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The Best Wall Sconce

Last updated on June 20, 2022
Best Wall Sconce

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Linea di Liara Easy-Install Pendant Wall Sconce

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Linea di Liara

Easy-Install Pendant Wall Sconce

With this farmhouse chic-style wall sconce, you have options. You can install it either upright or facing downward and you can place it next to the front door or on either side of a picture frame. Each sconce works with medium-based bulbs and features a stunning glass cover that won't hinder the bulb's light.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThis wall sconce comes in four different finishes, including black, brushed nickel, satin brass or chrome.

 Runner Up

Shine Hai Dusk To Dawn Modern Patio Wall Sconce

Shine Hai

Dusk To Dawn Modern Patio Wall Sconce

This outdoor wall sconce will automatically turn on when the surroundings get dark, and will turn off when they are bright. It is weather resistant and made with heavy-duty materials. Installation is easy and mounting accessories are included.

Overall Take

Advanced TechnologyThis light has a built-in sensor which is sensitive to atmospheric brightness.

 We Also Like

ChangM Energy Saving Hard Wired Wall Sconce, 2-Pack


Energy Saving Hard Wired Wall Sconce, 2-Pack

These cool white lights sport a contemporary look that's also practical, since they don't protrude too far from the wall. Installation is a snap for most homeowners. Once you have the wall sconces on, expect consistently bright performance that's surprisingly energy-efficient.

Overall Take

Sleek and EfficientThese wall sconces sport a bright, modern look that's also compact.

 Strong Contender

TRLIFE E26 Base Plug-In Wall Sconce, 2-Piece


E26 Base Plug-In Wall Sconce, 2-Pack

With this wall sconce, you'll be able to adjust the brightness of the bulb using a built-in dimmer switch. The flexible arm swing on the light makes it an excellent choice for an office or bedroom. Although the outside lampshade is an elegant black, the inside is white to enhance the brightness of the light.

Overall Take

Industrial LookThe cord on this wall sconce measures 6 feet, so you won't have any trouble reaching a nearby outlet.

Buying Guide

If you’ve watched enough home renovation shows, you know it’s often the subtle things that make all the difference when it comes to decor. There might be no better example of this than a well-chosen set of wall sconces.

If you’re placing new wall sconces into an established home, there’s not a lot riding on them from a practical standpoint. Sconces are stand-alone lamps built into a wall, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While they’re almost never used as the primary light source in any indoor area, they can definitely brighten up any living space in a more figurative way.

With that in mind, style is going to be your first concern when buying a pair of sconces. (And yes, they should almost always come in pairs — you may even want to get several pairs if you’re lighting up a long hallway or den.) Think first about the existing decor. If it’s more modern, go with sconces that are sleek and angular. Rustic bookshelves call for a more classic look with polished brass or wire cages around the bulbs.

Also think about what furniture or statement pieces you might want to highlight in your home. The bulbs in sconces will be made to face up or down, and some can be installed either way. If you’ve got wall art you want to draw the eye toward, pick sconces that direct light that way. If you have a rug you’re especially proud of, go with downward-facing bulbs.

These rules apply primarily for indoor fixtures. Many homes feature sconces outdoors by the front entrance. In contrast to indoor sconces, these might be vital in terms of illuminating your path into your home. For that reason, it’s almost always best to go with downward-facing bulbs to provide the utmost safety.

Now for the not-so-fun part: installation. Hardwired sconces get their power from a home’s internal grid, and for that reason you should always get a certified electrician to put them in. It’s usually not a lengthy job, but it’s one you don’t want to get wrong. Some sconces do work through internal batteries. Those can be easier to install, though you may need to buy a separate transformer pack.

Finally, think about the look you want the sconces to achieve when lit. Do you want bright fluorescent light or more muted (and longer-lasting) LED illumination? Most sconces work best with a certain kind of bulb, and the kind of light it emits can make all the difference. If you desire, make sure that the sconce can support a dimmer switch so that you can customize the look whenever you like.

What to Look For

Placement of your sconces is just as crucial as the style you choose. In general, indoor sconces should be placed so that the bulb is right around eye level, or roughly 65 inches off the ground. In cases where the sconces are providing functional light for those who are seated (such as in a reading room or a vanity mirror), they can be lowered another foot or so. If you have multiple sconces lighting the entirety of a hallway or foyer, place them no closer than 8 feet apart.

More to Explore

Wall sconces have been around since candleholders were mounted on the walls of churches in the age of classical antiquity, but they weren’t always used as subtle accents to the decor. The girandoles of the 17th century were elaborate carvings that could hold multiple candles and used mirrors to magnify their light. The most lavish ones were sculptures in and of themselves, depicting waterfalls, foliage or ancient temples in polished metal.

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