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The Best Cleaning Sponge

Last updated on March 15, 2024
Best Cleaning Sponge

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Scotch-Brite Non-Stick Cookware Cleaning Sponges, 6-Pack

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Non-Stick Cookware Cleaning Sponges, 6-Pack

With this cleaning sponge, you'll be able to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Start off wiping up a spill on the counter with the absorbent soft side and then switch to scrubbing away burnt food from your frying pan using the rough scouring side. Since the cleaning sponge is non-scratch, it is safe to use on nonstick cookware.

Overall Take

Safe and GentleEach sponge is double-sided with a soft absorbent side and a rough scouring side.

 Runner Up

MR.SIGA Absorbent Dirt-Removing Cleaning Sponges, 12-Pack


Absorbent Dirt-Removing Cleaning Sponges, 12-Pack

Quickly wipe up dirt and food particles with this absorbent cleaning sponge. The set includes 12 sponges, each of which are safe to use on countertops and non-stick cookware. In fact, the upper layer does an excellent job of scrubbing baked on foods and hard to remove messes without leaving behind any scratches.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this cleaning sponge comes in a choice of royal blue with light blue, green with yellow or green with blue.

 Strong Contender

O-Cedar 4-In-1 Scrub Cleaning Sponges, 6-Pack


4-In-1 Scrub Cleaning Sponges, 6-Pack

Since each of the six cleaning sponges in this set can be used for up to 60 days, you'll have a whole year's supply to work with. The sponges are specially designed to resist odors, while also reducing the amount of arm grease needed to get your dishes clean. They are 20% thicker than similar sponges on the market, which makes them perfect for just...

Overall Take

Super AbsorbentSet these cleaning sponges in your dishwasher when dirty and they'll be ready for use once again.

 We Also Like

WUHUIXOZ Non-Scratch Microfiber Cleaning Sponges, 24-Pack


Non-Scratch Microfiber Cleaning Sponges, 24-Pack

You get a full 24 cleaning sponges when you go with this set. That makes it an excellent choice for schools, restaurants and individuals who run a housekeeping business. The bottom sponge creates a nice lather for washing dishes, while the upper scrubbing pad lifts away food particles without scratching your dishes or countertops.

Overall Take

Stock UpYou'll only need a small amount of detergent when washing dishes with this cleaning sponge.

Buying Guide

While keeping your home or job site clean isn’t exactly a fun job, there are tools that help make the task a little easier and more pleasant. A quality cleaning sponge is one of those tools.

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The two basic cleaning sponges on the market today are cellulose sponges and melamine sponges. Cellulose sponges are more affordable and last longer than melamine sponges, however, melamine sponges clean without the use of any additional chemicals. They are also able to remove an abundance of tough stains.

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If you opt for a cellulose sponge, look for one that is two-sided. For example, the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge, 6-Pack is soft on one side and rough on the other. The abrasive side is able to lift away stuck-on foods without damaging any surfaces. This includes cookware that has a nonstick coating.

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Melamine sponges contain no harsh chemicals and activate with just a little warm tap water. They also work so well that you won’t even need much elbow grease to get dirt and grime to disappear.

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It is important to shop for melamine sponges that are listed as professional quality, otherwise, you run the risk of the sponge ripping and falling apart after just one use. Look for a pack that is twice as thick as other brands, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the sponges as often.

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As you narrow down your choices, don’t forget to take the type of surface you plan to clean into consideration, as well as the specific stain. Some sponges are able to handle a wide variety of surfaces, including leather, marble and steel. It is also capable of lifting away scuff marks, kitchen grease and even permanent marker.

What to Look For

  • Certain cleaning sponges contain chemicals. They should not be used on skin, as they can cause redness, irritation and even abrasions.
  • Store your sponges out of the reach of children and small pets. Cleaning sponges not only pose a choking hazard when chewed, but some also have ingredients that are not meant to be swallowed.
  • Some cleaning sponges are not washable, while others can be tossed in the dishwasher, cleaned and reused again and again. Always read the product label to determine which category your sponge falls in.
  • There are users who swear that hand cleaning your sponges on a daily basis is the best way to extend their life. A grease-fighting dish soap works best.
  • Porous sponges (not melamine versions) can be used in a variety of craft projects. You can use them to create a unique pattern when painting a wall or turn them into cute sailboats or sea creatures.
  • Determine the price per sponge first before comparing which cleaning sponge set is the better buy. To do this, you’ll need to divide the total cost by the number of sponges in the set. You’ll find the Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge, 6-Pack is the most affordable of the bunch.

More to Explore

Before manufactured sponges became popular, people could harvest and use natural sea sponges. Did you know that sea sponges actually have a 200-year life span? Another fun fact is that these sea creatures are actually classified as animals and not plants. You’ll find over 5,000 different sea sponge species throughout the world.

Because they are so absorbent and easy to clean, many contractors actually use natural sea sponges to clean up after they’ve completed a job. Bath and body stores also sell natural sponges for use in the shower, as many of the sponge varieties are great for exfoliating the skin.

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