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The Best Car Window Shade

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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EcoNour Dual Suction Cups Rear Car Window Shade

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Dual Suction Cups Rear Car Window Shade

This rear car window shade can easily twist and collapse into a small circle for storage. It is designed to keep the car cool by reducing sun glare and UV rays. The shade is friendly for pets and skin.

Overall Take

Easy to StoreThis rear car window shade can collapse into a small circle.

 Runner Up

kinder Fluff Foldable UPF 50+ Side Car Window Shades, 4-Piece

kinder Fluff

Foldable UPF 50+ Side Car Window Shades, 4-Piece

These car window shades are versatile and can fit in any window. They are durable and offer good sun protection. The shades block over 99% of UV rays.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThese car window shades can fit in any window.

 We Also Like

Enovoe Dual Layer Side Car Window Shades, 4-Piece


Dual Layer Side Car Window Shades, 4-Piece

These car window shades have a dual-layer design for extra protection. They also offer good visibility for the driver. The shades are versatile and fit most car windows.

Overall Take

Unique DesignThese car window shades have dual layers for custom protection.

 Strong Contender

EcoNour Stretchable Mesh Side Car Window Shades, 2-Piece


Stretchable Mesh Side Car Window Shades, 2-Piece

These car window shades offer more flexibility as you can still roll the windows up and down with them on. They are made from a nylon, spandex and rubber material. The shades are designed to fit most car windows.

Overall Take

Full CoverageYou can still roll the windows up and down with these car window shades on, which cover the whole window.

Buying Guide

Warm summer weather brings with it many benefits: heading to the beach or pool to splash around in the refreshing water, having a picnic in the park, sitting outside on a patio with friends. While all of these things are enjoyable for you, sitting out in direct summer sunlight may not be so enjoyable for your car, which can heat up to scorching levels on the inside.

Simplemost Media

Did you know that a car parked in the sun can reach an internal temperature as high as 130 to 172 degrees Fahrenheit? Not only is it dangerously hot, but it can also damage the interior of your car. To keep heat damage to a minimum, use car window shades to keep your car cooler in the summer weather.

Simplemost Media

There are many different types of car window shades available, so how do you know which one to get? Compatibility is one of the most important factors to consider. The car window shade needs to be the right size and shape for your car’s windows. A shade that is too large will be difficult to install while a shade that is too small will be totally ineffective. Ideally, you want to use a car window shade that covers as much of the window as possible.

Simplemost Media

There are a number of styles of sun shades to choose from. If you’re short on storage space in your car, opt for collapsible ones, which you can unroll when using and roll back up when you want to put them away. Other options include retractable car window shades, ring shades, accordion- and umbrella-style shades. There are even mesh coverings for the windows. It all depends on what you prefer and what’s compatible with your ride.

What to Look For

  • Think about what you want to achieve with the car window shade to help you decide which one to get. Are you looking for full coverage, so that every inch of the window is covered, or is partial coverage acceptable? Do you want blackout shades so that not even a spec of sunlight shines through or is something that is semi-opaque going to work for you?
  • You can find car window shades for different parts of your car, such as the windshield, side windows and back window. Consider whether you want a matching set or if you’re okay to purchase them separately for the different windows in your car.
  • Should you use car window shades while driving? Typically, no. Obviously you cannot use the windshield or back window shades while driving as that will limit your visibility, but even using the side window shades can affect your visibility while driving. This is a safety hazard, so it’s best to check with the shade manufacturer to see their recommendations.
  • Where will you put your car window shades when not in use? Do you have room in the trunk of your car for all of the shades? Some come with carrying bags or cases you can slip the shades into, but you will still require some space for them.
  • Check to see whether the car window shades block harmful ultraviolet rays in addition to just blocking the sunlight. Reducing the amount of UV rays can help to protect the interior of your car — as well as any passengers inside.

More to Explore

While car window shades can help keep your car cool, there are a couple of other measures you can take to ensure your vehicle doesn’t get too hot in the summer. For example, where possible, park in a shady spot, even if it’s under just a single tree. This can considerably reduce the temperature inside the car. You can also slightly crack your windows open, such as an inch or so, to let air circulate. This will help to reduce the amount of hot air trapped inside the car. If your car is really hot, leave your doors open for a couple of minutes before you get in.

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