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The Best Desk Pencil Holder

Last updated on December 2, 2021

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Our Picks For The Top Desk Pencil Holders

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 Best All-Purpose Pick

Deli 3-Compartment Mesh Wire Desk Pencil Holder

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Deli 3-Compartment Mesh Wire Desk Pencil Holder

With this organizer, you get three small compartments, which are handy for storing items like pens, highlighters and sticky notes. The steel wire mesh won't scratch your supplies as you use them. The underside has nonslip mats to hold it in place.

Overall Take

Alloy Steel DesignSmooth edges and a black alloy steel build will make this organizer a great addition to your office.

 Runner Up

Deco Brothers 7-Compartment Mesh Wire Desk Pencil Holder

Deco Brothers

7-Compartment Mesh Wire Desk Pencil Holder

Available in black or silver, this seven-compartment organizer includes five deep compartments and two more shallow ones. You can use this organizer to store pens, pencils, notes, paperclips and other items. One of the deep compartments is a drawer that slides out and is sized perfectly for holding sticky notes.

Overall Take

Slide-Out DrawerThis seven-compartment desk organizer has a slide-out drawer for holding sticky notes.

 Strong Contender

WAVEYU Ceramic Marble Print Desk Pencil Holder


Ceramic Marble Print Desk Pencil Holder

Made from ceramic, this marble-print organizer is designed to hold writing utensils. It has a matte finish that looks elegant with any decor scheme. It can also be used in the kitchen to hold utensils or in the bathroom for your makeup brushes.

Overall Take

Elegant and VersatileIf you're looking for a cup-style organizer, this marble-print option is a classy choice.

 Also Great

SNOW COOLER Single Compartment Mesh Wire Desk Pencil Holder, 4-Pack


Single Compartment Mesh Wire Desk Pencil Holder, 4-Pack

You'll get four pen holders in this pack, each made from a black military-grade aluminum. You can also choose a red organizer in the same style or a black holder in a square shape. This set is great for spreading across multiple desks or keeping on your desk to keep your writing utensils separate.

Overall Take

Multiple CupsYou'll get four cup-style organizers in this set, each in a stylish black mesh.

Buying Guide

A well-organized desk is important for a variety of reasons. You can think more clearly when you aren’t surrounded by clutter, plus you’ll always be able to find what you need. For some people, a cluttered environment can even cause stress, so keeping things tidy and organized could be a matter of improving your mental well-being.

Some supplies — like writing utensils — need to be on your desk, where they’ll remain within reach throughout the day. Pencil holders have come a long way over the years. Cups were the traditional way to store writing utensils, and some people even use coffee mugs for the purpose. These days, cup-style pencil holders come in a wide range of formats and styles, making it easy to find one that matches your own preferences.

Some pencil holders feature compartments for your other office supplies. These will have areas for your writing utensils, but also more shallow sections that hold items like paperclips and sticky notes. Some even have a drawer that tucks away when you aren’t using it.

Beyond the capacity of your pencil holder, consider the design of the organizer itself. Steel or iron mesh is a popular material, while cup-style holders can be made of ceramic or plastic. With a variety of color options, you can easily find an organizer that matches your office décor.

What to Look For

  • Before shopping for an organizer, take inventory of the items you use most regularly. Those are the supplies you’ll want within reach all day, every day. Commonly used supplies include writing utensils, sticky notes and paperclips, though your particular work might call for things that aren’t used as often, like highlighter pens or binder clips.
  • As beautiful as ceramic pencil holders are, they can become easily scratched or stained. It’s best to look for one that’s darker in color if you want it to look good over time.
  • Mesh organizers can be more durable than other types, particularly if they’re made from steel or iron. They’ll resist scratching and give you years of use.
  • Electronics need storage, too. Some organizers have enough space to hold your smartphone or a small calculator.
  • Consider the organization of your cords and cables, as well. If you don’t have cable organizers, you could clip your cables to a writing utensil holder or organizer so they’re tucked out of the way.
  • Sharp edges on desktop items can cause scratches, especially if they’re close to things you reach for throughout the day. Look for one with rounded, smooth edges if you think this will be a problem.
  • Some organizers have drawers that are ideal for storing smaller items you never use. This usually serves as a great place for keeping pads of sticky notes.
  • Pencil holders aren’t just good for desk organization. You can also use them in your bathroom for holding makeup brushes and cosmetics. Some people use pencil holders in the kitchen to display eating utensils or condiment packets.
  • Pencil holders are sometimes sold in sets. If you have multiple desks or you’re buying for an entire office, this is a great way to make everything match. It’s also useful for storing multiple items on the same desk.

More to Explore

Pencils don’t get nearly as much use as they did a century ago, but they are still a staple of the modern office. If you want to write down something that you can change if necessary, an erasable writing utensil is a must.

Pencils got their start in ancient Rome as something called a stylus. The stylus could make light but readable marks on papyrus using lead. After a graphite deposit was found in England in 1564, people shifted to graphite utensils, which could leave a darker mark than lead. In 1662, pencil production began, but it didn’t really take off until the Industrial Revolution. Today, pencils are sold throughout the world and come in both traditional and mechanical varieties.

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