Ninja Creami is $50 off at Walmart just in time for ice cream season

a woman uses the Ninja Creami to make a frozen dessert

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The Ninja Creami can whip up everything from thick ice cream to milkshakes, DQ Blizzard dupes, slushie drinks, sorbet and frozen yogurt.

This viral kitchen appliance can tackle all of these desserts by blending simple ingredients such as milk, cream, yogurt, fruit, chocolate, candy and more, using a bevy of built-in settings. And, right now, you can save $50 on this popular ice cream maker at Walmart.

$149 at Walmart (was $199)

For a limited time, you can get the Ninja Creami for under $149,  down 25% from the $199 regular retail price. You’ll get the appliance along with two of the sturdy, freezer-safe pint containers necessary to make your frozen treats.

The six one-touch settings on the machine include ice cream, sorbet, lite ice cream (frozen yogurt, essentially) and milkshake, each of which employs a unique style of blending. The included manual lays out all the ways to use it but you can also find entire online communities that will show you recipes to additional treats, including Disney’s iconic pineapple Dole Whip dessert.

Ninja Creami reviews highlight the ease of using the machine and the diversity of its settings (even if it is a bit loud). We also love the Ninja Creami because it helps you know exactly what’s in your desserts. You can also make your own favorite flavor combinations that you can’t find in stores. It’s a machine that rewards creativity.


Here are a couple tips to keep in mind before you use the Ninja Creami for the first time:

  • The filled pint container needs to freeze for at least 24 hours before putting it into the Ninja Creami for blending. If you’re expecting to make a frosty treat as soon as you bring home your ingredients, you’ll be disappointed. Plan ahead and have a couple of pints in the freezer. Once they are ready, it only takes minutes to transform them into dessert.
  • You will likely need to use the re-spin button at least once to get the proper texture for your ice cream or sorbet. First spins can leave your frozen pint contents looking a little powdery. Just hit the re-spin button until you get the creamy texture you crave.

If you’re excited about summer foods and warm weather, this Ninja Creami deal comes at the perfect time.

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