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The Best Leopard-Print Blanket

Last updated on October 27, 2021

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Our Picks For The Top Leopard Print Blankets

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Sedona House Microfiber Leopard Print Blanket, 60-Inch x 70-Inch

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Sedona House

Microfiber Leopard Print Blanket, 60-Inch x 70-Inch

Made from 350 GSM microfiber, this soft faux-fur blanket is perfect for staying warm and cozy on a chilly winter night. It measures 60 by 70 inches but is also available in a 50-by-60-inch version. The fibers are designed to remain intact without shedding, and you can wash it in the machine when you need a quick refresh.

Overall Take

Durable OptionThis faux-fur blanket resists shedding and can be machine washed on cold without fading or shrinking.

 Runner Up

MERRYLIFE Fleece Leopard Print Blanket, 60-Inch x 90-Inch


Fleece Leopard Print Blanket, 60-Inch x 90-Inch

This oversized throw is perfect for using as a throw or as a cover for your favorite chair or loveseat. The 100% polyester fleece fabric creates a soft, plush feel that makes it nice and cozy. You can choose from multiple sizes and designs in addition to cheetah, including plaids and solids.

Overall Take

Extra-Soft MaterialMade from super-soft 100% polyester fleece, this blanket is soft and luxurious to the touch.

 We Also Like

Lavish Home Sherpa Fleece Leopard Print Blanket, 50-Inch x 60-Inch

Lavish Home

Sherpa Fleece Leopard Print Blanket, 50-Inch x 60-Inch

Measuring 50 by 60 inches, this throw features a leopard print PV fleece on one side and a cream-colored Sherpa fleece on the other. The material is 100% polyester, making it hold up well even with repeated washings. This is smaller in size, making it perfect for a younger family member or using to cover your lap while you’re watching TV or readi...

Overall Take

Lightweight BuildWeighing only 2 pounds, this blanket is a lightweight but soft option.

 Strong Contender

FY Fiber House Fleece Flannel Leopard Print Blanket, 50-Inch x 60-Inch

FY Fiber House

Fleece Flannel Leopard Print Blanket, 50-Inch x 60-Inch

This leopard print throw is also available in sizes that can be used on a twin, queen or king bed. You can choose from multiple colors of leopard print, as well as a zebra print option. It’s lightweight with a soft, silky feel.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou’ll get a new twist on an old favorite, with leopard prints available in gray, blue, brown and pink.

Buying Guide

Few things can liven up a room’s décor like some animal print. Whether it’s leopard, cheetah or zebra, these bold prints in neutral colors can blend with a variety of furnishings.

A leopard-print blanket is a versatile option for enhancing the look of any room. If you ever need to change things up, you can simply remove it. Your tweens and teens can even use a leopard-print blanket as a bedspread or take one off to college for use in those twin-size dorm room beds.

Before you shop around for a leopard-print blanket, it’s important to distinguish between leopard and cheetah print since they can easily be confused. Cheetah print features a lighter color, closer to tan, with uniform black spots that look similar to polka dots. A leopard’s skin is at least a couple of shades darker than a cheetah’s, and the spots aren’t quite black dots. They’re closer to black rosettes surrounding a center in a slightly darker color shade than the color of the skin.

That said, designers can take some creative liberties with the actual colors and shapes of leopard or cheetah prints. You’ll find some leopard-print blankets have shading that gives it an ombre effect to make the print look even more interesting. You can even find leopard prints in bold colors like pink or in lighter or darker shades of brown.

In addition to the look of the leopard print, you’ll also find the fabric of leopard-print blankets varies dramatically. Some come in a faux fur look, while others feature a flatter, more velvety fabric. As with any type of blanket, leopard-print blankets come in varying degrees of thicknesses and weights. Thicker blankets will weigh more, but they might also keep you warmer than thinner, more lightweight blankets. It’s important to determine your personal preferences and find a blanket to match.

What to Look For

  • Blankets are advertised in GSM, which stands for grams per square meter. The higher the GSM, the heavier the blanket will be, because there are more fibers per square meter. If you like a heavier blanket, look for one with at least 300 GSM. A higher GSM can also make for a more durable blanket.
  • Blankets are available in a variety of sizes. A smaller blanket is more of a throw, which makes it ideal for use while relaxing on the couch. If you’re looking for a blanket for your bed, you can find leopard print options in twin, full, queen and king sizes.
  • Some blankets can shed fibers. If this is a concern for you, make sure you look for one that’s designed to resist shedding.
  • Machine washability is important to many consumers. You should be able to wash most blankets in the machine, but you’ll typically do best by washing on the delicate cycle and tumbling dry on low heat.
  • Some people prefer to fluff a blanket up in the dryer before using it. This softens the fibers and makes it more comfortable. Make sure you use low heat if you opt to do this.
  • Where you’ll use your blanket plays into the size you choose. For best results, find a blanket in the size you like and measure it. Online photos can be deceptive.
  • The weight of a blanket can make a big difference. Some are thinner than others. For a throw, one that’s too heavy can be burdensome, but a lightweight blanket might not provide the warmth you need.
  • Some blankets feature different material on the top and bottom. Make sure you’re getting the material you like on the underside since that’s the side that will be coming into contact with your body.

More to Explore

The use of leopard prints in fashion and décor likely began long before designers existed. After all, animal skins were the earliest fabrics. However, the pattern wasn’t considered a fashion option until the 1920s in America, when actress Marion Nixon wore a leopard-print fur coat designed to match her pet leopard.

But the official use of leopard print as a clothing fabric started in 1947, when Christian Dior created two leopard-print dresses for his collection, which he referred to as “Jungle” and “Afrique.” The designer wrote in his book that to wear leopard, a woman must have a “kind of femininity which is a little bit sophisticated.” Those who were fair and sweet weren’t advised to attempt the print.

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