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The Best Coin Collection Holder

Last updated on December 28, 2023

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‎GWCASE Zipper & Carry Handle Coin Collection Holder Album

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Zipper & Carry Handle Coin Collection Holder Album

A carrying handle and a 360-degree zipper make this waterproof leather-like album perfect for protecting your collection as you take it on the go. The book has 13 plastic sleeves with 20 coin pockets per sleeve. Sleeves can hold coins of different sizes, up to 46 millimeters in diameter.

Overall Take

For Serious CollectorsThis 260-pocket album provides everything you need to store your coins.

 Runner Up

MUDOR Leak-Proof Grid Pages Coin Collection Holder Album


Leak-Proof Grid Pages Coin Collection Holder Album

You’ll get a total capacity of 240 coins with this book-style holder, which features a sturdy binding and is made from-eco-friendly materials. Fourteen clear pocket pages come in two grid sizes to hold small and large coins. The flaps on each pocket help keep coins from falling out.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsChoose from four cover options to customize your coin collection holder.

 We Also Like

‎Hicarer Individual Plastic Case Coin Collection Holders, 100-Count


Individual Plastic Case Coin Collection Holders, 100-Count

Store your coins individually in small containers with this set of 100 coin holders, each measuring 25 millimeters in diameter. Each container has a snap-on cover that keeps dust and oxygen out. The material is made from thickened plastic so you can rest assured it will hold up.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesStore coins, game tokens and sticker tags with these versatile storage capsules.

 Strong Contender

Ettonsun 3-Ring Binder Paper Money & Coin Collection Holder Album


3-Ring Binder Paper Money & Coin Collection Holder Album

You’ll get space for up to 150 coins and 240 pieces of paper, although this 11.8 by 9.5-inch album is also expandable with different options, thanks to an integrated ring holder. It has a thin, lightweight build and a cover of PU leather that’s both durable and waterproof.

Overall Take

Extra UsefulHold both coins and paper money with this artificial leather collector's album.

Buying Guide

Coin collectors can build a valuable collection with a little diligence and research. But tracking down the right coins is only the first part of the process. You’ll also need to preserve them to reduce the risk of wear over time. Coins can lose detail while being circulated, and they can also get scratched if stored where they come into contact with other objects — including other coins.

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The right coin collection holder will protect your valuable items, tucking them securely in a sleeve. Not only does a sleeve keep scratches at bay, but it also blocks air and moisture from getting to the coins, which helps them keep their original coloring. But to get all these benefits, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right coin holder.

The more airtight your coin collection holder can be, the better. Of course, you may not be able to completely block all air, but harder plastic holders tend to form the best seal. You’ll also find holders with anti-corrosion properties that help neutralize gases your coins might get exposed to.

As you’re looking for coin holders, it’s important to steer clear of materials that can harm your coins. Sulfur, which is found in some cardboard and paper products, can cause discoloration. Look for PVC-free plastics, since PVC can cause streaks and splotches on a coin’s surface.

You’ll find three types of coin holders: flips, 2 x 2s and hard-plastic holders. The former two are slimmer, but they also lose a little of that airtight protection. But hard-plastic holders can also be more expensive and less portable than flips and 2 x 2s. If you plan to take your coins on the go, it might be worth having one with a slimmer, lighter-weight profile for convenience.

What to Look For

  • A big consideration as you’re choosing a coin collection holder is whether you need it to be portable or not. A carrying handle will help you move your collection from one place to the next, but if it won’t leave your house, this might not matter as much.
  • For new coin collectors, investing in a smaller holder might be a better option. You can always switch to a larger one as your collection grows, and in the meantime, a small holder will take up less space.
  • As you’re shopping around for coin collection holders, pay attention to how many coins it will store. Also look at the size of each holder. For a snug fit, you might want one that has multiple sizes to handle your smaller, midsize and larger coins.
  • Instead of book-style storage, you might prefer a different format. For example, consider durable plastic containers with lids that form a tight seal or cardboard squares that have clear windows, allowing you to see what’s inside.
  • If you plan to label various coins in your collection, make sure your storage option of choice will allow for that. You might be able to slip notes into some holders, while container-style versions may let you mark those notes on the container itself.
  • Consider whether your collection holder will keep your coins in place even if you pick it up and move it around. You won’t want your coins falling out.
  • Keeping dust and oxygen out is a priority, as is protecting your coins from scratching and wear. Look for coin holders that form a tight seal to keep contaminants on the outside.
  • If you collect paper currency in addition to coins, you can find holders that will accommodate both. This can be a handy way to keep everything together.
  • The cover of your collection holder also plays a role in keeping your collection safe. One that resists water and holds up over the years could be well worth it.

More to Explore

The collection and study of money has a fancy name: numismatics. It’s a hobby that has a long history, dating back thousands of years. Coins have been around even longer; the oldest coin ever discovered was found in modern-day Turkey and features the Lydian lion, an emblem of the Lydian kings, who created it in about 600 B.C. — 2,700 years ago. Made of electrum, a gold and silver alloy, it is currently viewable in the British Museum.

Coins were also invented in China independently during that same time period. Ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Persians, and Romans used them as well. In fact, one ancient coin gave historians an idea of how Cleopatra actually looked, which was nothing like the Hollywood depiction of her.

The first international convention for coin collectors kicked off in Detroit in August 1962, with an estimated 40,000 collectors in attendance. Today, most numismatic collectors and scholars tend to focus on coins made from the mid-1600s, which was when machine-struck coins began.

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