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The Best Artificial Flowers

Last updated on October 28, 2022
Best Artificial Flowers

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Kislohum Party Hydrangea Artificial Flowers, 10-Piece

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Party Hydrangea Artificial Flowers, 10-Piece

With this artificial flowers set, you'll be able to arrange the most beautiful bouquets. The flowers are made using a high-quality silk and feature 54 petals per flower head. The stems are nice and long and perfect for vases; however, they can also be trimmed to create wreaths and other floral decorations.

Overall Take

Choose Your ShadeYou'll find these artificial flowers come in a choice of over 40 colors, including dark purple, teal, dusty rose and sage green.

 Runner Up

Floroom Rose Boutonniere Artificial Flowers, 25-Piece


Rose Boutonniere Artificial Flowers, 25-Piece

When planning a wedding or bridal shower, you'll want to consider these stunning artificial flowers. Each set includes 25 ivory roses that are realistic in appearance. The roses are soft to the touch and feature long 8-inch stems that can be trimmed if desired.

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Attractive Low PriceThese economical artificial flowers keep you on budget.

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Mandy’s Calla Lily DIY Bouquet Artificial Flowers, 20-Piece


Calla Lily DIY Bouquet Artificial Flowers, 20-Piece

You'll find these bright purple artificial flowers are quite versatile. They can be used as decorations at a wedding or to add color to your dining space. If purple isn't your color, the bouquet also comes in over 30 other colors, including royal blue, red, pure yellow and silver.

Overall Take

Add a Pop of ColorPlace these artificial flowers in a vase of water and they'll look just like the real thing.

 Strong Contender

CEWOR Boxwood Non-Toxic Artificial Flowers, 9-Piece


Boxwood Non-Toxic Artificial Flowers, 9-Piece

Made of UV-resistant materials, these daffodils, boxwood flowers and greenery are ideal for the outdoors. Six flowers of two colors and three bush stems come in this package, creating a delightful patch of non-dimming color and life.

Overall Take

Multicolored, Durable BloomsYear-round outdoor use lets these artificial flowers really shine, but they beautify the indoors as well.

Buying Guide

Flower arrangements bring beauty to any space, but fresh-cut flower arrangements can quickly wilt and decay in a depressing and unsightly fashion. Luckily, the loveliness of nature can be maintained indefinitely with artificial flowers and plants. Artificial flowers are allergen-free, versatile, long-lasting and always in season.

Artificial flowers can be made of a variety of materials, including plastics and polyester, but the most common material for faux flowers is silk. There is no limit to the colors or species of artificial flowers; you can have the look of rare blooms from far-away climates or flowers that are difficult to care for without the hassle. You can even have flowers in colors that don’t exist in nature, or entirely made-up blooms.

A familiar flower’s silhouette in an unusual hue can make a dramatic aesthetic statement. Some florists even mix artificial and natural plants in their arrangements, using artificial materials to substitute for delicate blooms and real plants for woody or hardy elements that require little maintenance.

However, while artificial flowers require much less maintenance than fresh-cut arrangements, they do require some occasional attention. They will need to be dusted and fluffed, especially after transport. This is when materials and constructions really matter, as the arrangement may have to go through repeated packing, rearranging and dusting.

For the most natural possible look, hand-painted flowers are best. They evoke subtle gradations and the lack of uniformity that occurs in nature. Beware of cheap materials that can chip or discolor.

What to Look For

  • Decide if you want a natural, classic look or something more dramatic. Even if you opt for colors that aren’t normally associated with a particular plant or bloom, high-quality materials can still convey a soothing, naturalistic impression.
  • Artificial flowers are available in a variety of forms, including single stems, branches, bundles, sprays, garlands and bushes. These variations will come at different price points.
  • Decide if you want to invest in a small number of high-quality single pieces or if you want to opt for blooms that come in bunches or bouquets.
  • High-quality artificial flowers often have longer stems with a metal wire core. This helps support their weight and allows for shaping into wreaths or garlands. Make sure the floral tape or other material that wraps around the stem still provides the naturalistic look you’re aiming for.

More to Explore

Most quality artificial flowers are made from silk, which is produced by silkworms. Silkworms have been cultivated for silk production in China for thousands of years.

Artificial flowers made from silk have been around for almost as long. Though they also originated in China, artificial plants of various kinds have been found all over the world since ancient times.

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