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The Best Nurse Scissors

Last updated on September 2, 2022
Best Nurse Scissors

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Madison Supply Professional Nurse Scissors, 7.5-Inch

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Madison Supply

Professional Nurse Scissors, 7.5-Inch

These nurse scissors have a durable fluoride coating, making them non-stick. They have a tactical design which enables them to cut through tough materials. The scissors are autoclavable.

Overall Take

Non-Stick SurfaceThere is a durable fluoride coating on these autoclavable nurse scissors.

 Runner Up

Prestige Medical Stainless Steel Nurse Scissors, 5.5-Inch

Prestige Medical

Stainless Steel Nurse Scissors, 5.5-Inch

These unique nurse scissors have a fun design on the blades with white and yellow daisies. They are autoclavable and can be sanitized.

Overall Take

Cute DesignThese nurse scissors have cheerful daisies on the blades.

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Niutop Stainless Steel Professional Nurse Scissors, 7.5-Inch


Stainless Steel Professional Nurse Scissors, 7.5-Inch

Stock up for less with this 3-pack of nurse scissors. Each is constructed using durable stainless steel blades that have a titanium coating. They're sharp, reliable and able to cut through everything from bandages to clothing to IV tubes.

Overall Take

Colorful MultipackYou'll find these nurse scissors come in a variety of fun colors, including aqua sky, pink, purple and blue.

 Strong Contender

Artzone Lister Compact Nurse Scissors, 5.5-Inch


Lister Compact Nurse Scissors, 5.5-Inch

You won’t mix up these nurse scissors with someone else's, due to their unique rainbow design. They are designed to cut through any type of bandage. The titanium-coated steel will not rust or corrode.

Overall Take

Cool LookThese unique nurse scissors are colored like a metallic rainbow.

Buying Guide

If you work in the medical field, it’s important to have a good pair of nurse scissors, sometimes referred to as bandage scissors. These scissors are unique because of their design. Instead of a straight blade like most scissors, the blade in nurse scissors is angled. This makes it easy to cut through bandages quickly and easily. The blade is also serrated, making the cutting action smoother.

The most common size of nurse scissors is 7 1/2  inches. This works for most adult hand sizes. However, you can also find smaller scissors, around 5 1/2 inches. Just make sure that the finger holes of the scissors are big enough for your digits.

If you are using the scissors in a medical capacity, then opt for a pair that are autoclavable. This means that they can be properly sterilized after using with the pressured steam inside an autoclave machine. If the scissors are not autoclavable, then they will begin to rust during this process. The steam can also cause the blades of the scissors to dull.

What to Look For

  • Opt for durable materials when looking for the best nurse scissors. Metal alloy blades are your best choice as they can be sanitized and cleaned properly. Metals are also non-porous, so they will not retain bacteria. Stainless steel is a common material used to make nurse scissors. It is a highly durable metal that is autoclavable. Some professionals prefer bonded titanium because it is three times stronger than stainless steel and can cut through thick materials like leather.
  • If you will be cutting through sticky materials like tape, opt for stainless steel nurse scissors that have a fluoride coating. This makes them non-stick. If there is no coating, it may be difficult to cut through sticky materials with ease.
  • If you are looking for nurse scissors with padded handles, you will need to ensure that the padding is made from a non-porous material and that it can be sanitized. Otherwise, the padding material on the handles can carry bacteria, which may lead to infections if you are using them around open wounds.

More to Explore

Nurse scissors are often confused with trauma scissors. However, they are not one and the same. Nurse scissors have a thin blade with a dull tip and are best used for bandages. Their design makes it easy to slide a pair of nurse scissors underneath bandages without poking or cutting the patient.

Trauma scissors, on the other hand, are heavy-duty, and made for thicker materials, like denim, leather and webbing. They can also cut through wire. Trauma scissors are also typically larger in size than nurse scissors. They are meant for high-stress situations like emergencies, where time is of the essence and clothing or other materials need to be cut away within seconds.

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