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Move Easier With The Best Chair Mats For Carpeted Floors

Last updated on May 31, 2023
Best Chair Mats For Carpeted Floors

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OFM Essentials Gripper Back Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors

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Essentials Gripper Back Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors

This chair mat for carpeted floors is made from PVC with a textured surface to make it easy to roll your chair around on it. The dimensions are 36 by 48 inches, with an overall depth of 0.25 inches. Molded cleats hold the mat in place on the carpet, and the sturdy build ensures it won't crack even after years of use.

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Molded Cleats for TractionThe molded cleats on this mat holds it in place on the carpet, allowing you to move around without worrying about it slipping and sliding.

 Strong Contender

Kuyal Clear Odorless Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors


Clear Odorless Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors

This transparent chair mat for carpeted floors is constructed using high-quality materials that are flame retardant. The bottom of the mat is studded to keep the mat firmly in place, so you don't have to worry about it slipping around. It's also easy to install and can be cleaned with a little dish soap and water.

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Multiple Sizes AvailableYou'll find this chair mat for carpeted floors comes in a choice of six different sizes, so you're sure to find one to fit your space.

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Azadx Transparent Wear Resistant Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors


Transparent Wear Resistant Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors

Constructed using a premium PVC material, this chair mat for carpeted floors won't scratch or stain. It's available in sizes ranging from 30 inches by 48 inches to 36 inches by 48 inches. You can even get the mat with a lip, which keeps your office chair from rolling off onto the carpet.

Overall Take

Easy to CleanSpills are no problem for this chair mat for carpeted floors. All you need is a wet rag and that mat is like-new again.

  The Best Value

Evolve Cleated Easy-Glide Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors


Cleated Easy-Glide Chair Mat For Carpeted Floors

This chair mat for carpeted floors is designed to work best in cubicles and other small work areas. It can be used on low-pile carpeting that measures .25 inches or less. Users will love that the mat is translucent, as it blends in nicely without being noticeable.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalWith this affordable chair mat for carpeted floors, you'll be able to protect your flooring on a budget.

Buying Guide

If you’ve ever had a rolling desk chair, you know how tough it can be to maneuver around. Pushing your way across the floor to answer the phone or retrieve an item from your desk drawer gets a little more challenging if your chair’s wheels get caught.

This is especially true with carpet. Whereas vinyl or wood flooring allows casters to move smoothly, those wheels can actually become sluggish on carpeting. That’s where a chair mat can come in.

Typically made from vinyl, chair mats are designed not only to help your wheels roll but also to protect the carpet beneath. Instead of enduring years’ worth of indentations and tracks from your chair wheels, the carpet will be protected.

But if your desk chair is on carpeting, there are some things to look for while shopping around. The pile of your carpet is worth considering. If you have a very short pile, look for a mat designed to grip the smaller threads to avoid your mat slipping around. You can also find mats that are built to hold their own either on hard flooring or carpeting. If you go for this, read the reviews carefully to make sure it truly doesn’t slide around or curl up on the edges on carpeting.

What to Look For

  • Vinyl isn’t the only option for chair mats. You can find them in tempered glass, wood and other materials. Vinyl will often be the most affordable option, but glass has durability and style that puts it above vinyl options in some instances.
  • The great thing about vinyl and glass is that they are clear materials, allowing the carpet beneath to show through. If you don’t like the color of your carpet, though, or it’s showing signs of age, you may want a chair mat that covers it.
  • Check the cleaning instructions for the mat you’ve chosen. Some can’t be cleaned with chemicals. Doing so will cause cracks to form. In those cases, water will be your only option.
  • Curling at the edges is an ongoing problem with chair mats. Look for one that’s built to stay flat. Curling could introduce a tripping hazard to your environment.
  • You’ll see a couple of big options with chair mats. Some are merely rectangular for holding your desk chair, but some have a narrow lip attached to that rectangle that slides under your desk. This protects the carpet from your shoes, as well as giving your feet a cushioned place to rest while you’re working.

More to Explore

The next time you sit down at your desk, thank Charles Darwin for coming up with the original idea for the office chair. The English biologist was logging some long hours collecting and examining specimens, usually on his feet. He wanted a comfortable place to rest during his long workdays. There were plenty of chair options around, but he didn’t like the fact that they chained him to one fixed location. That’s when Darwin came up with the idea of attaching small wheels — now known as casters —to the legs of a chair. Today’s chairs are very similar to that of 19th-century design, although they’ve been modified to include a wide range of options for workers.

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