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The Best Laser Pointer

Last updated on February 3, 2023

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Kensington Wireless Presenter Remote & Laser Pointer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Wireless Presenter Remote & Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is ideal for presentations. It can provide forward and back control on the slides as well. The laser pointer doesn’t require and setup or drivers.

Overall Take

Ideal for PresentationsThis laser pointer also helps navigate slides.

 Runner Up

DinoFire Volume Control Slide Advancer & Laser Pointer


Volume Control Slide Advancer & Laser Pointer

This professional laser pointer is perfect for speakers and presenters. It has a red light laser and comes with volume control. There is also a slideshow clicker. The laser pointer has a 98 foot range.

Overall Take

Professional TouchThis laser pointer is made for speakers and presenters.

 We Also Like

JMMTAAG 5 Mode USB Charging Laser Pointer


5 Mode USB Charging Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is a great choice for playing games with your cat or dog. It doesn’t require batteries and can charge via USB. The laser pointer comes with five different patterns.

Overall Take

Great for PetsThis laser pointer is fun for cats and dogs.

 Also Great

Norwii N26 Plug & Play Slide Advancer Laser Pointer


N26 Plug & Play Slide Advancer Laser Pointer

This laser pointer is highly compatible with many operating systems and software. It is ideal for presentations with slides. The laser pointer has a range of 328 feet.

Overall Take

Highly CompatibleThis laser pointer works with many operating systems.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a laser pointer, there are many factors to consider when selecting the right one for you. Start with your choice of application – what do you need the laser pointer for? For example, a laser pointer for playing with your cat doesn’t need the same specifications as a laser pointer used for presentations. Similarly, if you want a laser pointer for noting constellations in the sky, you’re going to need more power than a laser pointer used in a confined space. Deciding on your usage will help you determine the specs of what you need.

Another aspect to consider is the color of the laser. Many people assume that laser pointers emit only red light, but that’s not the case. You can actually find laser pointers in different colors as well, such as blue, green and purple. The color of the laser is related to the wavelength it emits.

For those who are buying a laser pointer to point to something far away, such as a constellation in the sky or a presentation across a large conference room, the color of your laser matters. The human eye is much for sensitive to certain colors than others. In fact, a green laser is actually seven to ten times brighter than any other color, and is a better choice than the more popular red for these types of jobs. Keep visibility in mind when selecting the color of your laser pointer in relation to the task you’re using it for.

What to Look For

  • The output power of a laser pointer is an important factor to consider if you’re looking for a long range and a vibrant color. The power level, which is measured in milliwatts (mW), is what determines the brightness and range of the laser pointer. If you want a longer range, go for a higher milliwatt; if the range doesn’t matter, then a lower milliwatt will suffice.
  • For some people, knowing the burning ability of the laser pointer is important. For example, laser pointers can be used to burn things such as matches, cigarettes, firecrackers and even balloons.  If you want the laser pointer to be able to burn something, then you have to check that its output power is a minimum of 200 milliwatts. If it’s less than that, it will not have the intensity to burn anything. However, if the milliwattage is high, you do have to be extra careful with the laser pointer so that you don’t burn anything unintentionally.
  • If you’re looking for a laser pointer specifically for presentations, a good feature to look for is Bluetooth connectivity. That way, the pointer can connect to the computer or other system you’re using and offer additional support during the presentation like volume control.
  • For those who get a laser pointer for fun, such as for playing with your cat, opt for one that comes with different lens caps with patterns. That way, you can change the appearance of the laser from a dot to an image like a smiley face, paw print or mouse.

More to Explore

Many people think laser pointers are just for a few tasks, such as pointing during lectures or presentations or playing with animals. However, there are many things you can do with a laser pointer. People who stargaze can use powerful laser pointers to point out specific stars or constellations in the sky to others. Bird watchers often use laser pointers as well to point out specific birds or features on birds. Some even use laser pointers for goose control to scare them away from the property. Construction crews also use laser pointers to point at specific areas of the structure that require work.

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