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The Best Picture Canvas

Last updated on September 8, 2021
Best Picture Canvas

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 For Pet Lovers

NWT Customizable Animal Themed Picture Canvas

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Customizable Animal Themed Picture Canvas

This canvas allows you to upload your own picture and order artwork in a wide range of sizes. The canvas is stretched, framed and ready to hang, with hanging accessories included. The artwork is produced using eco-ink for an end result that's safe for both you and the environment.

Overall Take

Cute PickUpload a photo of your own pet or your favorite animal for a high-quality piece of artwork to hang in your living spaces.

 Runner Up

4bestprint Personalized Family Portrait Picture Canvas


Personalized Family Portrait Picture Canvas

Upload a photo of your loved ones or your favorite memory to the site and you'll have a high-quality canvas to hang in your home. The tool lets you preview exactly how the image will look once it's stretched and attached to a wood frame. You'll get hanging accessories to ensure you can display it immediately.

Overall Take

Fade-Resistant InkThe manufacturer of this canvas uses the latest latex inks to keep the ink from fading over the years.

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SENEW Wood Frame Custom Picture Canvas


Wood Frame Custom Picture Canvas

This canvas uses semi-gloss paper and eco-solvent ink for a sharp, clear image. The canvas arrives ready to hang, with hardware included. It's available in sizes from 8 by 10 inches to 48 by 32 inches, with plenty of options in between to help you find the perfect canvas for your space.

Overall Take

Semi-Gloss CanvasYou'll get a semi-gloss canvas stretched over a wood frame for an eye-popping piece of artwork for your home.

 Strong Contender

BuildASign Sawtooth Installed Custom Picture Canvas


Sawtooth Installed Custom Picture Canvas

You'll get a high-quality canvas with a high-quality print, stretched over a frame to 0.75 inches or 1.50 inches thickness. The inks used in printing are both odorless and eco-friendly to be both safe and ready to hang. Each print comes with a sawtooth that makes it easy to hang.

Overall Take

Gallery ThicknessThis canvas offers the preferred thickness for galleries as well as a thinner option.

Buying Guide

Artwork can add to your décor. But few images make home feel like home the way photos of your own family members do. That can include your favorite furry loved ones as well as your human relatives and friends.

But you don’t have to limit your home décor to framed photos. A great canvas print can add a touch of class to your living spaces. Best of all, you can now upload your favorite image and have it turned into a quality print.

To create print canvases, an image is printed on the material, which is then stretched over a wood frame, then fitted with a hook for hanging. Most manufacturers will give you multiple size options, as well as various thicknesses to choose from. This makes it easy to customize your artwork to fit your space.

The thickness of a canvas print is important, too. The thickness refers to the depth of the canvas where the fabric is stretched over the sides of the frame. The standard thickness for an art gallery canvas print is 1.5 inches, but you’ll see them in varying thicknesses. Measure the height, length and thickness to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Once you’ve chosen a canvas you want, it’s time to upload your photo. For best results, choose the best quality photo you can. A minimum resolution of 75 DPI is recommended, and you’ll also need to follow the instructions for the format of file you can upload. The better the original image, the more likely you’ll get a great print.

What to Look For

  • Most canvas prints come in your choice of sizes. They’ll usually go as small as 8 by 10 inches, with 48 by 32 inches generally being the largest.
  • Canvas prints use something called “mirrored edges,” which simply means the image wraps around the sides of the frame. Keep this in mind as you’re uploading the photo since the visible edge of your picture will extend farther than the front of the frame.
  • Some canvases use a preview tool that lets you see what your canvas will look like before you order.
  • The ink used to print your canvas is important. Make sure the manufacturer uses inks that won’t fade over time. If environmental friendliness is important to you, look for a seller that uses eco-friendly ink. It’s also valuable to find an ink that doesn’t emit an odor long after you’ve hung the canvas.
  • Hanging the canvas should be fairly easy. Make sure your canvas includes hardware attached to the back, as well as any hardware you need to attach it to your wall.
  • The quality of the product that print canvas sellers put out can vary dramatically. For best results, look at reviews from other customers and make sure you can get a refund if you’re disappointed. The print you receive should match what you saw in the preview before you purchased it.

More to Explore

Canvas prints might be widely available today, but at one time they were reserved for the most valuable artwork. Canvas prints were made using tightly woven hemp, so it makes sense that the word “canvas” was derived from the Latin word “cannabis.” The material first came into popularity in the 16th century during the Italian Renaissance, catching on because it was more resistant to humidity than the frescoes previously being used for painting.

By the 17th century, canvas’s popularity had spread across Europe, and gradually its use expanded from oil painting to acrylics and embroidery. Today, it’s also used for print photos, thanks in part to the fact that it’s so affordable and readily available.

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