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The Best Swim Bags

Last updated on September 3, 2021
Best Swim Bags

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Our Picks For The Top Swim Bags

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TYR Barrel Lock Mesh Swim Bag

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Barrel Lock Mesh Swim Bag

Adjustable straps make this bag easy to carry, but the real highlight is the durable mesh material. It allows air into the bag so that your items dry faster. Sunscreen, water bottles and keys can be carried in two side pockets, one of which has a zipper for security.

Overall Take

Keeps Towels DryThis durable mesh bag helps items dry and keeps mildew away.

 Runner Up

BeeGreen Adjustable Shoulder Strap Mesh Swim Bag


Adjustable Shoulder Strap Mesh Swim Bag

The roomy main compartment of this bag is a single reinforced mesh container with a drawstring closure. A zipper bag at the bottom is handy for keys and smaller items and lets you fold the entire bag away inside for easy traveling.

Overall Take

Simple and SpaciousCarry a family's worth of beach gear in this roomy, foldable tote.

 We Also Like

Athletico Open Weave Mesh Swim Bag


Open Weave Mesh Swim Bag

Get the best of both worlds with this bag, featuring both mesh weave and rip-resistant fabric compartments to separate wet items from dry ones. It also has reflective accents, zippered storage and a write-on area that kids can personalize for easy identification.

Overall Take

Includes Dry CompartmentsThis bag with separate wet and dry areas keeps beach day organized.

 Strong Contender

Flow Mesh Gear Quick-Dry Mesh Swim Bag


Mesh Gear Quick-Dry Mesh Swim Bag

The patterned mesh on this item lets clothes and towels dry quicker, but still hides its contents for extra privacy. Kids will like the fun designs and parents will love its durability. There is ample space inside for snorkel equipment or a while family's beach day gear.

Overall Take

Fashionable and EasyThrow your belongings in this roomy mesh drawstring bag and go.

Buying Guide

When the weather is right, there’s nothing quite like a good swim in the ocean. The feeling of floating out there, just you and the waves, can be great for the soul.

Of course, it helps when you know your stuff is safe back on shore. That’s why a good swim bag is an essential part of any outing that involves the water — whether you’re white-water rafting or just heading off to the beach. Of course, not all swim bags are equally suited for all kinds of excursions.

A swim bag (or any bag) needs to be able to hold your stuff, first and foremost. Some of the sleek, compact duffel bags might be perfect for a lone swimmer but won’t be much help for a family of four. Pick a bag that’s going to be able to carry all the towels, masks, snacks and other gear you need and have a little space left over for wet clothes.

Bag material is another important consideration. In general, you’ll find three different types of swim bags. To start with, simple “beach bags” are often made of reinforced fabric. Then you have mesh bags, designed to be see-through and (to a certain extent) porous so that even if water or sand gets in, it also be easily dislodged. Alternatively, you could get a “dry bag.” These are made of waterproof nylon or vinyl that can get splashed or even submerged without the contents becoming wet. Keep in mind that some materials expand better than others, especially mesh.

Dry bags will generally be the most expensive, but having one may be worth it for those who want a change of clothes after a canoe or kayak outing. They’ll also be the best at keeping items like keys or smartphones safe. Mind you, not all dry bags are completely waterproof. Check the IP (ingress protection) rating for a sense of how much moisture your bag will keep out. An IP rating of 64 might protect against only splashes, while IP 68 bags can actually be immersed in water for 30 minutes without drenching the contents.

That kind of protection can have its uses, but mesh bags are better for casual use. They’ll allow air to flow through, drying out your clothing and towels faster. They also prevent mildew from setting in — either on your fabrics or in the bag. Mesh bags may also be easier to travel with.

Of course, the construction of the bag can make a big difference too. Some mesh bags have waterproof compartments for the best of both worlds, and pockets can be great for carrying bottles or keys.

What to Look For

A few minutes of maintenance after your day at the pool can make a big difference in the lifetime of your swim bag. Most fabric and mesh bags can be machine washed, but make sure to turn them inside out to discourage mildew or mold from forming. A hand wash with soap and a thorough drying should work for vinyl “dry bags.”

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Most people use bags to store their belongings during a swim, but Bulgarian adventurer Yane Petkov does his swimming inside the bag. There’s actually a Guinness world record for swimming with your hands and feet tied while wrapped inside a sack, and Petrov holds it. He set the current distance record by swimming 3,380 meters around Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid in 2018 — at the amazing age of 64.

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