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The Best Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

Last updated on February 21, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Heavy Duty Packaging Tape

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WOD Tape Weather Resistant Commercial Carton Sealing Tape

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WOD Tape

Weather Resistant Commercial Carton Sealing Tape

Designed for commercial and industrial use, this carton sealing tape is both durable and extremely strong. It features a long-lasting adhesive that continues to hold even in extreme temperatures. Each roll has a 3-inch diameter and offers 110 yards of tape.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsIn addition to clear, you can get this carton sealing tape in eight fun colors, such as orange, green, blue or pink.

 Runner Up

Davik Polypropylene Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 6-Pack


Polypropylene Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 6-Pack

Each of the six rolls of heavy-duty, clear packing tape included in this set is 216 feet (72 yards) long and 1.88 inches wide. It is made from bio-oriented polypropylene (BOP), an extra-thick plastic material that sticks to almost any surface and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It's also easy to use, and you can quickly cut through it w...

Overall Take

Premium QualityThe 2.6 mil-thick tape sticks like strong glue and comes in different colors and patterns!

  The Best Value

FDW Clear Carton Sealing Tape, 36-Pack


Clear Carton Sealing Tape, 36-Pack

If you own a business that frequently mails packages, you'll want to go with this carton sealing tape set. Each pack includes a total of 36 rolls, with each roll providing 330 feet of tape. The rolls will work with any tape dispenser that supports a diameter of 3 inches.

Overall Take

Stock UpThis carton sealing tape is nice and thick, so you won't have to worry about it tearing during application.

 We Also Like

Scotch Clear Split Resistant Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 4-Pack


Clear Split Resistant Heavy Duty Packaging Tape, 4-Pack

The 3M company is known for its quality Scotch tape brand, and this 4-pack of heavy-duty shipping tape does not disappoint. Each roll is made with industrial-strength adhesive and comes with its own easy-to-use dispenser.

Overall Take

A Trusted NameYou won't have to worry about your boxes opening up when you use this tape.

Buying Guide

Adhesive tape was invented in 1845 by a surgeon named Dr. Horace Day, who applied a rubber adhesive to fabric strips to make a surgical tape. Packing tape has been around for a long time, as well, of course.

With so many more people shopping online these days, manufacturers compete to create stronger and more reliable products than ever. The best ones out there are quick-sticking, long-lasting and durable and make it easy to protect shipping labels and seal up packages.

You can buy a packing tape dispenser that holds the tape on a roll. You then pull out the tape, stretch it over the box and cut off the end of the tape with the dispenser’s sharp edge. You can buy rolls of tape in bulk and replace them on the dispenser as needed. Some brands have built-in disposable dispensers, which are more manageable, but these can be more expensive.

For the most part, packing tape is about 2.7 to 2.8 mil thick, from 1.8 inches and 2 inches wide, and is sold in 60-yard rolls. During the holidays, you might want to opt for themed packing tapes like green or red ones that say “Merry Christmas” and so forth. You can probably find different-sized rolls if you need to as well. Most will fit standard tape dispensers that have 3-inch core diameters.

The good thing about using these thicker packing tapes is that you don’t have to use as much tape as you did in the old days. Just make sure the edges of the package are touching, but don’t try to squeeze it closed if there is too much inside. Even though packing tape is strong, there might still be gaps in the package, and you won’t want that if you plan to ship something.

What to Look For

  • If you’re using high-quality packing tape, don’t skimp on the boxes you use for shipping.
  • After you tear off a piece of shipping tape, fold down the edge on the roll to make it easier to pull up next time.
  • When reusing shipping boxes, remove or cover up the old shipping labels, or there could be problems.
  • Do not completely cover your shipping label with packing tape; just seal the edges.
  • Packing tape can remove dust, lint and pet hair from clothing and furniture.

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The 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission is known for its survival in the face of disaster, and filmmakers turned it into a movie starring Tom Hanks as astronaut/commander Jim Lovell.

Although packing tape is not part of the story, duct tape is! The main ship was severely damaged in an explosion, and NASA needed to keep the crew members alive. The astronauts made lifesaving air filters out of cardboard, spacesuit parts, plastic bags and duct tape. They made a CO2 scrubber and attached it to the module’s filtration system using these and other materials.

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