

 Strong Contender

Crep Protect Fabric Shoe Cleaner Wipes, 12-Pack

Crep Protect

Fabric Shoe Cleaner Wipes, 12-Pack

Mud splashes and salt stains happen, even when you're being careful. That's why these shoe cleaner wipes are a must for anyone with leather, nylon or canvas shoes. Each pack includes 12-individually wrapped wipes neatly stored inside a reusable tin.

Overall Take

Handy Storage TinThese shoe cleaner wipes are dual sided. One side is nice and smooth, while the other side is textured.

Buying Guide

Whether it’s a quick once-over before an interview or keeping sneakers clean after use, shoe cleaning wipes are a simple and convenient solution to dirty shoes. While there are a variety of products for cleaning and polishing shoes that include various steps and brushes or other tools, shoe cleaning wipes are intended to be quick and easy to use.

These wipes are great for cleaning up messy footwear or giving them a quick shine and polish. Many such wipes are made to be portable — they’re individually wrapped and pre-moistened — while others come from a dispenser. They are also used in the hospitality industry as amenities.

When shopping for shoe cleaning wipes, important considerations include the texture of the wipes, the chemicals used and what sort of materials they can be used on. Many wipes are textured, or textured on one side and smooth on the other, to address different types of messes.

Textured wipes are good for tougher jobs like getting off mud, while smooth wipes are ideal for delicate areas and lighter cleaning. Different wipes also use different types of chemicals or other cleaning agents. These different cleaners can be optimized for a particular type of shoe, such as leather shoes, or be made for use on a wide range of materials. Consider different combinations of textures and cleaners to suit your shoes and intended uses.

What to Look For

  • Consider allergies and skin conditions when choosing shoe cleaning wipes. Since these wipes are made to be used by hand, they already use skin-safe chemicals and materials, but if you have sensitive skin, allergies or other conditions, it’s a good idea to check the ingredients.
  • Suede and nubuck are two materials that can be hard to clean. If you own shoes like this, or shoes that are canvas or use woven or knitted fibers, look for wipes that are intended for these materials.
  • Always test wipes on a small and discreet area of the shoe first before using the wipe on the rest of the shoe. Even carefully formulated wipes can react surprisingly with any given shoe.

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