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The Best Mini Encouragement Notes

Last updated on October 10, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Mini Encouragement Notes

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Outus Mini Motivational Encouragement Notes, 120 Piece

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Mini Motivational Encouragement Notes, 120 Piece

Including 120 cards, this option gives you design variety including retro, bright, boho and landscape set options among others. The quotes cover a variety of themes. You get 30 different card styles with four of each option.

Overall Take

Multiple Set ChoicesConsider this set if you want a very large quantity of notes and many diverse choices.

 Runner Up

DiverseBee Mini Inspirational Encouragement Notes, 60 Piece


Mini Inspirational Encouragement Notes, 60 Piece

This set gives you 60 encouragement notes without any duplicates. You can pick from one option that has assorted colors or an eco-friendly option that looks like kraft paper and is made from recycled materials.

Overall Take

No DuplicatesYou get plenty of diversity with this no-duplicate option that comes in two color theme options.

 Strong Contender

Dessie Mini Encouragement Notes, 63 Count


Mini Encouragement Notes, 63 Count

These cards come in a quantity of 63 without any dupes and feature diverse styles. They are made of a strong paper material and have a matte back for easy writing. You get storage box to protect the cards.

Overall Take

Includes StorageThis set of pen-friendly encouragement notes comes with a storage box for safekeeping.

 Also Great

MSS Inc Mini Encouragement Notes, 48 Count


Mini Encouragement Notes, 48 Count

With designs featuring food, flowers, animals, settings and various objects, these cards strand out for creativity and the positive messages provided. You get 48 of them without duplicates, and they come in a card holder.

Overall Take

Colorful and CreativeYou'll find this box of encouragement notes helpful if you prefer colorful and creative styles on glossy paper.

Buying Guide

If you want to brighten anybody’s day, a simple note of encouragement always helps. While you could write such notes on a piece of paper, using pre-made mini encouragement notes saves you time and gives you many creative options. Often the size of a traditional business card, these note cards have messages of motivation, kindness or encouragement on the front and a place to write a custom message on the back. 

Mini encouragement notes come displaying various sayings. Some popular phrases you might see across different sets include “you can do it,” “keep shining,” “I’m proud of you,” “you’re awesome” and “dream big.” Some note sets will focus on a particular theme such as motivation while others might have sayings emphasizing self-care or appreciation. You can also find sets that address multiple themes so that you have a broad selection to choose from for each situation.

While the sayings on the notes are very important for sharing your message, you’ll also want to consider the notes’ appearance. The cards usually have a colorful or patterned background with text in different fonts, colors and styles. For example, you can find floral-themed sets with plain black text as well as solid-colored cards with text in multiple colors to stand out from the background. You can also find creative options such as kraft-style cards with drawings and elaborate writing.

While the front of the mini encouragement note presents the main message, you’ll want to make sure the back area is suitable for writing if you’d like to add a custom note. It’s common for the card to have a glossy front, but you’ll likely want the back to be matte for writing. Otherwise, your pen’s ink might smudge or not flow smoothly.

When it comes to quantity, mini encouragement notes usually come in sets that range from a few dozen to over 100. Considering the number of recipients and frequency of use will help you determine how many notes you need. You’ll also want to keep in mind that some large sets will come with duplicates so that you don’t get as much diversity as you might think. For example, a 60-count set might have just 20 unique designs with three cards included for each one.

What to Look For

  • You have multiple ways to store, organize and even display mini encouragement notes. Some sets come with a gift box you can use for safe storage, but you might prefer a sectioned note card organizer where you can sort cards by theme. A desktop business card holder can come in handy both to display a particular note’s message on your desk and make cards easy to distribute.
  • While you can always give a mini encouragement note to someone on its own, these notes also work well packaged with a gift or put in an envelope with a letter or greeting card.
  • If you’re looking for a creative way to use mini encouragement notes, consider creating a vision board that you display on your wall. The notes work well paired with photos, stickers or writing to describe what you’d like to accomplish. Similarly, you could put some on a bulletin board in a school or workplace to share the message, or you could stick a card to your computer monitor to reference while you’re at work. 
  • Mini encouragement cards can come in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. If you’re just handing them out to people, it likely won’t matter which you select. However, if you’ll display the cards in a desktop holder, you’ll likely prefer cards with a horizontal orientation. 
  • Card quality is important both for durability and presentation. So, you’ll want your encouragement notes to be made of a thick paper and ideally laminated. 
  • If you’d like a more discrete way to present the card or you’d like to mail it, be aware that most packs of mini encouragement cards don’t come with envelopes. You can either use regular envelopes you already have at home or buy special envelopes designed for business cards.

More to Explore

Mini encouragement notes are so versatile since you can use them in private, academic and work settings. In any case, these notes offer numerous benefits to the recipient, and you’ll want to choose the message wisely to fit the recipient and situation.

For example, if your daughter has an important test, you might stick a mini encouragement note in her lunchbox to remind her that she’s strong and capable to boost her confidence. On the other hand, if you manage a team who just completed a major project, an encouragement note expressing appreciation lets team members know they’re important, reinforces good teamwork and may even boost their loyalty.


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