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The Best Modern Chandelier

Last updated on October 6, 2021
Best Modern Chandelier

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Decorating your space is about more than just making things look good — it’s also about style and function. When you are choosing the pieces for your space, such as lighting fixtures, you can use them as a way to explore and express your personal style. Not only that, many décor pieces, such as chandeliers, also have a specific function. After all, how will you see your incredible décor if there is no light?

There are many different decorating styles, but a popular one that is found in homes large and small is modernism. What does modern décor look like? There are a few characteristics that most modern pieces have. If you’re looking for a modern chandelier, you’ll likely find that the style is rooted in German and Scandinavian architecture. Modern pieces are highly simple and unadorned. They have clean lines, few embellishments, and are focused on function.

Most modern pieces have a strong emphasis on straight horizontal or vertical lines. While some pieces also have curves, they are few and far between. Many modern chandeliers use materials like metals, leather, natural fibers and wood — all natural elements. In addition, modernism uses a lot of reflective surfaces, such as glass, chrome or steel, which is common in modern chandeliers.

The color palette of modern pieces is typically neutral, focusing on blacks, whites and grays. Some modern pieces also incorporate natural colors like brown, yellow and green, but they are typically muted. Modern chandeliers aren’t overly fussy; they typically have a unique but neutral appearance.

Our Picks For The Top Modern Chandeliers

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 Best All-Around Pick

Diisunbihuo 3-Ring Crystal Pendant Modern Chandelier

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


3-Ring Crystal Pendant Modern Chandelier

This modern chandelier will shine brilliantly in your space. It uses LED bulbs and is covered in sparkling crystals. The chandelier is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, staircases and more.

Overall Take

Sparkling AppealThis modern chandelier is covered in crystals.

 Runner Up

Hardware House 5-Light Art-Deco Modern Chandelier

Hardware House

5-Light Art-Deco Modern Chandelier

Combine contemporary and classic styles with this unique chandelier. It features refined satin nickel hardware and alabaster glass blub shades. The piece brings a sophisticated flare to any space.

Overall Take

Contemporary and ClassicThis chandelier is a mix of both modern and timeless looks.

 Great Versatility

ANTILISHA Adjustable 3-Ring Pendant Modern Crystal Chandelier


Adjustable 3-Ring Pendant Modern Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier is flexible and offers three ways to change the shape. Choose from a three-tier circular shape, orb sphere shape or irregular mix. The chandelier brings sparkle to dining rooms, foyers and bedrooms.

Overall Take

DIY a Unique ShapeYou can choose one of three ways to hang this modern chandelier.

 Best Modern

Walnut Tree Sputnik 12-Light Industrial Modern Chandelier

Walnut Tree

Sputnik 12-Light Industrial Modern Chandelier

This modern chandelier brings a fun and edgy vibe to your space. It is easy to install and comes with all of the mounting hardware. The chandelier is fully dimmable to create the perfect atmosphere.

Overall Take

Eye-Catching DesignCaptivate your guests with this edgy modern chandelier.

What to Look For

  • One of the most important tips for buying a modern chandelier is making sure it is right for the space. Chandeliers are typically hung in entrance foyers and dining rooms, but they can also go in bedrooms or living rooms. The size of the room will dictate the size of the chandelier. If you have a spacious room, going with a small chandelier will make it look even smaller. However, a small room with a massive chandelier will feel engulfed by the piece.
  • The height of the ceiling will affect how high you hang the chandelier. This is especially important if the chandelier has bare bulbs. If they hang too low, they will cause a lot of glare and will be difficult to look at. However, be sure not to hang the chandelier too high or it will look smaller than it is.
  • A modern chandelier is typically made with metal materials, but it’s important to make sure that those materials work with the other pieces in your room. For example, consider the color of paint on the walls, the texture of the couches or rugs and the material of the tables and chairs. You want the material of the chandelier to complement the other materials. Consider things like color, texture, weight and reflectivity.
  • How much light do you need in the room? Take a look at the number of bulbs on the chandelier, which can range from four to 12 and beyond. The number of bulbs, as well as the type of bulbs, will affect the amount of light as well as the quality of light you get from the modern chandelier.

More to Explore

If you’ve ever looked closely at a chandelier, you know it is a dust trap. Chandeliers have many small nooks and crannies where dust can accumulate. That’s why it’s important to look at the design of the chandelier and consider the amount of maintenance it will require. Simple, straight lines without embellishments provide for easy maintenance because there are not a lot of places for dust to settle. On the other hand, highly complex designs often require a lot of cleaning because they become dust magnets. Be sure to dust your modern chandelier regularly to prolong its life.

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