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The Best Plus-Size Workout Tops For Women

Last updated on June 3, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Plus-Size Workout Tops For Women

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Amazon Essentials Stretch Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Tops For Women, 2-Pack

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Amazon Essentials

Stretch Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Tops For Women, 2-Pack

Available in a variety of colors, this set of two tank tops can be worn alone or underneath another top. The tanks are 94% polyester with 6% spandex for stretch. The moisture-wicking fabric will help keep you dry, and machine washability allows for easy cleanup between workouts.

Overall Take

Great for Everyday WearThis set includes two tank tops, perfect for wearing with a variety of different leggings or shorts.

 Runner Up

RBX Twisted Racerback Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Top For Women


Twisted Racerback Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Top For Women

A polyester-rayon blend makes this tank both comfortable and supportive while you work out. It features a twisted racerback design for a stylish, feminine look, and a relaxed fit to encourage airflow. You can choose from a variety of colors to find the look that works for you.

Overall Take

Comfortable DesignStay comfortable while you work out with this stylish and relaxed-fit tank top.

 We Also Like

Neleus Compression Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Tops For Women, 3-Pack


Compression Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Tops For Women, 3-Pack

This set of three tank tops offers a variety of color options to help you mix and match your workout outfits. Each top is made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex for a stretchy but comfortable option. The fabric is soft and moisture-wicking to make it great for high-sweat activities like cardio and yoga.

Overall Take

Keep-Cool OptionThe stretchy polyester fabric is extra-breathable to keep you cool while you're working out.

 Strong Contender

Fihapyli Mesh Back Loose Fit Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Top For Women


Mesh Back Loose Fit Tank Top Plus-Size Workout Top For Women

Both attractive and comfortable, this racerback tank will keep you looking and feeling great while you work out. The material is 95% polyester with 5% spandex. The mesh back helps with airflow to keep you cool.

Overall Take

Vibrant ColorsChoose from a variety of vivid colors with this racerback tank, like rose, purple and neon green.

Buying Guide

Staying in shape can help keep you healthy and happy, but making workouts part of your daily routine can be a challenge. It helps if you have the right gear, whether you’re doing yoga, going for a run or lifting weights at the gym.

A successful workout starts with the right apparel. You’ll need something that’s cool and comfortable, but you probably also have preferences as to how your clothing should look. That combination can make it tough to stock your closet with workout apparel that motivates you to stay physically active.

In addition to comfort and appearance, you should also make sure your clothing keeps your skin healthy. Exercise will inevitably lead you to sweat, and moisture can invite dangerous conditions like skin infections. For best results, wear loose-fitting clothing that wicks moisture away from the body. Most workout clothing is designed to keep wearers as dry as possible, which is typically a job for polyester. Clothing designers will also build in a little spandex to give you the stretch you need.

Keeping your workout apparel clean is also important. After each workout, clean your clothing and dry it thoroughly before wearing it again. This will help keep bacteria at bay. If you don’t have time to hand-wash your workout gear, look for clothing that can be tossed in the washing machine and tumbled dry.

In addition to the right tops, you’ll also need a good pair of pants. Leggings are the most popular item for working out, and you can find plenty of options with moisture-wicking properties that provide the support you need. You’ll also need a good pair of socks and some comfortable sneakers.

Of course, one of the most important garments you’ll need for support during your workout is a good sports bra. Make sure you’re properly fitted for the one you buy so that you’re getting all the support you need, especially if your workouts are high-energy.

What to Look For

  • Tank tops often come in sets. This basic garment can be paired with a matching sports bra or worn under another top. Having sets means you’ll always have a spare when one is in the wash.
  • Polyester is a popular fabric for workout tops. This is a breathable, lightweight fabric that will help keep you cool and dry.
  • If you’re doing workouts that have you raising your arms, such as weightlifting or yoga, you might want a longer top that won’t ride up above the waistline of your leggings.
  • A top with fabric that drapes will promote airflow more than one that’s form-fitting. This might be a preferable option, especially if your workout tends to make you sweat.
  • Some workout tops build in mesh for extra airflow. This can make a big difference during intense workouts.
  • The stitching of your workout clothing can make a big difference in your comfort, too. Some seams can cause chafing, leaving marks on your skin or even causing a rash. Pay close attention to any items on your garment that will irritate your skin during your workouts, including tags that you’ll need to cut out.
  • If your workout takes you outdoors during the colder months, it’s best to layer up. The bottom layer should feature moisture-wicking fabric to keep sweat from becoming trapped near the skin, with a warmer middle layer and a more breathable outer layer.
  • Keep a towel handy during your workouts, as  this will make it easy to absorb any sweat. At the gym, it can also be helpful for drying equipment you use.
  • Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry all gym clothing between uses. Bacteria can gather on moist clothing over time, leading to odors that don’t go away with laundering.

More to Explore

If you sweat when you work out, it’s easy to think that it’s a sign the workout is effective. This is, unfortunately, a myth. Sweat itself doesn’t burn calories, and it’s not a sign that your workout is getting results. But that’s good news because it means if you’re not sweating, you shouldn’t feel like you aren’t working hard enough.

Sweat exists to cool the body down. Your body size, age, muscle mass, health status and fitness level all play a role in how much you sweat, if at all. The temperature of your surroundings could influence how much you sweat, and some health conditions could cause you to sweat more. The bad news about perspiration, though, is that it does pull water from your body, which can dehydrate you. If you’re sweating, chances are you need to make sure you’re drinking water at regular intervals.

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