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The Best Box Fan

Last updated on November 3, 2023

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AmazonBasics Improving Air Flow Floor Box Fan, 20-Inch

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Improving Air Flow Floor Box Fan, 20-Inch

This box fan is a good mid-sized floor fan that can move air at a high velocity without taking up too much space. The design and construction are solid and this fan should last a long time.

Overall Take

Medium Size FanThis box fan is a solid mid-sized floor fan that is simple and works well to move air.

 Best for Small Spaces

SONBION Living Room Portable Box Fan, 10-Inch


Living Room Portable Box Fan, 10-Inch

Within the base of this box fan is an aromatherapy box for adding your favorite essential oils. The fan does an excellent job of keeping you nice and cool and offers three different wind speeds to choose from. It also runs at a whisper, so as not to disturb your sleep.

Overall Take

Aromatherapy Built-InThis box fan can be set on a floor, coffee table, desk or nightstand.

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PELONIS Home Lightweight Box Fan, 20-Inch


Home Lightweight Box Fan, 20-Inch

Coming in a glossy black color that looks great in any room, this 20-inch box fan has a large control knob on the front that supports three speeds. It's designed to be durable and lightweight.

Overall Take

Front Controls for ConvenienceThis black box fan offers durability and power and works well in the window thanks to its front control knob.

  The Best Value

BLACK+DECKER Battery Powered Mini Box Fan, 9-Inch


Battery Powered Mini Box Fan, 9-Inch

The frameless design of this box fan is quite attractive. It measures just 9 inches, making it a great choice for a work desk or bedroom side table. The fan is battery-powered and offers three speed settings, so you can choose a light, medium or strong breeze.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalWhen shopping on a budget, consider this low-cost, yet high-quality box fan.

Buying Guide

Whether you want to circulate cool air in the summer or warm air in winter, a simple box fan can help make you feel more comfortable in your home and may even help you save on your heating and cooling costs. This device offers flexibility in that you can easily use it in any area of your home as well as put it on the floor or insert it into a window. You’ll also find a box fan convenient as it’s easy to pick up and carry around.

When shopping for a box fan, consider the size since this affects how big of a room the fan can circulate air in. You’ll find 20-inch and 21-inch box fans most common, as they can work for a room that might measure 12 feet by 12 feet. Smaller 8-inch and 10-inch box fans might sit on a desk or table to cool a small area where you’re working in a room.

You’ll find that box fans usually have knobs either on the top or on the front so that you can control how powerfully the air moves. At a minimum, you can expect two options for high and low, but you might consider a three-speed fan with low, medium and high options for added flexibility. Consider the knob positioning, especially if you want to use the fan in a window since having the knob on top can be less convenient in that situation.

The more powerful the box fan is, the louder it might sound as it runs. So, you might want to check for models with a low decibel rating if you’d prefer a quiet fan in your home.

You should also consider the fan’s color and other features in your purchase decision. While most box fans you find will be white or gray in color, colors like red, blue and black are also available from some makers. You can also find box fans with features like a remote control or impact-resistant grille.

What to Look For

  • Lightweight box fans can tip over if you don’t put them on the right kind of surface. So, make sure the floor under the fan is even and use any attachable feet the fan came with to improve stability. You can also try putting the fan on a rug.
  • If your box fan rattles, the problem often stems from buildup on the blades, so giving it a good cleaning can help. It could also mean the fan has some loose screws or sits on an uneven surface, so make sure the screws seem tight and that the fan doesn’t wobble on the floor.
  • Check the directions on how to clean the box fan and always make sure you unplug the fan before cleaning it. The cleaning process often means removing some screws so you can take off the front cover. You can then use a towel or even vacuum to clean the dust and dirt off the fan’s components before you reassemble everything.
  • Using box fans on your home’s first floor can offer the best results for making your home feel cooler. You can get better results by putting them in the window rather than placing them on the floor in this situation. If you use fans on a higher floor, put them on the floor rather than in the windows.

More to Explore

Did you know that the first electric fan prototype originated back in 1882? An engineer named Schuyler Wheeler invented the appliance, and unlike the box fans we use today, the original electric fan had some safety concerns. While modern box fans have a case, the first electric fan didn’t. This meant that the blades could easily harm anyone or anything that got too close, and the blades could also get damaged due to lack of protection.

Eventually, electric fans would get the important addition of a protective case in the 1890s. The 1900s would bring about the use of ceiling fans, stand fans, box fans and other types of fans in people’s homes.

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