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Last updated on January 30, 2023

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TCP Global Glasses Frames Face Shields, 10-Count

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

TCP Global

Glasses Frames Face Shields, 10-Count

In this set, you’ll get 10 face shields, each with a lightweight build. The thick clear plastic brings durability and safety without sacrificing comfort. The material resists fogging to keep your vision clear throughout wear.

Overall Take

Plenty of ComfortWhether you’re wearing your face shield for a few minutes or all day, you’ll love this face shield, which can even be worn over glasses.

 Runner Up

Honeywell Uvex Bionic Adjustable Full Face Shield


Uvex Bionic Adjustable Full Face Shield

This face shield not only protects your eyes, but also brings extra coverage for the top of your head and chin. It’s especially useful in environments where you need to safeguard your face from airborne debris. The clear, anti-fog visor will help keep your view clear throughout the day.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesWhether you need protection in a medical or manufacturing environment, this face shield can help.

 We Also Like

Salon World Anti-Fog Glasses Face Shields, 3-Count

Salon World

Anti-Fog Glasses Face Shields, 3-Count

In this set, you’ll get three face shields and four different nose bridges, all reusable to meet your everyday needs. The wraparound design extends the protection for your eyes, nose and mouth to give you peace of mind. There’s enough clearance under the face shield to squeeze in a mask and a pair of eyeglasses.

Overall Take

Customizable OptionWith four different sizes of nose bridges, this set of three face shields lets you customize the fit to your needs.

 Strong Contender

VWMYQ Reusable Anit-Fog Face Shields, 2-Count


Reusable Anit-Fog Face Shields, 2-Count

This set of two full-length face shields are designed to maximize coverage around your face. The material is polyvinyl chloride treated with a coating to prevent fogging to keep your view clear. Cleanup is easy. Simply wipe the visor with soap and water or wipe it with an alcohol-based disinfectant.

Overall Take

Easy to UseEasy to clean and store, this face shield is a great solution for anyone needing to wear a face shield.

Buying Guide

Face masks have gotten a lot of attention in recent years, but long before the pandemic, face protection was a professional safety tool. For viral protection, face shields might not be as effective as other types of masks, but they excel when it comes to keeping debris out. Some professionals in medical environments even combine face shields with face masks for an extra layer of protection.

But there are some things to look at when it comes to face shields. OSHA sets standards for face shields, and employers need to pay close attention. But for peace of mind, you may want to verify that any shield you choose meets those standards.

Coverage is an important factor in any face shield. Consider the risks you’ll face and look closely to make sure it protects against them. For contagions, it will need to cover your forehead, extending all the way below your chin. For splash and debris guard, make sure nothing can slip beneath the chin area or sides and cause harm.

If you wear glasses or a face mask, keep that in mind when you’re shopping for a shield. Some are designed to fit comfortably over those items, while others are meant to be worn alone. Some face shields are designed to clip onto your existing glasses for an easy-to-use solution.

While many face shields are labeled reusable, for contagion protection purposes, it’s typically best to limit uses. For multiple uses, you’ll likely want to clean the shield. Pay close attention to the cleaning instructions for the shield you’re using. If you’re seeking to wipe away germs, you’ll likely need an alcohol-based disinfectant for the job.

Many face shields stay in place with the use of a headband that rests on the forehead. Pay particular attention to this feature and make sure you get one that’s comfortable, particularly if you’ll be wearing them for hours at a time. Some feature foam cushioning for this purpose.

What to Look For

  • Fogging can be a problem with any plastic you’re wearing over your face. Some have anti-fog coating, but you can also buy anti-fog spray that coats your shield.
  • Most face shields are sold in sets. Even if you’re reusing your shields, this can come in handy because you can alternate. It also gives you a backup in case your shield is seriously damaged.
  • If your workplace is required to meet safety standards, check with your HR department or manager to find out what those standards are. If they aren’t providing the shields, they’ll likely want to make sure you choose one that’s compliant.
  • Also check with your manager or HR rep for any cleaning protocols that are in place for face shields. These protocols are typically made to protect you against hazards specific to your environment, so it’s best to be aware of them.
  • Although many face shields are marked as one-size-fits-all, the nose area can leave a gap. Some come with multiple nosepieces that you can use to find that perfect fit.
  • For reusable shields, you’ll need storage. Make sure you have a place that will easily accommodate your mask and a way to prevent damage while it’s tucked away.
  • You’ll have to put your shield together after it arrives. Take a look at the assembly and make sure it won’t be challenging, particularly if you find yourself needing to don the shield in a hurry.
  • A face shield designed to protect you won’t do much good if it shatters or lets chemicals through. Make sure the material you’re getting is strong enough to keep you safe, first and foremost, and also hold up over many uses.
  • Avoid using household cleaners on your face shield. The chemicals in them can damage the material.

More to Explore

Although face masks have seen a surge in sales over the past half decade, their use can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages. Images depicting medical professionals wearing them during the bubonic plague indicate they at least go back to 1300s. In that era, masks are said to have included herbs like cinnamon and cloves.

Mask use in the medical field accelerated in the late 1800s, when more information became available about respiratory droplets and how they could spread disease. During that time, the discussion surrounded something called a “mouth bandage,” which was a one-layered gauze material designed to cover the mouth. As these experts realized that professionals could breathe through this gauze, masks seemed a great way to protect practitioners when they were helping contagious patients.

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