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shintenchi outdoor patio set

This summer's top-rated outdoor furniture sets

From wicker to wrought-iron, if you're looking for an outdoor furniture set, these beloved Amazon options are what you need.

products to deter mosquitoes

How to keep mosquitos out of your backyard

Turns out, there are plants that can keep mosquitos out of your backyard. Plus, find out what other things you need to repel the pests.

Parents and kid have summer fun

20 free things to do with your kids this summer

Looking for some summer fun while the kids are out of school? There are many free activities sponsored by local businesses and organizations near you.

Young woman relaxing under air conditioner at home.

How to 'supercool' your home for chilly air and energy savings

This process used by Arizonans for years can help reduce your home's temperature, make you feel more comfortable, and decrease your energy bill.

Couple shops for washing machine

How to prevent appliance breakdowns in the summer

Hot water and summer activities can wreak havoc on household appliances like washers, dishwashers and refrigerators.

how to make strawberries last longer

How to make strawberries last longer

Strawberries can be a highly affordable addition to your grocery cart, and they are easy to…

overwater bungalow on water

7 overwater bungalows for a budget-friendly tropical getaway

DWYM Staff  |  June 24, 2024

Nearby getaways in the the Caribbean and Mexico are home to some of the most beautiful and secluded overwater beach retreats, too.

10 Magic Eraser tricks to make dirt disappear around the house

Megan Fenno  |  June 21, 2024

With a Magic Eraser in hand I went on a cleaning spree, and was blown away by all the things they can be used for!

Bissell Little Green Vacuum

The Bissell Little Green portable carpet cleaner is just $88 right now

Kaitlin Gates  |  June 20, 2024

This popular cleaner, which is handy for pet stains and hard-to-vacuum spots like stairs and upholstery, is more than $35 off at Walmart.

Southwest airplane takes off from Palm Springs airport

Southwest Airlines flights are as low as $53 this week

Scripps News  |  June 20, 2024

Been waiting to buy that flight? Now's the time. Southwest Airlines is selling tickets for as low as $53, but only for a limited time.

16 (actually) free things at Disney World

Brooke McDonald  |  June 19, 2024

Here's where you can find free drinks, food, souvenirs and other freebies during your next Disney trip.

Woman uses a portable fan during heat wave 2022

18 cooling products to carry you through every heat wave

DWYM Staff  |  June 18, 2024

Stuck in a heat wave? Across the country, it's becoming all too common to encounter higher-than-average temperatures in the summertime. 

Toys that will keep kids entertained indoors when it’s too hot to play outside

Marie Rossiter  |  June 17, 2024

These toys and games that encourage creativity will keep kids occupied (and off of screens) when they're stuck indoors.

Train traveling on tracks

Here’s how to travel cross-country by train for less than $500

DWYM Staff  |  June 17, 2024

Amtrak offers a USA Rail Pass that allows you to take 10 different trips over a span of 30 days and connects to 500 different locations.

Female hands hold a broken shower head in the bathroom with blue tiles.

55 ridiculously cheap and easy home repair hacks

DWYM Staff  |  June 16, 2024

Learn the easiest way to patch a hole, caulk a tub, quiet squeaky floors and much more with objects you already have around the house.

boy at swimming pool

How to make homemade swimmer’s ear drops

DWYM Staff  |  June 13, 2024

Learn how to recognize the symptoms of swimmer's ear and how a homemade remedy using common household ingredients can help.

Green Pyrex bowl on white tablecloth

These Pyrex bowls are worth big bucks (if you know what to look for)

DWYM Staff  |  June 13, 2024

It's time to clean out your kitchen cupboards–you might have a vintage Pyrex bowl in there that's worth thousands of dollars.

above-ground pool outside

DIY pallet pools are a cheap, easy way to cool off in your yard

DWYM Staff  |  June 12, 2024

If you're looking for a DIY solution to your current lack of a swimming pool, a pallet pool might be your answer.

Outside of a planet fitness building

Planet Fitness is offering teens a free gym membership this summer

DWYM Staff  |  June 10, 2024

Planet Fitness' annual membership deal for high schoolers is returning for its fourth year.

woman cleaning windows

How to clean your windows and keep them streak-free

Shea Simmons  |  June 8, 2024

We checked with cleaning experts to bring you practical tips and techniques to banish streaks and achieve crystal-clear results every time.

Throw An Epic Pool Party With These Multi-Person Floats

These multi-person pool floats are perfect for your next pool party or lake day

Fiona Tapp  |  June 7, 2024

From pizza slices to Barbie themes, these multi-person floats are perfect for a party, and some are as low as $30.

Assorted donuts on blue background

Here’s where you can score free donuts on National Donut Day

Scripps News  |  June 6, 2024

This anticipated holiday is celebrated on June 7th this year and Dunkin' is just one place serving up deals.