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The Best Screen Cleaners

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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 Best Wipes

Care Touch Pre-Moistened Lens Screen Cleaning Wipes, 210-Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Care Touch

Pre-Moistened Lens Screen Cleaning Wipes, 210-Count

You'll get neither ammonia nor alcohol in these wipes, making it a non-toxic streak-free option. It's made from a durable material that's strong enough to hold up to use without shredding but also soft enough to be safe on your sensitive electronic surfaces. Each cloth is wrapped in an individual package so that you can tuck them into your laptop b...

Overall Take

Versatile UseThese screen cleaning wipes can be used on a variety of surfaces, from laptop screens to camera lenses to binoculars and beyond.

 Best Kit

EVEO Premium Screen Cleaner Shine Spray Kit


Premium Screen Cleaner Shine Spray Kit

Along with cleaning your screens, this spray helps protect them from future issues with static electricity and dirt. It doesn't have an odor or harmful chemicals, and you get a premium cleaning cloth that's made to last.

Overall Take

Safe and ProtectiveThis screen shine kit will easily give you clean screens free of dirt and fingerprints and will help protect against future screen issues, too.

 Runner Up

Calyptus Digital Plant Based Screen Shine Kit, 2-Pack


Digital Plant Based Screen Shine Kit, 2-Pack

If you'd prefer a cleaner made entirely of natural ingredients, this is the screen shine kit for you. You also get two high-quality reusable cleaning wipes and don't need to worry about streaks.

Overall Take

Natural Cleaner With Large SupplyThis screen shine kit will last you a very long time as it thoroughly cleans your device screens with natural ingredients.

  The Best Value

MAXI CLEAN Dirt Removing Screen Cleaning Wipes, 440-Count


Dirt Removing Screen Cleaning Wipes, 440-Count

A superior clean is what you'll get from these top-notch screen cleaning wipes. They work on everything from eyeglasses to laptop screens and are free of any offensive odors. Since they come in individual packets, you can easily store some in your purse, glove compartment or office desk drawer.

Overall Take

Stock UpWith this set of screen cleaning wipes, you'll receive a whopping 440 sheets.

Buying Guide

A smudged, dirty screen can be annoying. You probably notice it throughout the day. You may even grab a lens cloth or tissue to wipe it down. But computers need regular cleaning along with everything else around your home or office, including you.

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The problem with cleaning any piece of electronics is that moisture can damage it. Common cleaners can damage sensitive electronics, as well. So that dry cloth may seem like the only safe option, but they aren’t sufficient for removing dirt and oils.

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Experts recommend using a dry soft cloth to wipe away basic dust and debris. If you need to add a solvent to remove grime, a solution of mild soap and water can be used, but they warn against using liquid, so the water on your cloth will have to be damp, at best.

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But the easiest way to keep your screen clean is by using one of the many screen-cleaning cloths now on the market. These are formulated specifically to clean a screen without damaging sensitive electronic components. Typically, you’ll find these cloths are made from a soft material designed to clean without leaving lint behind, along with a mild cleaning solution that’s been tested and found safe on computer monitors.

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One of the best things about these cleaning wipes is that often you can use them on a variety of surfaces. That includes items like eyeglasses, camera and binocular lenses, webcams and smart devices.

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If you’re choosing a screen-cleaning wipe, though, there are two common problems to overcome: lint and smudges. Some wipes will leave one or both of those behind, which can be frustrating. An ammonia-free wipe will do the job without smudging. The cloth itself should be soft enough that it doesn’t scratch your screen, but it also should be sturdy enough that it doesn’t leave lint behind, as a facial tissue would.

What to Look For

  • You’ll see some wipes advertised as alcohol-free, which, along with ammonia, can damage sensitive electronics. Keep in mind that not having these elements means you won’t get the germ-battling power you may want, particularly if you’re wiping down your phone screen.
  • Before you clean any screen with a cleaning wipe, go over it with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Make sure you carefully remove any dust or debris that could scratch your screen if you move a cloth across it.
  • Cleaning wipes come in a variety of formats. You’ll find some that dispense, one at a time, from a container similar to the way tissue dispenses from a box. The cloths inside the container stay hydrated even when you’re pulling one out to use. Others come wrapped singly in pouches you can take along with you. If you need a portable option, the individually-wrapped wipes are likely the best investment.
  • Make sure the wipes you choose will reseal in a way that won’t let the internal contents dry out.
  • Although many screen wipes will have a neutral smell, still others will have that cleanser scent that you may or may not like. If this is important to you, you can find wipes in scents like lemon that will give you a more enjoyable experience.
  • The screen isn’t the only part of your electronics that needs cleaning. A can of compressed air can help you eliminate debris under the keys of your keyboard. You should also keep any vents on your CPU or laptop clear of the dust that can gather there. Compressed air can help with that, as well.
  • One of the best things about screen-cleaning wipes is that you can use them to clean lenses. If you plan to use your cloths for your eyeglasses or your camera lens, make sure you choose a cloth that’s advertised as safe for all these items.

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